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Downloads Home » Best Files » MGC09 - A Cold Winter's Day

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MGC09 - A Cold Winter's Day

Author File Description
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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Only

For two weeks, you have been traveling through the northern mountains of your country, searching for someone. Your target: Micheal Stronton, an old comrade of yours. You had heard that he had obtained the Earldom in the north that rightfully belonged to you, and you went hunting.

Your goal is to kill Lord Michael Stronton. He lives in the manor overlooking his fief of Granwick, a paranoid and mostly solitary existance.

Granwick is a small town, and every action you make will reverberate across its people. Most of the townspeople all fall under three groups; the religious, the criminal, and the guards. Your every decision will improve or damage your relationship with each of them, so be careful what you say. The more each group likes you, the more they will help you, as well as the inverse. If you don't want to bother mingling with the townsfolk to gain their trust, you can always try the assassination on your own...

----Features ~
- Many different choices you can make that change gameplay
- An extensive use of taunts
- A conversation system
- A thorough and detailed story
- Good map design on a 25x25 map

----Updates ~
- Minor bugfixes
- Sounds that I didn't have enough time to upload originally added
- Changed to campaign format
- Bug in final mission with Duncan fixed

Comments and reviews are welcome and very much appreciated!

**Voted Best Minigame of 2009
**Earned 2nd Place in the 2009 Minigame Competition
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
A puzzle based scenario centred around a small village. With several quests it has great replay potential.

Playability: 5
This little gem is a map to treasure again, and again, and again. There are three (!) brilliantly scripted paths to the end, and each is as challenging and riveting as the next.

Balance: 4
While being mostly cinematic, most of the fighting was actually quite hard. The escape is not as easy as it sounds, seeing as samurais both attack faster than, and have an attack bonus to huskarls.

Creativity: 5
A wildly varied scenario that more than warrants a 5 in this category. Most of the things can't be explained without spoiling it... it is exceptional.

Map Design: 5
A lot of detail has been put into a 25x25 map, using the (quite frankly, limited) snow tileset. paperclip has shown skill in making it look as good as it does, and town is brilliantly laid out.

Story/Instructions: 5
A gripping story combined with well-written instructions combines very well in this scenario. There are enough pointers to get you in the right direction without pinpointing where you need to go.

Additional Comments:
A short review for a short game, unfortunately there isn't much more I can say. All the best things must come to an end, they say, but this is certainly the best minigame I've played in a long while.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
A Cold Winters Day was paperclip007’s 2nd place entry to the 2009 mini-game competition.

Playability: 5
A Cold Winters Day is a very enjoyable mini-game in which you must explore the small town of Granwich to find different ways of getting to your target and assassinate him. I love assassination scenarios and this is one of the best that I have played. It was really fun exploring the town and doing lots of mini-quests.

Balance: 4
A Cold Winters Day is fun but quit hard, even though there is lots of cinematic. The fighting is easy enough but the escape is very hard. The enemy attack faster than you and make it challenging.

Creativity: 5
A Cold Winters Day is a very creative scenario. It is a simple assassination but it is implemented brilliantly. As assassination scenarios go, this is one of the best. There are lots a creative mini-quests to do and some great trigger tricks. There is a great map design too, filled with lots of eye-candy. The scenario also as a great little story to it too.

Map Design: 5
A Cold Winters Day has a really good map design. There are some great uses of elevation and cliffs which is hard to add into a 25x25 map. There is some nice terrain mixing and lovely eye-candy. The map also has some great uses of GAIA objects like paths and jungle trees for hedges. Also all of the trees are add individually and the clumps of trees are spaced out well.

Story/Instructions: 4
A Cold Winters Day has a brilliant and exciting story, with three different alternative routes. It is a simple assassination with lots of twists and turns. It is highly enjoyable and interesting. The Instructions however were not as clear as they could be and at some points I got stuck. The hints help a lot but still didn’t always get me on the right path.

Additional Comments:
A great scenario with some great aspects. One of the best mini-games and one of the best assassination stories in the blacksmith. This defiantly deserved its place in the Mini-game competition.

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"A Cold Winter's Day" is an assassination minigame that doesn't quite live up to the description provided by the blacksmith page to say the least, but still remains a worthwhile play.

Playability 4-

While definitely a fun and entertaining game, the scenario feels a bit unfinished with not too much actual gameplay contained within. I could only find one working path to victory despite the promises of a quite open ended gameplay. While exploring the village was enjoyable similar to a PTC map and a good atmosphere was created, there isn't much in the way of replay value.

Balance 3

A fascinating challenge is presented;assassinate the earl of a small village, and interact with the residents of the village to make it happen. Unfortunately this mostly exists in the concept materiel;ingame I could find only one working path to succeed, which is garrisoning in the TC by hopping over the fence then cutting a path to freedom. Ive talked to everyone on the map and followed their dialogues, but nothing seems to come of it with either broken or nonexistent triggers. The side quest to dispose of a few citizens was interesting, although I found it strange you can plant evidence while a villager seems to have you in clear line of sight. The murder in the forest was interesting with having to avoid stepping on some twigs but really quite simple.

The difficulty of the scenario seems on point for the escape section, but is otherwise not putting up much of a barrier to completing quests or dialogue chains as is. For example, there seems to be a planned sidequest involving the monastery but kicking it off involves talking to the main guard;that seems pretty simplistic to me. The triggers didnt fire when talking to the monk, though.

Creativity 4

I found the premise to be quite intriguing and the game a refreshing changeup, although in terms of complexity it must be said that the gameplay doesn't match up with the blacksmith description. I found only one working method of attempting the assassination, with other dialogue lines leading nowhere. There was some nice ideas like not stepping on twigs to alert a target. Usage of sound effects was nice though a bit too restrained, with music only playing during the escape. Some kind of soft build-up music during the peaceful exploration time would have been quite fitting, as its quite silent. The town could have used some more ambient noises, perhaps. All in all, the scenario feels a bit unfinished and simple for the highest score here.

Map Design 5

Excellent aesthetic appeal combined with solid if dated technical execution result in a map sufficient to achieve the highest echelon of scoring. Clever usage of space results in a surprisingly large feeling town on the 25x25 map size. As expected from the name, a cold wintry scene is on display here, though copious usage of green bushes does raise a question to this climate. The usage of combined buildings was solid, with a nice inn and other building positions looking nice. The terrain mixing was good with winding paths although I might have liked to see none of the snowy grass tiles used.

Story\Objectives 4

Story elements were a hit and miss affair, seeming to suffer from incompletion. The scouts report promises spoilers in its walkthrough but there is no text there. The history tab only contained some info on the author and the scenario. Meanwhile the other-arching story is nice, with our protagonist hunting down his target to the village and a goodly amount of dialogue to be had which lends life to the scenario.

Final Thoughts:A good game that's certainly a worthwhile play. I recommend it for a download.

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Map Design5.0
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Size:2.32 MB