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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Hannibal in Central Italy

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Hannibal in Central Italy

Author File Description
King of Angband
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
Go with Hannibal in the battle field to destroy villages and fight against the Roman army of Flaminius. Use the terrain and your troops wisely and the victory will be yours!
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Official Reviewer
I can see potential here, however there is still much room for improvement. The map design is fairly good, however I felt the Italian village was too easy to destroy and far too close - at least force the player to wander a little while first, and offer some stronger resistance. You could also spawn in just a few reinforcements to cover any losses for the player here. In any case, I liked how you placed strategical-importance on using terrain to better a numerically superior enemy. Some good work here. Quite challenging.
Fanica98 It's a good game , quite challenging . To give a realistic thing to the game , make the roman soldiers less attack .
The history tell us that Hannibal win because the sun shined in the roman soldiers faces and they couldn't see anything .
King of Angband
File Author
In Trasimeno area there was fog, during the battle. In fact the Romans didn't see anything. Maybe you, Fanica, taught to Cannae battle, where the sun was very shining and there was wind. The Romans had the sun, wind and dust in their eyes, so Hnnibal could defeat them easly.

[Edited on 12/11/09 @ 05:20 PM]

Conrad_Jalowski I recommend that the unit names be changed to unique titles so as to accurately portray the period of the Second Punic War: 219-201 BCE.

The Carthaginian forces under Hannibal Barca:

-Skirmisher units: "Celtiberian Skirmishers"
-Spearman units: "Libyan Auxiliary Forces"
-Two-handed Swordsman units: "African Mercenaries"
-[You should include light cavalry units who would represent the Numidian cavalry in the service of Carthage.]

The forces of the Roman Republic [Pre-Marian Reforms]:

-[You should include skirmisher units who would represent the Roman "velites".]
-Longswordsman units: The "Hastati" and the "Principes" of Roman Republican armies
-[You should change the hitpoints, armor and damage of the pikemen units to portray the Roman "Triarii".]

The Carthaginians fought in Hellenistic styled phalanx formations [phalangiarchies] coupled with skirmisher contingents in the front ranks. In addition, the standard Roman consular army during the 3rd Century B.C.E consisted of two legions composed of the Roman citizenry or native Romans and two auxiliary legions that were levied from the Italian colonies of Rome.

The Standard Consular Army of the Roman Republic [3rd Century B.C.E]:

1st Line: Velites and other skirmishers: [1,200 soldiers]
2nd Line: Hastati: [1,200 soldiers]
3rd Line: Principes: [1,200 soldiers]
4th Line: Triarii: [600 soldiers]

[Edited on 05/20/10 @ 01:12 AM]

John Mendl Not bad for a first try. But there are some problems.

1. To proceed you have to defeat the green player. This is pretty time-wasting since he has one unit exploring. A suggestion is to make the path clear when you have destroyed the Barracks and Towncenter.

Also, it was too easy to win the game. I didnt have to use elevation, just used patrol and some management. Maybe reduce the attack increase given to skirms a bit.

I like the story of Hannibal. :)

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