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Sabato the Witch

Author File Description
Berserker Jerker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
This is my first scenario I've posted. All comments welcome, good or bad. Email berserkerjerker [at] gmx [dot] com. It’s a single scenario not based on any historical event with some humor. All the sound files and read me text are included in the zip file.
You play Lord Dantares, your king has been acting strangely and you are suspicious of his new royal advisor "Sabato". The king and Sabato have a task for you.
This is quite a large scenario with over 190 triggers. You will travel from one end of the land to the other and eventually come full circle and confront "Sabato", who uses some very powerful magic! I hope you enjoy this scenario as much as I did making it.
Many thanks to those who helped me test Sabato the Witch.

The story continues in Sabato Returns V1-3
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Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
File Author
If anyone has any comments they will be most welcome, and if anyone would like to do a review that would be great. I am working on a series of scenario's as part of a follow on from this one and I want to know what was good or bad about this scenario so I can attempt to improve the follow on.
Southern_Slav my zip wouldn't extract 'witch', try it on your file you uploaded here,
if doesn't work, update
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
File Author
Sorry to hear that,I've checked the download it works fine. Perhaps something went wrong for you during download. I've sent you the cpx file via email. If you want the sound files try downloading again.
Map Design4.0
-Playability: Very well, until the last part. There were several types of gameplay, and different ways to get to objectives. Only at the end you had to defend your ally from a giant army, and defeat a well protected fortress starting with virtually nothing! And also the army you recruited at the desert did not actually have to fight anyone, that made it unrealistic. 4-
-Balance: The game was pretty well balanced all along the way, having some good challenges, until the last part. 4
-Creativity: Awesome! Amazing and unexpected events throughout the whole scenario. Many different characters and creatures with lots of interesting personalities!5
-Map Design: Very good. But try using more GAIA objects to spice it up. Also have more elevation; when I fought with the bandits, it was very hard to find a good defence spot! 4
-Story/Instructions: The story is terrific! This wicked witch is trying to overtake several cities/kingdoms through a series of spells and attacks and... well, I will not give it all away. All instructions were clear and well made. 5
-Overall: I thought this was very good, until the last part... that I already mentioned.
-Suggestions: Expand the whole thing a little bit. Do not be lazy, and take your time to add a trigger or two to each part of the scenario. Like at the first broken bridge, have the builder come onto it, examine it, then take some time to repair it. Add some more reality to the whole thing. Also make it impossible to find the repairer's supplies before you speak to him. Finally, for some reason at the very end, Sabato came out of the fortress and attacked my camp; - fix that.
Now about the last part. Have the player defend the city of Brechovian (spelling), and make it an objective. Also let the player build up some before crushing the whole army onto the city. I do not know how, but change the last part!
Map Design5.0
An evil witch takes over control of King Harrold, who has for many years kept trade stability, and peace between the neighboring towns. Suddenly it all comes crashing down, as mistrust and senseless acts of violence start to surface, undermining any chance of further peaceful relations. Lord Dantres (You) now is faced with the task of somehow finding the source of the problem, and eliminating it.

PLAYABILITY: An enjoyable and absorbing game to say the least. Exploring the map early on in the game proved most helpful, and required some strategic moves. There was one small downside to the playability, that caused me to save quite often so that I could figure out a defensive plan. At one point in the game I was overwhelmed with my enemy, plus given the task of protecting a neighboring town. It was not so much a difficulty problem but more of an adjustment.
BALANCE: Aside from what I just mentioned the game has a near perfect balance. I had places to heal an ally that was capable of defending itself from smaller attacks, and enough resources to build a strong army. I never encountered any bugs throughout the game.

CREATIVITY: Excellent! A nice blend of interesting quests and battles are to found throughout the whole scenario. The last battle was one of the highlights of the creative aspects of the game, as it took into consideration, and boosted the balance, story, playability. There is more, but I don’t want to give too much away.

MAP DESIGN: A nice playing map with a realistic feel. I liked the way it makes a complete circle from the starting town and back again, which added to the playability. The towns have front a back entrances as well as secondary roads and this pretty much kept me on my toes for a while.

STORY/ INSTRUCTIONS: Except for a few misspelt words, the story and instructions are not lacking, but rather enhances the overall game. The story is developed throughout the game, and rest assured the instructions are not far behind, , except for a few places where you have to use the subtle hints added in the story line.

