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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » MGC09 - The Battle of Stirling Bridge(v4.0)

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MGC09 - The Battle of Stirling Bridge(v4.0)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy

It's my entry for the 9th MGC . The game is based on a battle between William Wallace and English forces .

-it's a short strategy battle
-there are two english waves
-I put some conditions for each difficulty
-some realistic things like burning when touch fire or falling of the bridge


The Battle of Stirling Bridge was a shattering defeat for the English: it showed that under certain circumstances, where the conditions were right, infantry could be superior to cavalry. It was to be some time, though, before this lesson was fully absorbed.

Scottish casualties in the battle are unrecorded, with the exception of Andrew Moray. He appears to have been injured in the battle and died of his injuries around November.

Wallace went on to lead a destructive raid into northern England which did little to advance the Scots objectives, whatever effect it had on the morale in his army. By March 1298 he had emerged as Guardian of Scotland. His glory was brief for King Edward himself was coming north from Flanders. The two men finally met up on the field of Falkirk in the summer of 1298, where Wallace was defeated.

*Author's comment

It was an own idea . I played the AoE II tutorial , then I had a idea to make a "small improvement" and to "minimize" the original scenario .
I don't want a review for this entry . It will be reviewed at the final of competition .
The first version hadn't many details , so I added something .
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Official Reviewer
It was very simple and easy.

If you're not aware, the enemy longbowmen are unloaded on the shore that has no way out, it's blocked off by a rock.

The player can cheat and block off the enemy spawn point.

If you want a better score for the competition:
Apply more eye-candy and terrain.
Make it harder/add in difficulties.
Fill in your victory/loss/objectives/hints/scouts.
Poke An enjoyable game, however it was easy to win just by putting my people there and waiting...

This game would be good if it was a bit harder.

Also, it could also benefit if you could make units, and earning resources with which to make them when you kill powerful units.
File Author
Thank you DTrungle and Poke !
You help me even if you ar in the contest .
I should make the british soldiers have more HP and ATT ; or make the scottish reinforcements disappear .
Also I have a problem when I set the difficult condition . The trigger is activated without requiring the difficult .

Obj. off
Start on
Loop off

Condition 0
-Difficult Hard
Effect 0
-remove crossbows
Effect 1
-remove men-at-arms

It activates when I'm playing on each difficult
Official Reviewer
Check the FAQ in Scenario Design, it's there.
TheLaughingMule You need triggers that detect easy and moderate that disable the hard trigger. As was said previously, check out the Scenario Design Forum FAQ.
jburnell Good game + good ideas, however, you may want to set a trigger so that the units die when they fall off the bridge, as I think that is what is supposed to have happened in history. Of course, this is just a suggestion, so feel free to ignore it.
In my "Compilation of Single Player Games" I also made a rather ridiculous version of this story, so perhaps that could give you some ideas as to what I mean in case I haven't explained it well.
File Author
Thanks , jburnell . I added your fall off the bridge idea .
I fill in also into victory/loss/scout/history.
Hawk_KK 11, i'll have a's seems good
Official Reviewer
It's a fair design, but there's not much in the way of strategy in this, and aside from a few losses the game is rather easy and simple.

Historically, the Scottish defeated the English forces because of the newly employed 'schiltron', whereby the Scots would form up spear ranks and face off the English heavy cavalry, the back bone of the English army. Once trouble arose here, the English commanders grew impatient and started sending their troops across, more and more to force a favourable resolution in the battle. This didn't work however, and the bridge soon collapsed from the weight of the men crossing the bridge.

[Edited on 01/02/10 @ 04:13 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design1.0
"The Battle of Stirling Bridge(v4.0)" is a simple DtS designed for a minigame contest. Despite the v4.0 in the title, I found the scenario rather undeveloped and its historical accuracy and depth both questionable and shallow.

Playability 2

I found the game to be quite simple and a bit boring to play, which is because the setup involves the attackers simply attacking straight at the player across a bridge and there is little to do except station your men there and chop them up. Maybe the attacks could come in waves with breaks in between to reorganize and have a way to earn reinforcements or upgrades. A bit of terrain usage to create obstacles might help, and maybe some other crossings such as shallows that can be defended once in awhile when the english try to mix it up.

Balance 2

Mystifyingly multiple comments on the file indicate the scenario is too easy, while I found the scenario quite difficult on anything but standard, and even then only won with various exploits. The enemies have huge HP and attack, and your units only get small buffs. There are multiple kill zones to lure units into but there didn't seem to be any reliable way to get the enemies to go there except by accident or by using lengthy lure strategies. Fighting the enemy required formed a wall with infantry set to no attack, which often causes enemy units in such scenarios to bump up against them but not attack if being tasked. After awhile of this my archers managed to win the scenario and I barely got through.

Creativity 2

While the game used music to add an epic feeling of battle, the gameplay itself was very simplistic. The opening bitmap was unfortunately corrupted in its color format so that it didn't help the scenarios appeal. The story was also lacking much effort put into it with the history tab being a bit dubious and self contradictory at times in its account.

Map Design 1

The map was quite symmetrical, with a terrain made out of many gaia paths stacked upon each other with flowers and plants scattered about in this muddy surface. Many horses were oddly placed to the sides among the military buildings, showing a good deal of white outline. Lacking in any aesthetic appeal whatsoever and being inferior to a random map, the result is the minimum score.

Story\Objectives 2

The story elements were quite threadbare, with a sketchy history tab being the most sizeable aspect. The hints and scouts give some insight into how to win, which is good. The writing quality is rather poor lacking any polish in presentation. In summary its quite a lightweight effort here.

Final Thoughts:Its a very basic DtS game

[Edited on 10/02/17 @ 09:41 AM]

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Map Design1.0
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