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MGC09 - Tower Defence

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
~Poke~ presents:

My entry to the minigame competition.

Consists of a simple AI, designed to think it's always time to attack and focus on Bombard towers. It also says hi at the start. :D

It also contains a map, in .scx format. This, obviously, is what you play.

Put a villager in the leaves at the top and your bombard tower will be healed slightly, for a cost of course. A villager in the sand at the bottom of the map will increase your tower's attack damage, also for a price. To start the waves coming just delete the palisade labeled "Delete to start".

Just a simple 3 waves, but the waves aren't just 1 thing, they're several different units.

3 waves
Hardest, Hard and moderate settings make it harder
Upgrading tower damage
Only 6 kb in size!

And the siege workshop doesn't do anything, I just couldn't get it out of the list somehow.

3rd December 09
Gave the map the proper prefix. Forgot about that... First 19 need to re-download.
Lol, daily updates.

2nd December 09
Made moderate possible. Sorry about that...
First 18 downloaders will need to re-download.

1st December 09
Made moderate, hard and hardest much harder. Added eye candy. First 14 downloaders will need to re-download.

30 November 09 (Aussie time)
Added the description thingies in scouts etc. Also replaced the ships (didn't always attack properly) First three downloaders will need to re-download.
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Official Reviewer
Despite featuring a few of the hints here, you might like to update the file to include hints within the game itself to help the player along. You have left all introductory screens (e.g. History, Instructions, Hints and Scouts) blank, and if you want to score highly in the contest, you'll want to have something here.

Otherwise, this is an interesting little minigame and quite original as well.

[Edited on 11/29/09 @ 08:17 PM]

File Author
Update: Filled in the info screens.

Yeah, I noticed that soon after uploading. However, instead of uploading 2 of them I thought it would be a better idea to just wait.
Official Reviewer
The game was enjoyable, for the short playtime it gives.

The lack of ballistics makes the increase damage purchase very valuable, you will barely make it pass the second pile of enemies without it. BBTs are quite useless without ballistics as well.
When the wave started, it felt like I won in under 2 minutes, making the game very short. I think you should increase the win conditions and make the required kills higher. I had 5 towers plus the 1 BBT.
You might want to decrease the BBT's HP so that it doesn't burn, unless you want it like that.
If you're looking for a better score for the competition, eye-candy and terrain blend the map some more. Create difficulty levels. Enhance the intro/victory/loss/hint/scout page. Tell the player the requirements to upgrade instead of indicating it AFTER they bought it.

Good luck with the competition.

File Author
I don't know why you don't have ballistics, because you should...

And I have now added eye candy and made Moderate, Hard and Hardest much harder. Hardest should be almost impossible now :)
Official Reviewer
I played the updated file from the editor on moderate. It's impossible to win legitly. You should really test the game yourself after you make changes...
File Author
Sorry, made a mistake with a thing...

(It was upgrading 1 attack instead of 2, which was only intended for Hard and Hardest)
Fanica98 Poke , don't take me as a noob , but I can't win .
At the first wave , I can kill 2 or 3 units , but the enmy is going too close to the tower .
Also , the kill system is not working 'cause the tower is player 3.
File Author
You're meant to build towers with your villagers.

Either that, or you're playing on hardest.

Also, the damage upgrades will not work for towers you build in the future. In other words, don't do the upgrades before you build the towers.

[Edited on 12/19/09 @ 02:53 AM]

Official Reviewer
Fun game to kill time with. I beat moderate and hard legitly.
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
"MGC09 Tower Defence" is a somewhat amusing little game that is poorly explained by its instructions, making it tough to figure out.

Playability 3

I did enjoy the game in figuring out how to win, but the gameplay is quite simple. The player must make towers along a cliff pit to protect an allied tower from a horde of attacks. You can choose between spending your resources on more tower, healing the allied tower, or increasing your towers attack. Once you figure out how to win once, its an automatic win on any difficulty level.

Balance 2

At first I was planning on saying the scenario was too hard and I didn't get how to win, but after several repeat attempts I finally discovered the attack buff outpost was referring to my own towers. Instead of trying to build bombard towers and failing to get them up in time, the player simply needs to make 6 towers to start, then permanently position a villager at the attack buff outpost. This results in an automatic win even on hardest everytime, with the escalating attacker levels becoming super easy and resources piling up faster than you can spend them. Surprisingly, its a cakewalk. Ordinarily this is a good thing;losing a mission then figuring out a strategy to win after a few tries. But this only happened in this case because of the unclear instructions making it hard to play correctly in the first place. That is not a good kind of challenge;rather the player should know all his options and then have various viable paths of play.

Creativity 2

Its an interesting premise with virtually no fleshing out. There are attack waves but its really an endless stream of units, and once the attack buff is discovered they get killed so fast It all rushes by in a blur.

Map Design 2

Quite simplistic indeed, a symmetrical arrangement of cliffs with some shallows below them. For the map size which fits a single screenshot, you might expect something more detailed but very little effort was given to mapping.

Story\Objectives 1

There really isn't any story at all, which leaves the objectives. These were quite lacking, as I thought for awhile the attack upgrade outpost meant boosting the friendly towers attack, and struggled to win the scenario as a result.

Final Thoughts:Pretty simple DtS without much to recommend it upon.

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Map Design2.0
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