This is one of the better campaigns i've played in a while
Nice job Berserker Jerker
Hand of God EXELENT CAMPAIGN. I was truly impressed by this campaign. I found the storyline, the characters, the way the triggers flowed smothly, and the all around level of fun provided by this campaign to surpass anything i have played in an RPG style fantasy campaign. Thank you for your hard work.

P.S. Your "anti-cheating" measures were hillarious to use on my brother who often utilizes the robinhood,rock on, and lumberjack cheats
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Sabato the Witch is a fantastic adventure game in a mix of FF, RPS, and B&D. There is a few dialogue message bugs when scouting ahead, where the dialogue would presume that our hero Lord Dantares was present, but it did not hinder completion of the game. There was some disappointment in the exploring aspect of the game and again with the scouting ahead. Finding aspects and areas of play and slightly upsetting what seemingly was the intention for play. The B&D aspect is not without fun, but being open ended it lacked the sense of accomplishment that the other more balanced aspects of combat and play had. This is a very challenging and fun game, and the surprise events and creative portrayal of the story through game play is fantastic. 4

The balance of the FF combat aspects that required strategy was excellent. The slight disappointment came with the B&D aspect that was left open ended through a fantastic amount of resources, and time. So the battle for King Harrolds city stronghold seemed more a matter of time on my hands than difficult. A note here would be that it is difficult to balance B&D with FF elements without creating special circumstances for victory and instructions for them. I would suggest limiting the resources and maybe even use a time limit for the B&D to quicken the pace of a win or lose aspect. The difficulty in balancing these two game types also comes from the time it takes to build, where you don't want your players building and staving off attacks for an hour only to find that they don't have enough to win the battle. A lot of attention must be given to tracking the build. So that you can instruct the player in game through messages and objectives to their likelihood of winning. An example would be instructing the player on how soon and what they should research, or some idea of the resources they will have to accumulate and what the limits of them might be. This can be done creatively as a mix of sound instructions, hints, and scouts, and messages. I'm not proposing that strict limits be placed, rather just some required play to win. 4

The creativity in this scenario is found in every aspect of the design and categories for review. The greatest aspect is the creative portrayal of the story through the dialogue, the characters, the events, and the game play. Even where I was slightly disappointed by the game play, I was rewarded with the continuation of the game plot that was both interesting and often very funny too. The audio was very good to excellent in my experience, with my favorite being the track implemented during the final battle with Sabato. 5

Map Design:
The design worked to portray the scenario well, and was technically sound for the most part. Sebastian the town/city left something to be desired. Not for the portrayal and the burning buildings that was very good but because of the large army there that seemed out of place amidst all that destruction. The design was average to excellent depending on where you were on the map. It was a very good map design. 4

Story and Instructions:
The short story is perfect for scenario game play. It is not deep with meaning or moral but it doesn't pretend to be either. It is a adventure with obvious goals and character motives. The exaggerated characters are both menacing and funny. The events created to keep you with the story do startle, and surprise. The Instructions are more than adequate for the intention to instruct in game only. 5

A great scenario; play it, save often, have fun!
aok_death2 i have played this campain many times and i would like to know what to do after general bravis dies???►☻☻☻☻☻☻☻
ShadowBaron A wonderful campaign/Scenario, i enjoyed this immensely and must vouch for it's utmost quality, Everything worked perfectly and in tune, i loved the subtle (and sometimes not so subtle) humor involved and the overall concept was well-planned and well thought out, Good Job BJ.
rwilde I liked how the B&D part of this campaign seemed to become more difficult as I got into their base. I'd build a foward castle and then they would come out with God's Own Slings and Paladins, and push me back.

The problem was that after losing several times, today I managed to draw Sabato out and kill her, but she went right up to my base and attacked my villagers (who ended up killing her in a mass). Then the scenario ended with a crash just as the view changed. Do you think maybe the large view change would be the cause?

It seemed a little unusual the way she came at me in that way, leaving the rest of the army and making for the lumberjacks, almost as if she had gone mad. The large distance though does seem to cause a crash, as nobody else has reported such a problem.

If Sabato didn't come out of her base though, the B&D part would be very difficult and time taking. I don't think reducing resources would help the scenario, I went through a bunch of those uber mines. Perhaps a time limit or some other creative element could fix it. I like the way she comes out and joins the battle, but she needs to be more controlled.
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Map Design4.4
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