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The Horde

Author File Description
File Details
Version: Other Modpack
Required Modpack (if not included with the download): Userpatch 1.4
The Horde version 3.6b
An Artificial Intelligence Script written by Archon 2007-2015

Settings: (preferred settings)
Game Version: UP 1.4, AoFE (with UP1.4 modification - [URL=]Link[/URL])
Game Type: Any (RM and PIDM)
Location: Any [doesn't play maps where transports of villagers is required (e.g. Migration); doesn't play 'nothing' maps, requires ai_info_map_type BLACK_FOREST 0 1 0 to detect MICHI]
Map Size: Any
Teams: Yes
Resources: Any (standard)
Difficulty: Any (hard for AI wars, hardest has incremental resource gain rather than 500 of each per age)
Population: Any (200 - 250)
Starting Age: Any (Dark Age or PIDM)
Victory: Any (conquest)
All Techs: No
Civilisation: Any

List of taunts it reacts to:
3 - 6: Gives resources away if it has enough.
31 - Attack an Enemy: If requested by an AI, it targets player stored by sn-target-player-number.
32 - If 60s < game time < 300s, Horde will pick an aggressive strategy.
33 - If 60s < game time < 300s, Horde will change the strategy to boom.
38 - If 60s < game time < 300s, Horde will sling that human player with resources.
222 - Help Allies. If requested by an AI, it targets player stored in goal 82 and patrol units to point stored in goal 478/479.
222 + Flare by human player - Sends units to the flared point.
230 - If 60s < game time < 300s, it changes strategy to Mush (full monk civs only)
249 - Chats current resource amount to human allies or any computers.
250 - Chats current strategy, chat version number to enemies.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Rating: 5
The Horde AI is an extremely fast AI. It advances to the Feudal Age in 3 minutes and then into the Castle Age in 8. It starts to build it army in about 5 minutes. It builds hundreds of barracks and Archery Ranges. The Horde also builds a lot of Farms and gathers a lot of resources. Its town centre is surrounded by millions of farms It already as a large army which is fully advanced in about 9 minutes. It castle is up in about 10 minutes. The AI then advances into the Imperial Age at 12 minutes. I’ve only just got into the Castle Age by rushing. The third castle is up in 14 minutes. The AI spreads its city across half of the map in only 15 minutes.

While this AI seems to be impossible to beat you get an advantage because you start off with a huge supply of resources. This gets you into the castle age quickly.

The Horde AI is a great AI which is really balanced and will give you a great and highly enjoyable game. I highly recommended it to anyone who wants a hard challenge and fast action packed gameplay


Rating: 4.5

This is a very aggressive, yet very intelligent AI. I would definitely recommend this AI if your looking for an aggressive one to play against, or even with as an ally.

Additional Comments:
The only problem I have, although it's an extremely small one, is that the AI tends to give the command "Attack an enemy now", over and over again. Sometimes four to five times a minute. Depending on what you find annoying, this might start to get just a bit old, after a while.

Of course muting the AI from taunting or giving commands fixes this.

Either way, an excellent choice!
Rating: 5

This AI has been the strongest non-cheating ("hard" difficulty) for an absurdly long amount of time. Nowadays Barbarian could be considered stronger but The Horde is still a masterpiece of an AI, it plays pretty much all settings, selects from a wide variety of strategies and always puts up a challenge even for experienced players (and especially AIs).

If you're looking into strong non-cheating AIs to play against this one is one of the "must-have"s.

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