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The Sergent Project

Author File Description
Trip Tucker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Role Playing Only
The date is 2147. Earth's resources has been drained bone dry. And two political factions rise to power. The United Nations seek to unify the Nations of Earth in a Peaceful Union, and seek Earth's answers in the stars. The Confederation of Nations disagrees with the UN, and seeks to obtain a unify race by enforcing laws with military power. In 2149 the two factions break apart and begin a civil war. The Confederation loses the battle for Earth, and flee to a nearby world. However, this does not stop them. The resulting battles left many dead. By 2155, the Union was rapidly running out of resources, and with no end to Confederate star ships, they thought their answer was to find new Earth like worlds, and mine those worlds for the minerals and metals the Union needed to create Star Ships. The first mission was spear headed by a Scientist, Doctor Edward Gibsons. Dr. Gibsons had invented a Teleporter and would use it to travel 150 light years to the nearest Earth like world. The UN assigned Commander Rick Danbell to oversee the Doctors test. The test ended in horrible failure, and threaten the entire planet where the test was taking place. The Commander turned off the teleporter just in time to save the Planet, however, he was sucked up into the teleporter and teleported off to a far away planet. Rick killed a Archer, picked up her bow, and set off about how to return to Earth...

99% compelte
please post comments, suggestions, bugs, etc.
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Official Reviewer
I'm very surprised how you completed an rpg project like this in a week, bravo. It's also very amusing and creative, I love these games.

Some problems, the way you setup the dialogue is quite horrible. It is so very messy. Every chat is sent to DI slot 0 so things overlap each other constantly. There's 3 ways to chat which is very inconsistent, stand near and click, stand near, click from afar.

The ding ding ding 'Blah has tributed' message gets annoying really fast and it messes the screen.

There are a lot of issues:
-the millcamp gives me gold when I'm not there
-the way you set up the 'business' buildings, it's not effective, the player goes off for a certain time, comes back and gets the gold for the 'work'
-I am quite sure that research upgrades do not affect units that had their name changed as well as stat changes, however, the ballistics 'fire arrow' seemed to have worked...
-the lumbercamp cost wasn't deducted when purchased
-numerous typos and grammar problems
-the 'business' buildings seems to throw balance out of the game as well as the ATK/HP purchases, I one-hit everything and killed the necromancer easyily
-it is not a good idea to use Hero units for bosses because of their defensive stance, they don't charge at you
-after bringing the amulet to the waterfall, I lost my unit and the game idles (stops) (SOLVED, my guy was at the torch and the change ownership converted me as well)
-the game crashes if played on Fast speed during the teleport from town to the desert
-the seller of wood in the purple village doesn't work in a loop, it only triggers once
-there's probably more

You should have had some testing rounds or tested it yourself. :)
I'll write a review for you once you iron a lot of the bugs out.

EDIT: Btw, I recently found out that you were the one that made that Bleach game. Good stuff, hope you continue designing.

[Edited on 01/01/10 @ 08:59 PM]

Trip Tucker
File Author
ya, there is lots of mistakes, and needs playtesting. thanks for pointing out the bugs, it is munch appericated. i suck at spelling/grammar -.- I need to find some1 to edit all that out. And about the dialouge, I was kinda running with what I did at the time, and had no real plot till half way threw it lol I'm probally going to stop work on this project, and begin "The Sergent Project II" which will have a more in depth story related to the humans seeking to mine the planet, which is called Sergent btw lol

i've stopped all work related to the bleach one because it was on my computer when it got fired, and i lost everything so yah -.-

thank you so much for downloading and commenting.

EDIT: oh hey its the guy i talked to in the forums, i didn't notice that till now. want to give me help on the second one? i'm already plaining a opening cut scene where the humans bomb a Morday village >=3

[Edited on 01/02/10 @ 07:06 PM]

Official Reviewer
Hi, lol.

Yeah it's fine to start a new project if you believe it will be a whole lot better. I've played through this already as well as WizardBoy and we both enjoyed it. This project here can be a reminder of what not to do as well as a showcase of your skills.

Make a thread in the forums and I'm sure the both of us and others would help/comment.

PS. Wizard and myself was curious on how you manage to make such a varying gold drop system. Then we saw the triggers and laughed. No offence btw, it's just that we thought you used some massive trigger system.

[Edited on 01/02/10 @ 10:20 PM]

Trip Tucker
File Author
ROFL i thought it was "massive" in a way ;)

I spent about 2 hours in a test map trying to figure out how to come up with a gold drop system, that was the best way i could figure out without using TS ... -.- it does give the illusion though right ;)

what I really want to know is what did you guys think of the scenary, the terrian and everything? did it look real?
Official Reviewer
Lol, yeah my first impression was that it was the most epic thing ever.

The map design is decent. With some fixes and a good solid game, I'd rate it a 5.

Some things to take note of though:
-when using desert terrain, depending on how it is, grass doesn't go well in combo.
-there may have been an over-use of flower moss in the jungle.
-some of the water in town was too linear.
-you need to come up with another method to shop because it's messy seeing ice/flags in town.
-make the transition from no snow to snow smoother, you did a good job but it could be improved upon.
-a few areas could use a bit of terrain blending, in the towns for example.
-I'm use to have blended water, you're using the technique that I used a while back where water was shallow near land and got deeper as it goes into the ocean.

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 11:47 AM]

Trip Tucker
File Author
i was kicking myself about the snow, because the day after I sumbited the file, we had a blizzard.... I coulda got real life reference for the snow -.-

for the second one, i'm still unsure of how i'm going to go about it, and what the plot of it would be. but i will have it set on the Sergent planet and have the same tribes

i'm thinking about having the character play on a "Super Ship" basically a giant floating air craft carrier, but instead of fighters it has boats >=3

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