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Downloads Home » Campaigns » Rise of the Frankish Kingdom 482-814

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Rise of the Frankish Kingdom 482-814

Author File Description
Eric Martin
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Number of scenarios: 4
Here's my Rise of the Frankish Kingdom 482-814 AoK campaign. It consists of 4 scenarios, each dealing with the cultural/military accomplishments of a specific early French ruler: Clovis, Charles Martel, Pepin the Short, &amp; (of course) Charlemagne. The objective of the first scenario is to conquer rival barbarian tribes and unify France; the objective of the second scenario is to drive the Muslim spiritual leader back beyond the Pyrenees Mts (without killing him, that is, since the Muslims view a military death, esp. the death of a scenario spiritual leader, as a propitious omen); the objective of the third is to escort the Pope from Ravenna to the kingdom of Pepin the Short (during which time the city of Ravenna falls to invading Lombards), and persuade the Lombards to relinquish control of Ravenna by destroying their military stronghold); and the objective of the fourth scenario is to defeat 3 rival leaders and build Universities in their cities (no small feat!). There are lots of triggers used throughout the campaign. My next project (4/5th completed) deals with the Viking Discovery of America @ 1000 AD. Future projects incl. a campaign dealing with the fall of the Western Roman Empire (incl. use of the newly discovered AoE units), and a sequel campaign dealing with the rise of the Eastern Roman (Byzantine) Empire. </font></p> <p align="left"><font face="Tahoma" size="2">Scn 1 deals with the unification of France under Clovis.&nbsp; Your objective is to kill all rival kings.

Scn 2 deals with the repulsion of the Muslims from France under Charles Martel.&nbsp; Your objective is to drive the Muslim spiritual leader (monk) back beyond the Pyrenees mts without accidentally killing him in the process (more difficult than it may seem)

Scn 3 deals with the repulsion of the Lombards from northern Italy and the establishment of the Papal States under Pepin the Short.&nbsp; Your objective is to escort the Pope from Ravenna to the city of Pepin the Short and back to Ravenna again, which involves defeating a Lombard stronghold.

Scn 4 deals with the expansion of Charlemagne's empire.&nbsp; You objective is to kill two of three rival kings and build universities in their cities.</font>
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Brent Hoag Scenarios are too easy, but the goals are well scripted, original and interesting. Scenario 3 is won by taking out the Lombard castle and then the remaining enemy will turn to an ally and invite the pope back. Scenario 4 is good, but, again, too easy.

You can see lots of effort went into these scenarios. Now, there just needs to be more aggressive foes.
Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
“Rise of the Frankish Kingdom” could have been a descent game, but in the end this campaign is nothing more than average.

The storyline was pretty weak. The plot doesn’t have any twist and turn because this campaign is simply kill the kings, bring the priest to an area, and so on. The instructions were average and could have been much better.

The playability is one of the weakest categories in this game. I found this scenario very boring and it was actually very hard to continue playing. I’m sorry, but the fun simply wasn’t there. I will blame the playability score on the lack of creativity.

I must say that I was very disappointed with the creativity in this campaign. I don’t mind to see the same old concepts done again and again; however, when the same old concepts are poorly executed a game can turn into a living nightmare.

There was nothing special in this game about balance. As an illustration, some of the scenarios reminded playing the regular game, so there isn’t much to say about balance. In short, this game is sometimes just too close to the game, and it really doesn’t have its own soul.

The map design was nothing extraordinary by all means. The maps that we are playing here are just your standard Black Forest, highlands, and so on. Therefore, the maps are just as good as random maps can be, but they have nothing really unique about them.

In the end, downloading this game is not the wisest thing to do, so I suggest you download the good stuff first before considering downloading this game.
Map Design4.0
This well thought out series of historical scenarios are based on 4 Frankish leaders and their part in history. For me this was a simple but entertaining campaign to play. Let me explain the scores:

Playability: The campaign was fun and the maps did not turn out to be boring after a few minutes of play. I especially enjoyed the fourth map with the fact that other town were given your possession after you kill their king.

Balance: Because of the shorter levels this campaign was slightly easy.

Creativity: This campaign has a few very good triggers.

Map Design: A few of the scenarios looked like they were just fixed up random maps.

Story/Instructions: This campaign has a very detailed history with actual matching historical events

All in all I think this is a good beginners campaign.
RacingCoin Unfortunately I got a "Scenario could not be loaded" when I tried to run this campaign. I don't know where else to post this.

Edit: It was that annoying bug that gave me that message: "Scenario could not be loaded" Now it works, I don't know why, maybe because I had too many campaigns installed; I don't know, but it's great; I would rate this a big 4.

[Edited on 12/27/05 @ 09:20 AM]

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Map Design3.5
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