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Download File (39.7 MB)
39.7 MB
The Fall of Hummaria - The Reckless Hatred
Relive the story of a conflicted country. As a king, as a citizen, and as a leader. Watch it fall apart from both sides, and try to break its cycle of endless violence and corruption from within. By far the most ambitious project I've ever made
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Rewaider
4.2 (1)
123 0 8
Download File (22.87 MB)
22.87 MB
Cavern Pirates 2 - Captain's Revenge
"Absolutely awesome scenario - I thought it had some amazing mechanics all the way up to the final fight, and then what happened next blew me away! What an epic boss fight, and all done within the Age of Empires 2 scenario editor - wow!" -ZeroEmpires
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Rewaider
- 297 0 1
Download File (88.19 KB)
88.19 KB
Island War v1.5 (Another Mega Update)
A wide island, full of resources and treasures, where you can play 3v3 games with your friends. It's like a nomad game, but with many funny addons.
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Rewaider
4.0 (1)
236 1 9
Download File (10.95 KB)
10.95 KB
New AokCursor
Want a cool cursor instead the boring default mouse? Well, here is it!
Category: Utility
by Rewaider
- 156 0 0
Download File (10.75 MB)
10.75 MB
The Fall of Hummaria - Teaser (v2.0)
The history of a rebellion for the wrong causes, and one downtrodden king who has been obligated to follow his father steps. This is the revamped version of my previous cinematic. Expect extra-scenes, improved grammar and more 4 minutes of duration!
Category: Cinematic Scenario
by Rewaider
4.2 (3)
685 1 14
Download File (4.03 KB)
4.03 KB
How to Control Fireballs
I was taking a look over the Hawk_kk's tutorial "control any unit" and I've just discovered that you can control fireballs too!
Category: Utility
by Rewaider
4.8 (1)
240 0 6
Download File (8.01 MB)
8.01 MB
Cavern Pirates - The Treasure Hunt
A challenging RPG adventure that takes place inside of an underwater cavern taken by ghosts, featuring levels, special powers, chests, epic boss-battles and much more! A highly smooth and unique experience awaits for you. Have fun!
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Rewaider
4.6 (1)
1189 1 11
Download File (8.91 MB)
8.91 MB
Country of Hinnegard - The Last Struggle (pt3)
The penultimate, best and biggest part of my campaign Country of Hinnegard, wich the heroes finally arrive in Western Xanowa, and prepare themselves for the final battle; where all will be decided.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Rewaider
4.0 (1)
437 1 4
Download File (2.86 KB)
2.86 KB
Realistc Moving Water!
Here, there is a template explaining to how make moving water, (using invisible ships)
Category: Utility
by Rewaider
- 315 1 5
Download File (5.58 MB)
5.58 MB
Country of Hinnegard - Xanowa's Track (pt2)
The second part of my campaign (Country of Hinnegard - Marching to the Freedom(pt1)), wich the heroes are in mission to help South Xanowa in his war against the remainder of the Blingen Empire.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Rewaider
2.8 (1)
305 0 1
Download File (25.01 MB)
25.01 MB
Country of Hinnegard - Marching To The Freedom (pt1)
The begging of a long and tragic history about an imprisoned nation, and his attempt to get freedom.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Rewaider
3.2 (1)
530 1 19
Download File (101.58 KB)
101.58 KB
Incomplete RPG
An incomplete RPG, about the betrayal of awellsun's troops against its own people. Contains many RPG-based mechanics and systems.
Category: Project
by Rewaider
- 150 0 5
Download File (3.92 MB)
3.92 MB
Country of Hinnegard - Prologue
The Begin of an epic adventure that will contains up than 4 campaigns
Category: Cinematic Scenario
by Rewaider
3.4 (1)
494 0 7

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