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Japanese vs Huns

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Version: The Conquerors
A fun match up.
I play Japanese while my opponent goes Huns. Still trying to learn to put things together in this game. Any feedback is welcome. I want to improve my game so if you see somewhere I could improve, please leave a comment.

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Official Reviewer
This was actually quite a fun game to watch, I liked how the battle seesawed among one another's bases, each playing vying for supremacy. You both did well, but in the end the red player carks it. I can't exactly suggest any improvements as I haven't played a game like this in yonks, only that you both seem to focus on one front, reacting to one another's actions (as opposed to forcing your enemy to react on your terms). Blue player fails to hit the red player on the left and right flank of the main base, where a good charge of cavalry (scout/light cavalry) could cause some damage among the players' civilian population - as all troop strength is focused elsewhere. But in all, a good game - keep it up. I suppose the important thing in these games is to keep at it and use smart moves.

[Edited on 11/26/09 @ 06:48 AM]

John Mendl Firstly, good job on improving. You did considerably better than the last game and managed to win this game too.

One of your early problems was not getting fletching in time. You had the res for quite some time and dint get it for long. With fletching early, your archers cudve killed off more villagers.

Secondly, another mistake was not securing stone mines. You cudve mined the stone mines close to your town (the one consisting of 4 patches which he didnt tower up). Eventually, getting stone, you cudve put up a tower or two to defend it from getting towered. That would also mean that you can get enough stone to put up a castle earlier which would have greatly disrupted his castle-push.

One reason for your victory was doing some of the basics right, ie, guarding trebs and destroying his castles and TCs. And yet again, your opponent was too low on blacksmith upgrades.
File Author
Hey guys, thanks for the input.

Ive been trying to get a faster M@A rush to be able to hit the opponent before he fields archers. Generally, my M@A rush is quite disrupting if the opponent chooses to build a stable before an archery range. However, with just a few archers, the context gets complicated for my M@A.
Questions to you guys. In a M@A rush, when should one lay down an archery range? Right after one finishes building the blacksmith? If so, how many archery ranges should one aim to build? Should one train skirmishers mainly or archers mainly? and finally, should one keep training M@A after the initial rush or is the opportunity cost of having M@A to high, due to the pressence of enemy archers?
Official Reviewer
Just one remark, you might like to look to John M. for more advanced feedback on this, but I always enjoy a mix of units (Men at arms, spearmen, archers and skirmishers, as well as some scout cavalry during Feudal Age) to counter anything the opposition sends. I believe it's always good to opt for a selection, but it could cost some resources. As for how many Archery Range you should build, archers build quite slowly, so you'd probably be safe with three on your hand - but again, that's a lot of resources. Guessing you'd need a strong villager presence to get through it all very early on.

[Edited on 12/01/09 @ 10:07 PM]

John Mendl @Mashek: Thanks for your compliment. I remember your feedback for my first scenario submitted here.

"Questions to you guys. In a M@A rush, when should one lay down an archery range?"

If your opponent has archers right-away when your initial attack hits him, then you should build your range as soon as possible after you build the smith (you might have already built smith to get scale mail for m@a). Then start building skirms (+ few archers if you need to conserve food for fletching). Make few more m@a + many more skirms. Get 2 more ranges up when you can (in feudal) and mass skirms + archers with both fletch and padded armor and stop making m@a. Add spearmen if your opponent is making well upgraded acouts.

"and finally, should one keep training M@A after the initial rush or is the opportunity cost of having M@A to high, due to the pressence of enemy archers?"

This really depends on what your enemy is making. If hes mainly archers, you should make only a few more m@a after your initial attack. Either if hes mainly skirms or mainly scouts or scouts + skirms, keep making more m@a (from 1 rax only). Obviously, you need more rax for spears to counter knights if your opponent fast-castles with stables.

Rohmann Hi there. Great game! I love the japanese :D

You are asking for advise on how to improve. I think that you did a lot of things right - i.e. booming in castle, where you spread your buildings out, and good protecting your siege weapons - but also a couple of mistakes.

The two main issues that I noted was

1) build more farms ealier on in Feudal and Castle when you have the wood, and

2) try not to have so many idle villagers (set "Go to next idle villager buttom" as Tab or Shift or some other key you can easily access and click on it every 30 secs!!)

Other than that, beautiful game ;)

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