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MGC09 - Lost

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
You are in command of a roman detachment cut off from your Leigon. You must try to survive the Parthian onslaught. Enjoy
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Official Reviewer
I haven't actually finished the game yet, there's unfortunately much on at the moment I'd like to do first, but from what I played the minigame is simply too easy for player 1. Not once did I have to confront the enemy man to man during the first seven minutes and my archers did most of the work for me, while a few explosions from the first couple of traps sorted out large groups of men. I could see this occurring for some time and I would suggest decreasing the Hit Points and Attack Points of all player one's units, making it a little more balanced between the opposing sides. Give the enemy a different variation of troops as time progresses, such as cataphracts and cavalry archers. This will force the player to use more strategy. I would also prefer it if the player had to select and delete the palisade walls to set off the trap as opposed to simply selecting it, as I let off a few at the beginning without realising they were 'click sensitive'. Also, get rid of those ugly cracks within the cliffs.

This mini game has plenty of potential and I like the idea of a Roman detachment being caught in the middle of the desert. I hope to see an update before the contest deadline. ;-)

[Edited on 12/26/09 @ 08:59 PM]

File Author
The unit type does vary and gets much harder(elephants) in the last 5-10 minutes. I would love to update it but I'm on a pretty slow internet connection. :(

It probably won't be updated before the deadline but I'll still update in any event. :)

I was also playing around with the difficulty quite a bit. MY first try was way too
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
The game was relatively easy throughout. Your men were buffed and you had archers that took care of practically everything from atop the cliffs. From this, a majority of gameplay was very boring as I kind of sat there waiting to see what would happen next. I played on Fast speed and the wait in game-time was approximately 30 minutes. I do not think the scenario is difficulty dynamic, however the player instantly loses if they chose Hard. The game got a tiny bit exciting after 30 minutes because the enemy gets different units and you get to build one tower - that's right, one. The tarkan in the second wave seemed weak compared to the previous wave and the elephant seemed slow/stupid. The author did not mention anything about the 'bombs' during gameplay and he/she hinted about 'not wasting the bombs' in Hints. In Scouts is where the author informs the player about the bombs. The players would likely stumble upon the bombs themselves by clicking the wall, which activates it and uses the bomb. The objective states that two units must survive. If Centurian dies, the game continues still. The game ends when the other unit dies.

Balance: 1+
As mentioned above, the game was easy throughout. The strong archers were already prepared above the cliffs and you had a good amount of soliders below the cliffs. The path up the cliff is tight itself, adding in bombs(walls) and units would no doubt create a chokepoint where the archers above would slaughter. I used one bomb and it was by accident, there were well above 10 bombs available. A majority of the units I had were useless because they were not needed. All that was needed was the archers, some blocker units, and a monk behind the blockers to heal them. After the 30 minute mark, elephants came into play but they are unwieldly. Sometimes they manage to get a hit in because of their massive HP, but usually they twitch around from being 'stuck' between surrounding objects. Closer to the end of gameplay, you were allowed to build one tower. The tower was a regular tower so the player would still need to rely on the archers. Then, even closer to the end, reinforcements arrived. About five 'regular' units appeared.

Creativity: 4-
The author manage to produce a decent story and varying gameplay mechanics. The scenario would be better if the author incorporated more of the tower idea as well as made the bombs useful. A thing to note was that the bombs did not hurt your own men. Most of the units were named. There were two or so that was missed and the newly created units are not named. There were a few cutscenes but it appeared sloppy. Units appeared out of nowhere and certain events/sounds occured that did not fit the game I was playing.

Map Design: 2+
The author clearly tried to make the map look nice. He/she left in the broken cliff gaps which hurts the score tremendously. The use of sea rocks on the northern cliffs was a bit bizarre to me. To improve, terrain blend some more and use some desert terrain. The setting was clearly in the desert but there were no desert terrain anywhere.

Story/Instructions: 4-
A story was present with a background in the History section. Instructions about the the use of bombs during gameplay would be nice. There were some typos and grammar mistakes. The objective throughout the game was to stay alive and not let two specific units die.

Additional Comments:
Keep working on it Coldviper! You can doo it!
File Author
Thanks dtrungle :).

I'm going to update it. I can see that you had a bug at the end. There was supposed to be quite a bit of men coming in the end.

Where those suppose to be +? Or -?
Hawk_KK Maybe you can use the "attack-now"to task the enemies,don not triggers,that make soliders so silly.

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Map Design2.0
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