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MGC09 - Wrong Turn

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
~ Wrong Turn ~

Note: All characters used in this scenario were invented, and all matches with the reality is random.

History: 1429 AD. After Joan of Arc took Orleans, were sent troops Captain Raimond from the city of Blois, to reinforce the army of Joan.
On the way from Blois to Orleans there were two roads - the main road, a safer but a long and gloomy forest - a short, but dangerous.
Captain Raimond prefer to go through the forest, what will it end?

* all missions have become a little harder to fully enjoy the process of the game ;)
* adjusted grammatical
* the enemy soldiers are not stand into a big clump - they are going to attack immediately
* now you can control the heroes

so, enjoy!
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
"MGC09 - Wrong Turn" is another minigame taking place on the usual minuscule sized map, but I found its core gameplay loop to be non functional.

Playability 2

The game looked like it had nice potential to be a great play off the bat, but somehow it all went wrong. The leadup with the story was promising, despite the obvious non-english speaker written text. Nice audio effects create a pleasant atmosphere which are often part of an enjoyable experience for me. But despite some posts in the comments section suggesting otherwise, I found the base gameplay to be entirely non functional. The enemies were repeatedly tasked to a single spot in the forest, and the only viable way to engage them was to stand near where they would stop, and even then all your men on defensive easily win the game. When you back up and defend properly as expected for a DtS, they never move forward. Unfortunately after several playthroughs trying to multiple ways to play, I cannot say its an entertaining scenario;even the story's conclusion was quite a letdown, spoiling the enjoyment more as all your effort was meaningless.

Balance 2

The game has severe issues with both the nature of its gameplay challenge and the difficulty of play. For starters, the enemy are tasked to a set location repeatedly, even already spawned in units. They are unable to proceed down the road to the monastery, making this DtS mission into an annoying attacking mission instead, one in which you could leave the game running overnight and not lose. Another big problem is there is nothing to prevent the player from simply camping his units directly on top of the spots where the enemies emerge;and this can be done by accident, as it makes a ton of sense to move up to the spot where the enemies spawn anyway. I won the scenario without even fighting via this camping strategy.

So what happens if you try to play legit and mostly pull back? The enemy forms a huge deathball of units, and begins massing up onagers, which are barely possible to even attack thanks to the enemy again being tasked to one spot and forming a big ball. Its frustrating and unpleasant to play.

Creativity 3

The author put a good effort in to make an entertaining DtS but this is a case of auxiliary elements being better than the core gameplay. Its harder to go in for a high score here on a rating category heavily related to trigger usage when the basic problem with the scenario is the enemy units being unable to attack, being looped infinitely to one spot. In nongameplay areas the scenario has good creativity, with a decent story with music and audio assets used to create a nice atmosphere.

Map Design 3

The mapping looks nice enough with a green forest representing a french landscape. The tree placement seemed rather haphazard with little care given to picking out a certain look, with all tree types scattered about. Some trees were duplicated right next to each other. Plant usage was quite symmetrical as well. The mountain in the center of the map was a bit odd, maybe needing some rocks and pile of rocks support to look more rough. Terrain mixing and elevation usage was decently done. The spot with the bushes and berries was well done, with none of the white outlines appearing.

Story\Objectives 3

The ingame storyline is fairly decent with a goodly amount of dialogue to drive events forward, with a historical tie in to the Joan of Arc campaigns for an opener. The various tabs such as objectives, scouts reports and history were fairly bland and\or empty. The hints lacked much impact on forming a good way to win but perhaps that's understandable as the enemy does not attack. I found the ending to this story quite unsatisfactory however, even to the point of ruining any enjoyment I might have been having beforehand. For one thing, why even include this mystical monk stuff when we started off as a historical scenario? Also, it makes all the players actions in the scenario moot and meaningless.

Final Thoughts:There is potential here but the core gameplay remains in dire need of fixing.

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Map Design3.0
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Size:7.30 MB