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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » Arabia 1vs1 Japanese vs Huns

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Arabia 1vs1 Japanese vs Huns

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
This match up begins with an attempt at a M@A rush. On from there, the battle goes back and forth as foot men battle mounted warriors. The fighting ensues until a decisive unit choice settles the score and determines the winner.
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John Mendl Tips: Put down farms earlier, so that you have more food in the long run. The current problem is when berries are out (or nearly out), you suddenly cant micro to put down many farms, also rendering some of your vils idle. The solution is to keep no more than 6-7 vils (at max) on berries and put down farms. This will mean more food, which you can use to get attack and armor ups for your archers/skirms earlier. Note that your 4 deer hunters were idle for long time. Try to notice it eariler (use "." key or idle vil button) and retask them. (I had this problem in my eariler days of m@a rush).

Some good points: You got scale mail early for m@a which is very important. You also gave more importance to creating army in early castle than last time.

Another tip: Get armor ups for your ESams/Halbs before you get attack ups. Armor ones are more important and should be got first.

Good job on handling arabia decently (harder to scout).

Your opponent piles up kilos of res in Imp which clearly lost him the game.
imrdy Very entertaining game, thanks for sharing it. I'm far from an expert, so I'm watching yours to learn my own feudal rushes. Here are a couple of things I saw that would have been good to do differently.

- Each time had a time when they did a good job of pushing into the other camp. These were the biggest game changers.
- In feudal/early castle, the game devolved into repetitive fights on the same center battlefield, supplying from military buildings at home. The tide could have turned here if one team had:
* scouted and sent an army through an alternate root to attack economy
* built some forward military buildings on the side and moved the battlefield onto the economy of the other side (no castles or TCs at this point to give a defensive advantage fighting at home)
- Neither side ever got the relics. This extra gold could have helped one side pump more elite units or get more upgrades at blacksmith.

- Great comeback in imperial. Although red was ahead in score, it "felt" like Blue had a big advantage through most of the game when you could watch the entire map. But that final forward push of military buildings into the blue camp turned the tide.
- Very good use of halbs and onagers in early imperial. You had a TON less resources at that point (and -50 vils), but you dictated the game with the halbs.
- Throughout the game, you missed the chance to wipe a lot of unprotected vils on wood in the back of blue's base. Fog of war showed red never really saw them.

- Very nice castle age push into the red camp. When you got a castle up, you were very close to winning at that point.
- Had a huge advantage in resources in late caste/early imp, but failed to get them on the field. That could have purchased a lot of cavs in castle or blacksmith upgrades.
- Had big advantage in villagers (+50 for middle part of game), but had a hard time keeping them busy. Don't forget to pump extra farm reloads at the mill, so farmers don't go idle.
- Couldn't seem to find the right mix of troops late in the game to push your advantage. Probably should have ignored the ranged units and gone with paladins and halbs (upgrade them).

Great game guys!

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