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~Castaway II~

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only
Number of scenarios: 2
~Castaway II~

By KeLar

(Formerly known as CoRK_Lawngnome)

Many of you may remember the original ~Castaway~. It didn\'t have much of a story and some thought the balance was weak. During the long winter hours Yugi gave me the idea to redo the campaign. I decided to and it is nearly completed.


Rodney York, a man sailing on an early boat race in the 17th century runs into a massive storm and is forced to land his boat on a uncharted island. Unfortunately, his boat is smashed on the rocks. He lives on the island for a while and eventually is killed by natives on the island.


A few years later, a man named Jonathan, a soldier on a merchant ship departs on a trading voyage in the Atlantic. The ship runs into a large storm and is thrown off course. The ship crashes into the rocks and Jonathan washes ashore on an island. The same island where York met his demise.

Explore the island, learn a deadman\'s secrets, and survive the elements.


Survival Objectives (Drinking Water, Signal Fire, Shelter, Deal with natives, etc...)

Food System

Climb Cliffs and Mountains

Encounter Natives

Caves, Swamps, and Waterfalls

Explore the whole map, theres something almost everywhere

Music and Extra Sound Files

Nearly every unit renamed

Trigger Tricks

150+ Triggers


Prologue Cutscene
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Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The campaign contains two scenarios, a cut-scene and a playable one. ~Castaway~II is a RPS, you play Jonathan a soldier on a merchant ship and get shipwrecked alone on an island off the African Atlantic coast with hostile natives and survival is your main objective.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario is great fun, a good challenge, exciting from the first to the last minute and a realistic approach to the "stranded on an island adventure". The game play improved from the first version as well as the balance, but some of the ideas could have been developed further. If you don’t find water, you don’t weaken or die, also finding the shelter has no direct consequences like more HP in the cave or healing. Five tasks, four in the objective list, to be saved, out of which three are next to each other done in the first minutes of game. 4+

BALANCE: The campaign was played on hard and moderate, it was very challenging, enough reloads and the good food system was adding to the balance. It is not easy to balance a scenario with only one unit for player 1, a perfect job here. You fight, run, hide, use elevations and kill aggressive boars not to run low on food. It is hard sometimes but never frustrating and by changing your tactic, doing tasks in a different order you will succeed. 5

CREATIVITY: The scenarios' creativity is well above average, the start in a storm, a creative way to use cannonballs, the food system, trees in the water, upgrades, explosives, climbable mountains and cliffs, a shelter and many well placed triggers like the burial scene. The coconuts and the mountain accident were new. Some small scenes can be found around the island and I appreciate if somebody makes me laugh. A computer player is called “Cheaters See Me” and that is what you should do. 5

MAP DESIGN: Beautiful map design, good water fall, swamp, jungle, nice beach and appealing palm trees in the water. The trees can give the illusion of high and low tide, if they are used on the east or west side only. 5-

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Clear objectives, hints to scroll, two bitmaps and the cut-scene brings you into the nice story. 4

OVERALL: An entertaining, challenging and creative campaign.

OBSERVATION: There are saved game bugs concerning the climable cliffs, mountains and the walk able water. No deduction can be made as the game is coded to allow players to walk wherever a building has been destroyed, but a saved game saves only information about present units and buildings, it does not save past building destruction. The walk able water could be fixed with shallow water under the initial bridges, but the impassable water for later in the game was intended so that the player does not miss a surprise at the second crossing more south.

SUGGESTIONS: Try more of a story also in game, about the crazed maroon for example, who raises questions in his European outfit from a native tribe. Add to find the hut to the objectives. Set a timer to kill Jonathan if he does not find water, you can also weaken him slowly. The cave should give a reward as described. To avoid middle game repetitiveness regarding fights with natives, boars and killing deer the objectives and findings could be distributed over the whole map. In contrast to the objectives, it was well thought to have the walk able water and cliffs near the starting area. The same could apply for the mountain accident, to ensure that the mountain is reached before the player replays from a saved game, due to your great balance.

