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Downloads Home » Best Files » MGC09 - A Cold Winter's Day

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MGC09 - A Cold Winter's Day

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

For two weeks, you have been traveling through the northern mountains of your country, searching for someone. Your target: Micheal Stronton, an old comrade of yours. You had heard that he had obtained the Earldom in the north that rightfully belonged to you, and you went hunting.

Your goal is to kill Lord Michael Stronton. He lives in the manor overlooking his fief of Granwick, a paranoid and mostly solitary existance.

Granwick is a small town, and every action you make will reverberate across its people. Most of the townspeople all fall under three groups; the religious, the criminal, and the guards. Your every decision will improve or damage your relationship with each of them, so be careful what you say. The more each group likes you, the more they will help you, as well as the inverse. If you don't want to bother mingling with the townsfolk to gain their trust, you can always try the assassination on your own...

----Features ~
- Many different choices you can make that change gameplay
- An extensive use of taunts
- A conversation system
- A thorough and detailed story
- Good map design on a 25x25 map

----Updates ~
- Minor bugfixes
- Sounds that I didn't have enough time to upload originally added
- Changed to campaign format
- Bug in final mission with Duncan fixed

Comments and reviews are welcome and very much appreciated!

**Voted Best Minigame of 2009
**Earned 2nd Place in the 2009 Minigame Competition
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
I'm missing the AI, like John_G's entry.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
As far as I've got, this is an awesome mini scenario. Though, you should make clear in the instructions that you need to keep Damian's stance in no-attack-mode. I accidently killed the girl I was taking a walk with when se turned neutral :P
File Author
Thanks Lord Basse =D.

I didn't type up any of the messages until about an hour before the deadline, so I'm sure I missed a couple hints I had meant to put in there. Once the contest is over, I'll update it.

Thanks for downloading.

[Edited on 01/02/10 @ 10:48 AM]

Official Reviewer
Nice rolepay minigame. Some of the dialogue goes by too fast though, I was on Normal speed.

The churchguy/priest hasn't talked to me yet. I'm not sure if it's like that or not.

I manage to kill the lord and escape, took me 3 tries. If you follow a certain path and do it fast enough, it's quite easy.

Anyways, I'm at the walk with the girl. Killed her and the game is idling. My kill wasn't registered?
File Author
Thanks for downloading, Dtrungle. :)

Can you tell me where you were when you killed her, so I can take a look at it?
Official Reviewer
It was a few dialogues into the forest. Above 4 different DIs for sure. She was close to the bush. I killed her and then the short dialogue occured, the one that was a couple words long and ended in '...'.

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 11:34 AM]

File Author
Hmm, I haven't been able to find that bug. It might just be a random mutation. Have you tried again and gotten the same thing to happen?

Thanks for your help.

By the way, the reason the monk won't talk to you is because I just forgot to give him any dialogue before I uploaded. :P

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 01:02 PM]

Official Reviewer
I tried five more times now with the walking scene. I killed her at different chats and the game idles. My save was before the talk with her to lure her out.

This scenario is great for people who enjoy a thorough story with replayabilty. I'm not too fond of this scenario myself though. To be honest, it seemed to have too much dialogue. I remember reading an article that said something about balancing story and gameplay. 'No one want to sit there and read a book.' Otherwise, good work and you must have put a lot of effort into the whole branching story-taunt system.

[Edited on 01/03/10 @ 02:52 PM]

File Author
I'll see what I can do about that. I've never seen that before, so I don't know if I'll be able to fix it.

Thanks for the comments. Masses of dialogue have never really bothered me, so I guess that translated into my scenario. Thanks again.
Official Reviewer
I love the concept, but it really shows that you ran out of time. Loads of options seem to be untested as they are bugged, or just don't lead anywhere. Also, when you said you could just do the assassination straight away I tried this out by changing diplomacy but no one reacted to being slaughtered. Lastly, is it impossible to kill Lars once he spots you?

[Edited on 01/04/10 @ 05:18 PM]

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