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MGC09 - The Escabar Ruin

Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
After going underground for half a year, the Knights of Amerun Hill revive when their leader King Harry announces their return. Unfortunately he does so in the middle of the Town Fair where all authourities wanting the Knights gone and dead are present. Now, they are on the run and heading for the Escabar Ruin where they will make their stand, and start planning how to impeach Harry. Your job is to make sure they stay alive and defeat the antagonist, Lord Arnold.

• Arcade style gameplay; if you liked My Fort - My Empire, you're probably going to like this,
• 15 levels to beat and 3 bosses to defeat,
• Good design, for a 25x25 map anyway,
• A new nostalgia-oozing story,
• and hopefully some replay value!

Ilan Eshkeri, who made the music for the game

StormWind Studios' site
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Hawk_KK No one review it?
i find it to hard for me...
so many enemies :p
i will try it again in an easier difficulty.(did you make different levels?i didn't pay attention..)
(i like your map design.too)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks. Nope, there are no difficulty levels, just more and more difficult levels, just like in old arcade games ;)
Hawk_KK congratulations~

[Edited on 01/15/10 @ 07:11 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Official Reviewer
I quite liked this Basse, and I in particular enjoyed the new arcade-style action you have amalgamated here with your traditional DTS-style design, which offers quite a bit of replay value for us FF fans. I made it to LEVEL 8 on my first shot when I lost a character. I decided to quit and try another time when I am not as busy or tired as I was at that particular moment.

In all, very good work, and a first place well-deserved. Congratulations!
Guruh8 Level 9 on Standard, 313 kills :/
Pretty much let them do the fighting though..

Nice level, makes you wanna try again :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks chaps. :)
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Similar to "My fort - my empire" by the same creator, The Escabar Ruin is a short defend-the-spot style scenario. It requires shrewd micromanagement and a pre-planned battle to stay alive. The frantic gameplay keeps the player on his toes for the duration, and it is very enjoyable to fight wave after wave of enemies.

Balance: 2
While the game is short, it is often cut too short. It is very difficult to survive after the first boss, even with both towers intact. The problem is having so many heroes, you don't have an army, but you have enough that it sometimes gets hard to keep track of them all. This can lead to one running off and causing you a great deal of problems. After your first hero dies, you really don't have much longer to last. This is disappointing, as "My fort- my empire" did much better in this respect. The former gives the player gates, which allowed the player both respite and the ability to resist melee attacks.

Creativity: 4
The player is presented with a variety of soldiers, most of which are non-ranged cavalry. This gives the player freedom to experiment on the tactics they employ. While I chose to sally forth and carefully eliminate archers, there are many other ways the player is offered. There is a monk, which helps to even the numbers, by a minuscule amount. A variety of enemies will come and assail you, while the "Boss" feature adds further diversity. The experience system works very well in keeping the player alive.

Map Design: 5
The map was very well done, with a short cutscene to the north through a well-designed forest, right up to the last stand in a ruined fortress. The elevation greatly helps the player in his fight.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is where the game excels, with a long aftermath following the battle. The instructions are concise, but more than enough to help the player.

Additional Comments:
A somewhat disappointing sequel, The Escobar Ruin is inferior to its predecessor. I would suggest the difficulty be modified, certainly the way that 2x units often means more than 2x difficulty. There are more spawning points in this game, and the enemy arrives at an alarming rate.

[Edited on 02/06/10 @ 02:48 PM]

Map Design5.0
The Escobar Ruin is the stand-alone sequel to Lord Basse's other award-winning scenario, My Fort - My Empire. It is a very fun Defend-the-Spot type scenario, and a highly recommended download.

Playability: 5

To put it quite simply, The Escobar Ruin is a blast to play. Aided by some very fitting music and a well-designed map, the arcade-style gameplay remains as fun as it was in his previous scenario. The usual defending portions were interrupted by interesting boss fights that broke whatever monotony might have built up. Overall, the playability is excellent.

Balance: 4+

By the very nature of the DtS genre, balance is rarely an issue, since in most cases (such as this one) the difficulty increases as time passes. This ensures that even the most inexperienced player can survive for a time, while advanced players also have something that tests their ability. The Escobar Ruin does this well, providing an easy beginning while ramping up the difficulty as the rounds pass. However, the problem that kept this scenario from receiving a 5 in this category is the poor transition between easy and hard. Without much time spent in between, The Escobar Ruin jumps right from very easy to very difficult in one or two rounds, which was rather jarring. However, overall the balance was excellent.

Creativity: 4+

The Escobar Ruin does have a good measure of creativity, mostly in the story. The storyis very original and different from the usual DtS invasion fanfare, and the scenario offers a very good song that sets an excellent backdrop to the scenario's gameplay. The whole idea of defending a ruin is also rather original in and of itself, and the boss fights helped here. In my opinion, all this together lands the creativity between 4 and 5.

Map Design: 5

The map manages to succeed in the difficult task of being both beautiful and fun to play in. The ruin was very well designed; being very pleasing to the eye and yielding fun DtS combat with its various openings. The area surrounding the ruin is also very beautiful, with nice plains with excellent terrain mixing interrupted by lush groves of trees and bushes.

Story/Instructions: 5-

The instructions were very clear and easy to understand, and the author even provided a list of all the bonuses and the kill amounts at which they are acquired. Once again, the story was original and humorous, and the introduction and conclusion were both well written.

Additional Comments:

The Escobar Ruin is a wonderful DtS style scenario, and it's well worth the download time for any fans of the genre, as well as others just looking for a good time. It’s not quite as good as My Fort – My Empire, but it comes very close. By the way, my rather mediocre skills landed me at level 9 with 303 kills. ;)

[Edited on 02/09/10 @ 06:00 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Many thanks for the reviews chaps, I'm delighted to get such a lot of feedback in just a single day!

Balance seems to be the major problem, so I will try to take care of this in the update, whenever it comes. The sudden change in difficulty between just two or three levels is simply due to the fact that I created this scenario in a very short time. I never had time to send it out to any playtesters, and since I'm quite a mediocre player myself I'm never quite sure if the game's challenging enough or not. This will be taken care of in an update though! :P

Oh, and by the way paperclip, My Fort - My Empire wasn't a contest-winning scenario. It did win the GotY trophy for Minigame of the Year last year though ;)
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Map Design5.0
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