IN CLOSING: Shipwrecked, stranded on a hostile island, a great D/L for sure.
Map Design5.0
Playability: This was a fun campaign, and your prologue cut-scene was fabulous. I really enjoyed watching the opening scenario, and it worked great for developing your story line, and making me excited to play your second scenario. The second scenario was challenging and fun. I enjoyed fighting off periodic attacks from the natives, except for when I ran into the Elite Jaguar Warrior. Your objectives were interesting and creative.

Balance: This was, no doubt, a challenging campaign, but not an impossible one. It took me around 4-6 tries to finally win it, due almost entirely to the fact that the one Elite Jaguar Warrior on the map gave me total fits. Perhaps replacing him with another Castle Age Jaguar Warrior would make the game's balance a bit better.

Creativity: This was a very creative campaign. I think you might've gotten your inspiration from the movie "Castaway" starring Tom Hanks, but this was an extremely creative campaign, none the less. The whole prologue cut scene and the story of York's demise was brilliant. Then your connection in that to Jonathon was very good. You had creative objectives and afterward, I viewed the whole map using "marco polo" and realized you had several creative means of making events happen, such as your method for "waves crashing up against the ship."

Map Design: Very good, maybe your strongest category. Your island was beautiful, and it seemed like you put a lot of time and effort into making the map look nice. Kudos for that!

Story/Instructions: I had a little trouble with the signal fire and getting the transport ship to come, which would dock instructions just a bit. However, your story line more than made up for it, earning you a solid "5." The storyline was fantastic, again, I'll rave about your prologue...I also really liked Jonathon's discovery of York's Journal, that was damn good.
Magnum Zero
Map Design5.0

I liked how the character, Jonathan, didn't have too much hp like some scenarios. Also, the uniqueness of the terrain altered the play to the plus side. But, I found that when I didn't find the water I got no penalty. But, it didn't hurt the campaign TOO much.


Nicely balance. A little on the tricky side, but it is possible. The hunger of Jonathan added to the need for strategy. Also a nicely balanced way of obtaining food, not too many sources, not too little.


This is the part where this Campaign shines. The person who was stranded before Jonathan added a nice touch and a double storyline with the journal. The food system is nothing new, but the was to obtain food are! Coconuts! I never would have thought to use cannon balls as coconuts!

Story/ Instructions---

Mostly clear. Except for one part, the signal fire. I couldn't figure out how to start it at first, and it took me a while to figure out. Some one had to point it out to me...maybe you can list that in the help or scouts section?

My final thoughts---

Overall this was a great campaign for all levels of play. Once again cheats should not be used as they ruin several sound and lighting effects.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
This was a fun campaign, the prologue cut-scene was fabulous and I really enjoyed watching the opening scenario. It worked great for developing the story line and making me excited to play the second scenario.
The second scenario was challenging and fun. I enjoyed fighting off periodic attacks from the natives and exploring the Island

Balance: 5
This was, no doubt, a challenging campaign, but not an impossible one. I took me a while to complete.The good food system has made the balance better, you have to kill aggressive boars to make sure you don't die of hunger.

Creativity: 5
This campaign was very creative. The whole prologue cut scene and the story of York's demise was brilliant. Then the connection in that to Jonathon was very good. there are creative objectives. I view the map after completing the campaign via Marco polo and found out that there are several creative means of making events happen, such as your method for waves crashing up against the ship. The campaign makes me think about one of my favourite TV Shows: LOST

Map Design: 5
The island was beutiful and had loads of eye-candy. I could see that alot of time and effort put into the map design.Some good aspects were the water fall, swamp, jungle, beach and palm trees in the water, which give the illusion of high and low tide

Story/Instructions: 5
The story of York and jonathan was great. It was told very well and was accompanied with good and detialed instructions.

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Map Design5.0
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