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Sherwood Forest

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Age of Kings 1.0
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of players: 2
Sherwood Forest

1v1 Multiplayer Scenario. Aggressive, closed.

A special thanks goes out to the real life friends that helped me to heavily playtest each of my maps.

There are more scenarios from where this came from :)


Mini FAQ (Skim through the questions, and then move on!):

Your map sucks, and you obviously spent very little time making it. How long does it really take to just make a little scenario, or a “Non Random Map”.

I encourage everyone who reads this to view the following image as an answer to this important question: or click here.

Why do you have so many different versions? Sherwood looks simple. What are the patch notes like?

Sherwood is indeed quite simple, compared to some of my other maps. However, a lot of work has still gone into it. Here is a link to some of the early patch notes for Sherwood: link.

Your map lacks eye candy. Why?

I find eye candy to generally be unrealistic and unprofessional, and for the most part, I find that it doesn’t add much to the gameplay. Now, that doesn’t mean I haven’t used virtually every unit the game has to offer in creating my maps, but tricks like walkable water, odd map copy creations, waves, and strange flashing lights, I keep to the minimum, since it fundamentally does not add to the gameplay, and generally takes away from playability and immersion. They didn’t have flashing lights in 14th century AD, let alone earlier! (You can create flashing lights by switching player control over and over with a trigger). Although, certain things, such as violent rivers created through water elevation, volcanoes, and boats on land will be included in realistic ways within Persia (the most significant map I will be releasing). I also have one map copy building in there, too. (Subject to change).



At the heart of British legend is the tale of Robin Hood. The tale speaks of an outlaw who stole from the rich and gave to the poorest of men. The very name stroke fear into the heart of British tyranny. In his favoured days he was revered among the forests as a protector, a savior. But it would not last.

When the Great Robin Hood fell in Sherwood Forest, only his legacy remained. The spirits of the forest feared that his story would be long forgotten in the annals of history, ignorant of the fact that his deeds alone could weather the storm of time. And so they agreed that they would guard his memory with an eternal memorial. A natural cache of the object he had so greatly desired to give in life, he shall be given in death...

Shortly after his decease, gold began to spring up around his lifeless body.

And so for a short time the inhabitants of the forest grew wealthy and flourished. The secret was safeguarded in the most careful of ways - it was by punishment of death that no man or women dared tell another of the great secrets that lay in the heart of Sherwood Forest.

But alas, the greed of men overcame them. The denizens of Sherwood Forest began to grow distant from the rest of the land. Over time they trapped themselves within the forest, dedicating their lives to the protection of the very thing that once haunted their dreams...

This prelude refers to a tiebreaking mechanism where a computer AI controls a strategically important gold rush. The AI will generally be unnecessary and cumbersome for pro players, but beginners will enjoy its company. If players prefer to play without the AI, a non-AI version has been included.

Another note about versions:

This map comes in both an AOC and AOK version. The AoC version is set at the cusp of winter, just before the first snowfall takes hold of the landscape. Some areas, particularly areas to the north and areas that are near water, are snowy (due to the scientific fact that areas near water experience more extreme temperature). Others parts are grassy, and full of life. The idea here is to provide a variety of terrain for players to experience and to keep things from being too plain or boring. The AoK version lacks snow, and quite a few other minor things, but is of course playable without the expansion pack.


Content and Features

Sherwood features an aggressive 1v1 environment that is suitable for both noobs and pros alike. This map was originally designed for high resource play (I grew disenchanted by the lack of creativity of standard resources; it reminded me too much of chess), however now supports standard resource play as well. The best way to visualize this map is to think Black Forest + No stone walls. Goth players will have many reasons to love this map :).


-A 1v1 style map focused on aggressive play as players vie for the gold hidden within Sherwood Forest.

-A logical progression of gold – a gold flow system designed to create dynamic strategic decisions as players are forced to fight to the death over the final remaining piles of gold; else find themselves turning towards the well-guarded ‘gold rush’ for more.

-A closed, heavily forested map where stone walls are strictly banned. Siege onagers, elite war elephants, ETK and wonders are also disabled by default (although, they can be re-enabled easily). E. Elephants / ETK were a bit controve

-Relics are placed strategically, as opposed to randomly. The game is set to standard and wonders are disabled, thus a relic victory is very possible.

-Plenty of oak forest allows for less worrying about walls, and more worrying about combat!

-Heavily playtested to ensure that both sides have equal opportunities.

Maps that are part of my collection:

Sherwood Forest
Persia <- Check this one out!

Extra Maps (Scrapped, but interesting ideas):

Baghdad (Capture the Relic)
The Abyssal Maw (Race to the bottom of the Abyssal Maw)
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
slyboogaloo Hi there!
Long time ago I played a random scenario called Sherwood Forest, that I would like to offer to my son, but it was different to the files we can download now...
The forest was dense, civilizations did not have open ways to meet, the map contained numerous "cells" surrounded by forest, and the relics were distributed in those unknown cells, so the player who risked opening paths could find them (or another civilization as well).
Is it possible to get that scenario somewhere?
Many thanks from Indonesia.

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