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Nature Incorporated. Mod

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Credits to StSB77[Creator of AGE 1.8] for his wonderful guidance

Patch C of AOE:TC required for this mod to work

Update 1.2[28-1-2010]
Animals will be trained in Mill again. But There will be a disadvantage that you won't be able to reseed your farms. The Transport Horse will be trained in the Stable instead

Update 1.1 [26-1-2010]
The Animals are trained at the Farm instead of the Mill.

Since time memorial and even before AOE 1, Man has learnt to tame some of the animals for his use. Unfortunately due to some reason, ES has not incorporated this aspect into this wonderful RTS game.

To make this more realistic, I have decided to include animal units in the gameplay for better food production and also other purposes.

Dogs - Man's best friend
Cost: 25 Food
Created at: Town Center
Ability: Collect food by hunting the local wild life or help your shepherd harvest lifestock. They can be tasked to attack enemy units but however they cannot attack automatically like military units unless tasked by the player.

Scout Hawks for Old World Civis; Non-Aztec Civis – Birds of Prey have been in use by most Old world cultures for scouting and carry messages.
Scout Macaws for New World Civis; Aztec and Mayan – Macaws are a clever bunch of birds, Perhaps they might be of use?
Cost: 80 Food
Created at: Town Center.
Ability: Scouting ability far better than Scout Cavalry

New Livestock animals are created for this mod.

Note: Arab Civilisations like the Saracens, Turks and Persians do not eat Pork. So do New World Cultures. Pigs cannot be converted like sheep.
Cost: 50 Wood
Created at: Mill
Ability: 400 Food

Transport Horse: Man’s second best friend in the Mid Ages.
Note: Not available to New World Civis like Aztec and Mayan. Not convertable
Cost: 100 Wood
Created at: Stable
Ability: Garrison units

Sheep: Ba Ba White Sheep?
Cost: 25 Wood
Created at: Mill/Wild
Ability: 150 Food

Cost: 15 Food
Created at: Mill/Wild
Ability: 100 Food

Cost: 10 Food
Created at: Mill
Ability: 75 Food

Future Plans
Due to Modding problems, there were certain things I wanted to add but was unable to.

Tecuitlatl Harvestor [Aztec and Mayan Unique building]
Becos the Aztec and Mayan had historically only tamed the turkey and apart from that their diet consists of wild game, corn and insects. This may put the civilisation in disadvantage. So the ability to build this building is needed. Any modders?
Created: Built by Villager
Ability: 300 Food [Spirulina has unusually high amount of protein]
Spirulina, a type of algae, is believed to have been a food source for the Aztecs and other Mesoamericans until the 16th-century; it is harvested from Lake Texcoco and subsequent sale as cakes is described by one of Cortéz’s soldiers.

The problem is to allow the shore fish to be buildable without causing a blank.
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Official Reviewer
Shouldn't this be in the Mod Packs section?
File Author
I was thinking it should be in the section... but when I waited for 48 hours for my post appear it appeared here!
Official Reviewer
There is nothing about this that says it is a mod pack. A mod pack requires Mod Pack Studio to run, and usually implements a new building/unit etc and over-rides previous objects already found in the editor. This utility however contains a modified data file requiring the player only to copy and paste over his/her present data file for the new implementation to show in the editor.
File Author
Oh I see okay

Well just replace the file needed... When Eric's done with my new graphics for the next version, the graphics.drs will be included.
zeusaquarius hello,

where is the patch c ?
TheLaughingMule While this is not exactly the correct place to ask about the C patch, here is a link to your answer.

Hope this helps.

Check out the AoKH forums for more info and to ask questions.
MikmoX Noobish question: Where do I put the DLL and DAT file?
TheLaughingMule You can find lots of answers at the AoKH Scenario Design and Modding forum. Look for the sticky thread "Modpack Guidance Center"
crbenne This looks awesome, and I was thinking about doing this sort of thing (except I don't know how to mod :( ). I'm going to download it in the next few days.

Creative collaboration off the top of my head:
What if you could garrison sheep in farms somehow to produce gold (fleece) and food (milk) the same way relics make gold in the monastery.

What if you made the horse be some sort of covered wagon for more visual realism?
crbenne I played this a short bit. Good stuff. However, I see a few problems.

Firstly, mechanics: the dogs can't attack jaguars (or, I suspect, wolves).
The horses can hold cavalry inside of them.

Secondly, ideas:
I felt that the dogs' being able to collect food was unrealistic and overpowered. Their herding and killing is great, though. Their speed is also good but, again, seems overpowered.

On the transport horse, have you considered making a mounted horse look like a scout cavalry?

Finally, farms are now rather well optional, if not obsolete.

Lastly, do you think you could give hawks an idle animation for realism's sake?

Of course, all of my comments are based on what I see as ideal, not what's practical. Good ideas and modding all around.
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