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Blood of the Bear

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 2

"The war never truly ended, did it? The trouble I felt day after day when she was killed... the grief, the agony.
No. It was foolish of me to think it would end with Grustik's death.
It was only the beginning."

The long fragile peace between two warring kingdoms wastes over days and years; time holds no forbearance for those unwilling to face the truth of a returning past. For Jaerith, today is a time for celebration and a time for grievance within the bleak walls of Erryth. Winter marks his forty-third birthday, but this same cold season also represents the moment in time when his wife fell to war, and the old count struggles to put aside memory's embrace.

Meanwhile, unknown and inexorable, darkness once more treads across Erertiya's borders. Vengeance leads its way, a fierce king who would see his thirst for retribution satisfied for a war lost and a father slain, nineteen years ago.

~ 0 ~

This is the complete revamp of the Second Kretharn War ~ Part I with features including:

  • An epic in-depth tale spanning one playable and one cinematic scenario

  • Gripping game play, including fixed force and defend-the-spot style action

  • Immersive cut-scene-based narrative

  • Dark atmosphere

  • Highly detailed and realistic map design

  • Almost 100 custom sound effects

  • Many complex game play mechanics

  • Difficulty-level-dynamic game play

I hope you enjoy this project!

*** This campaign received the award BEST STORY in the Game of the Year Awards of 2009 ***


Version 1.1 (16/12/09): Minor grammatical changes made. Minor bug fixed where the final cut-scene did not eventuate due to the scout becoming jammed in the western gateway and cut-down by remaining enemy units.
Version 1.2 (20/12/09): Inadequate timing sequences moving enemy units around while in the fortress have mostly been improved, and the bug involving the engineer still remaining in the fort after the game has ended has also been fixed. A few other minor modifications made, together with the inclusion of a "tips" file.
Version 1.3 (23/12/09): Standard difficulty significantly revised. Less archers assault the fortress, and the HP and AP of the three main enemy commanders have been decreased accordingly. Player one's archers and onagers have had their HP marginally increased. Wardrik's stats have also been rectified with respect to each difficulty level.
Version 1.4 (4/01/17): Major update made to further polish the file, including revisions made to all dialogue, story and hints. Numerous bugs fixed.
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s03328 this is great map, thanks for making this, luv u man
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Blood of the Bear is a remake of a previous series of work by Mashek, the Second Krethàrn War, and it is a two scenario campaign comprised of one playable scenario and a cut-scene.

Being the first campaign I've played in a while, this campaign kept me glued to the seat from the start to the ending. It is the finest piece of work Mashek has produced to date and a very worthy remake of the series. The map design is fantastic and very realistic, especially with the open fields surrounding the city. The gameplay is of a standard type; you have a fortress and you've got to protect it. But the authour makes it much more detailed, strategic and atmospheric than I have ever seen before in any similar scenario. The enemy forces seem really overwhelming without creating any lag whatsoever, every strategic victory or loss during the battle has an effect on the coming gameplay, and there are always sound effects and music pieces playing to increase the realism and describe the events without using words. It is, more shortly, one of the best examples of how music and sound can be used to great effect. And that's only talking about the first scenario! The cut-scene is of top notch quality as well, also using sounds and music foir great effect, but it is also a great way of telling the story, which here is told from both sides of the conflict. This campaign is definately deserving of a full score here. The only negative side I can find is that it's so short, with an effective game time of maybe 45 minutes, including the cut-scene!

After some reloads on moderate difficulty I switched to standard and managed to win at last. Standard is tough but beatable without reloads, or so it was for me at least, and moderate would take more skill than I posess and many more reloads. Overall the balance is great, from the individual points of battle in the scenario, to the surprise attacks that force you to split up your forces, and the final duel with Wardrick Ironn. For my level of skill, which isn't all too high, it was perfectly balanced.

As mentioned before, the game had a very standard type of gameplay to start with but developed this into a very creative game, with morale losses and gains, bottlenecks in the defenses, surprise attacks, limited use of the most powerful units such as the Catapults, and so forth. Another creative touch, which was also very helpful in the heat of the battle, was that all the heroes were healed after major objectives so that they didn't die because they got surrounded after a short cut-scene started off. The story in itself is also very creative. While it is a very common "Country A invades Country B OH NOES!"-type of story, the literary skills of the authour makes it a great experiense and adds both depth and breadth to the story. All in all, top-notch.

The map design was very realistic, very strategic and very cold. It gave a great atmosphere in combination with the story and the music and its strategic values helped improve the gameplay. A marvelous piece of work.

Without giving away the story, I can say that it was very well written, especially considering it's only for a game after all, and something the authour doesn't earn a penny for spending his time on! The story is a great example of how you can take a very cliché form of game and turn it into somthing awesome and fresh, and the instructions coming with the game are quite helpful and fill their role as intended.

All in all a solid 5.0, and one of the best games of 2009, if not THE best!

[Edited on 01/11/10 @ 06:54 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Mightily appreciate the feedback, Basse. Glad you enjoyed the file!
Akarsh60 It was a very good one there, but there is no stage 2!!!
Anyway, it was A LOT of bloodshed, and I kinda liked the cinematic scene. I couldn't get through the first stage.
It would have been more better if there was a stage 2. Its more like a single scenario and a cinematic supplement.
Official Reviewer
File Author
I opted to split the levels in two parts to avoid a massive download for players, so you can expect that to be eventually released one day. Thanks for playing Akarsh60, and I hope you are able to find a winning strategy for the first level.

[Edited on 01/23/10 @ 09:43 PM]

NewDesigner Seldom have I played a better defend the spot, never have I seen a more gripping cutscene.

A true piece of art.
Jackalos He He, I found a marvellous method for finishing this on any difficulty with ease. However, sneakiness aside, I found this addictive, fun and well made. Thumbs up from me.

Note: I experienced a similar problem with the scout where he started killing all the enemies at the gate before finally stopping, but leaving the game idle
Official Reviewer
File Author
Glad you enjoyed the file, you two. Thanks.


I've already in mind what sneaky tactic you used; a few others, playtesters of mine actually, told me enough about it! I've done all I can to force the player into the gateways, without being too restrictive - however I suppose I'll just leave it as is. Let the player decide.

I'm disappointed that the messenger bug continues to occur. It's never happened for me, but maybe that's because I always fought the enemy on the field before the fort, rather than allowing them to seize ground inside. If possible, could you tell me what update you played the file from?
Thekingof555 Great Campaign!

[Edited on 12/26/10 @ 02:51 AM]

hoangson May i ask, when will part 2 release?
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Map Design5.0
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