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Small piece of Jungle

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Other
Number of scenarios: 1
I made this because I see beautiful map design in many files here on AoKH and I think if I would post something it should be appealing to the eye. I honestly tried my best on this (although not taking too much time for it) to make it look good. (I know 'Deer' does'nt fit in but I did'nt have enough 'nice' Gaia units)

Please take a look at the map and give me some feedback how to make better use of.. elevations? terrain mixing? I do'nt know what my weak points are so please point them out to me.

See the whole map and give me a comment/review =)

Updated: More Jungle, less other Trees. Some other changes to players too (what ages they were in) so the map design comes out like I wanted near the temple. Wondering if I updated the wrong one or only had the problem myself.


Credits go to the authors of Immobile Units and the 25 x 25 tile map (Dantares I believe, and yes I know anyone with TS can do it)
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Official Reviewer
Well, for the most part, the map design is rather quite good. There's little here I would change, however the map design in the norther-most corner looks a little bleak where the 'Fierce Warrior' resides. One major discerning issue I found was that some places seem a little scarce for a jungle (despite being based on a 25x25 template), and I would get rid of the Tree Js and Ks (as well as Tree F and I in the southern corner), and add in a little more jungle foliage, including those hedge-like bushes in and among the place. In all, I'm not sure if you're merely trying out your hand at some map design or if this is going to form a mini-game of sorts (although most likely the former), but your skill designing is showing a lot of potential and right now the design in question is probably high 3 to weak 4 quality.

[Edited on 01/25/10 @ 08:28 PM]

File Author
First of all, thanks for checking it out ^^

The trees have to be changed, I know, and the Fierce Warrior isn't there now...

I'm (planning on) making a 2-3 scenario campaign, with this part somewhere in the beginning. However, if you have some good idea's for a minigame, I might as well do that, because the rest of the (first) map I have now uses the same type of map design as this part and might get repetetive (it's still small though; I believe 60x60).

Also, I have seen not only my map design (thanks for the high 3/weak 4 but I don't know if I can 'keep that up') but also my trigger work and creativity are low. I have used over half of the map and have only about 2 mini-quests, both taking a lot of time triggering because the map copied part keeps crashing if I put in some new Jungle.

Thank you for the advice, I will surely work on it and update today or in a few days.

EDIT: I would like reviews from people, not for the marks but rather the tips and points of critisism.
Tell me what to change if you think it will make it better. Ask questions too if you want, beware because i'm not a native english speaker but will answer the best I can :p

[Edited on 01/26/10 @ 04:40 AM]

Official Reviewer
I just downloaded and had a playthrough. As it is now, I would rate it '4+/5-' if the rest of the category was good because a poor game can slightly affect the map design in my eyes.

What I found that could be checked on are:
-I would limit the amount of forage bushes that are close together or add in something else. It's hard for me to explain but it just looks off to me. Having 4 together is over the top to me. It kinda resembles how RM maps are which is probably why it looks odd.
-There needs to be more leaves terrain.
-I noticed a cactus bulb near the bottom. Whenever I see those things, all I can think of are desert cactus.
-Too much birds.

Very good job other than that.
File Author
Hey Dtrungle,

First of all thanks for the comment; without good feedback I can't improve.
I will now reply to each of your points:

I will 'cut down' on the forage bushes, place them somewhere else etc.

More leaves? Will try if I like that, tbh I did'nt really miss them in the map.

About the cactus, well, in my opinion is was lacking some eyecandy, but it does'nt seem quite right. Will see if I remove it, replace it, or move it.

I had another view at the game and agree on the birds, will remove about 1/2 or 1/3 and 'play' a few times to see what's right :)

I have a question to you, Dtrungle (other people reading this as well, but the file is hardly downloaded since a few days :/).
Should I include this map in a scenario (first of three probably)? I have been busy on it for some time now, but I do'nt really have inspiration at the moment. So if you have any tips or something (or maybe even want to playtest; if you have the time) let me know.

Thanks again for the comment,
Official Reviewer
Well, the setting is of a jungle and the floor didn't have much leaves while some parts under trees had no leaves too.

Make a thread and ask for playtesters in the forums. It all depends on your game to include it or not. As it is now, this scenario doesn't have much use except to be viewed. If you plan to add content or copy the map over, then using it would be a good idea.
File Author
By now I made a map around this project, finishing up + uploading soon!

[Edited on 07/27/10 @ 08:58 AM]

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