Article written by Kor
Published on 11-01-2008; updated on 08-17-2014

We would like to thank the following people for providing us with additional material, in no particular order:

  • Conde Montecristo – created the Helvetian monument for us
  • Wildfire Studios/Games – created the Lothringer Lancier for their Rome at War mod (original file)
  • Agamemmnon – released the ‘beta berserker’, an AoK beta unit (now the Gaidheal; we made the decay graphics) (original file), as well as the Polish castle and the Starosta unit (original file) and the waterfall graphics.
  • Wes337 – created the base Coustilier graphics (though we fixed the shield and added a new helmet) (original file)
  • The Vampire Slayer – extracted and imported the lion graphics from AoE (original file)
  • Shadowflare – imported the Cuman Auxiliary graphics, which we took from his Middle-Earth Total Conversion modpack (original file)
  • Belisarivs and sudalphi – created the new in-game AI
  • Dreamer – created the Saiyan AI, which Belisarivs adapted for Age of Chivalry as an additional AI (original file)
  • Lukas Chludzinski - was voice actor for the Polish sounds.
  • Matt LiVecchi - created the new rocks graphics.
  • Herzog de Puce - created additional documentation and clearing up many bugs in the process.

Other help was received from the following:

  • Scenario_T_C – for giving us Genied 1 and Genied 2. Without those two programs, this mod would not exist!
  • StSB77 – created TechEdit (now Advanced Genie Editor), which was of use during the final stages of modding
  • Dave_earl – for writing the install script tutorial and providing support
  • Jatayu – for creating a little program that made the installation easier, now incorporated into Mod Workshop
  • Matei – for creating the AIs that go with the campaign
  • Our playtesters! – There were loads of them, and while not all of them were responsive, many were. These include, in no particular order:
    Gwynfydedig, Stormraider, Drahnier, shelper, sly_guy, Vantek, Ghosthic, Evil Viking, TK VanBraun, Herzog de Puce (multiplayer)
    Belisarivs, HeroPatrick 111, Lord_Wyrven, oliver, matty12345, ModRocker, Rion, WildCardDow, Impeached, Duncan_Hardy, PolarIce123, Intrepid, Map_maker_tester, Super_Cell_51, Endoras teh Elf, Tanneur99, xingjianma, Hawk_sd0061, St Chormo, Scud, joshthewhistler, saint, BearTheGreat, ben331, thegreatkazein, Hawk_sd0061, St Chormo (single play and bug reports)
  • Loads of people at AoK Heaven – for being supportive and waiting a very long time
  • Finally, we must thank the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague, the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in Brussels, and the British Library in London (in order of use) for providing us with the illuminations used to illustrate the history section.
If we have forgotten any contributions, feel free to contact us so we can right that wrong!


Many sources were used, printed when possible. These are too many in number to give a complete list; however, here is a (very brief) list of quality books dealing with medieval warfare in general (while some of them are case studies their findings often hold true for other regions, as well):

  • Boffa, Warfare in Medieval Brabant, 1356-1406 (Woodbridge 2004)
  • Contamine, War in the Middle Ages (Oxford 1984)
  • Corfis & Wolfe, Medieval City under Siege (Woodbridge 1995)
  • Delbrück, Geschichte der Kriegskunst – Das Mittelalter (second edition Berlin 1907)
  • Gaier, Art et organisation militaires dans la principauté de Liège et dans le comté de Looz au Moyen Age (Bruxelles 1968)
  • Graaf, de, Oorlog om Holland 1000-1375 (Hilversum 2004)
  • Prestwich, Armies and Warfare in the Middle Ages. The English Experience (New Haven 1996)
  • Verbruggen, The Art of Warfare in Western Europe during the Middle Ages (second edition Woodbridge 1997)

This mod pack has been a combined effort of Kor Bosch and Andrew Dunn.
Kor has done most of the graphics work, data editing, scenario design, and history writing; Andrew has created the Scottish monument (Cambuskenneth) and wrote the Scottish Wars and Scotland history articles, as well as making minor graphics and data changes.
Balance and new gameplay features were fine-tuned together.

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