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Genghis Khan- The Slaughter

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 5
After Atilla the Hun attacks the lower Mongolian villages Genghis saddles up and prepares for a little pay back.

-- This is my first upload and it's not very good. Sorry, please review.
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 3

Although the player is given lots of troops,it is overpowered.I did not enjoy the game at many scenes

Balance: 2

In the last scenario,it is almost impossible to win.In other scenarios,it is impossible to lose

Creativity: 2

No sign of creativity except a few chats.that too are not good enough

Map Design: 2

The map is filled at only some places.Rest all is filled with grass1 or dirt1 and cliffs at some places

Story/Instructions: 1

The story is extremely inaccurate and instructions are just a line or two.In map2 I just marco polo to the bormans,and I just win.
No instruction is given to save Genghis Khan.

Additional Comments:
This story needs a LOT of more hard work, proper trigger systems, more instructions etc.

[Edited on 03/11/10 @ 07:02 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
'Genghis Khan- The Slaughter' is a five-scenario campaign with Fixed-Force game play. The story is fiction and covers the unlikely event in which Attila the Hun has invaded Mongolia in 221 AD. You control Genghis Khan, the leader of the Mongols, and must drive back the Hunnic menace from your lands.

PLAYABILITY: Well, if you ever wanted to know what it would be like for Genghis Khan to face Attila the Hun, both fierce leaders of a nomadic, horse-faring people, then you will probably have to wait just a little while longer, as this campaign doesn't really do the idea justice, but anyway. The story begins in 221 AD, which is odd as the date is 185 years too early for Attila the Hun to have been roaming the Asian steppes and at least 941 years before the birth of Genghis Khan. There is no replay value and hardly any enjoyment derived from playing this and it was draining completing all five scenarios containing only the barest function of a story as well as some dialogue and objectives to keep things moving. Most of the scenarios can be completed in less than five minutes each on 'fast' and there's no reason for Attila's invasion but simply to drive his army back from the Mongolian steppes. The game play is not at all challenging, save for the last scenario whereby I was defeated on my first attempt by overwhelming numbers, but with some micromanagement and hit and run tactics one can eventually pull through. In saying all that, the campaign is not all that bad considering, and utilises some aspects of a design note-worthy of a beginner. In fact, it could be considered as a good starting point in designing for the author with particular aspects to further improve on in future projects. 2.0 -

BALANCE: Regardless of which difficulty level you play this campaign on, you will be met with much of the same in each scenario. The difficulty of this campaign does not offer much for the average gamer and certainly did not for me. Certainly much of what follows is straightforward, with exceptions to the last scenario where the player really has to think and maintain some micromanagement to win, being heavily out-numbered and with no resources or villagers to oppose the enemy side with. 2.0

CREATIVITY: The creativity of this campaign is almost uninspiring, and there was very little I could pick out as actually being creative. However, one might take the story of Attila the Hun invading Mongolia, despite its flaws and historical inaccuracy, as being creative and there is still a promising level of trigger work shown with some objectives, in-game chat messages and a few other things besides. 1.0 +

MAP DESIGN: The author has generated random maps for the basis of his campaign, with perhaps a few added details to compliment the story. This leaves much to be desired unfortunately, and most of, if not all of the scenarios involve linear-style game play until the player can meet the set objective. One odd thing was the Mesoamerican jungle-theme used for the last scenario when invading Attila's homeland. Given the overall effort here I doubt it would have been too tiring for the author to have at least generated the correct terrain. 2.0 -

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The story consists mostly of a single sentence in each scenario but manages to connect all of the campaign respectively. Hints are often not provided and a simple objective or two is all the player will receive during play. 2.0

SUGGESTIONS: The key to an enjoyable campaign is undoubtedly through an engaging story, everything else, although certainly arguable, comes afterwards. I would suggest to the author to have a thorough search through our 'Best of' section here at the Blacksmith and to download some of the files there that might grab your interest. In saying all that, keep designing! Practice makes perfect as they say and there's no reason why one day the author won't have a top-rated file ready for submission.

CONCLUSION: 'Genghis Khan- The Slaughter' is a good way to waste fifteen minutes and not much else, but I would really recommend the author to stick at it and continue designing, all the while improving on implementing story and triggering to compliment and maintain game play that will connect with the player.

In a sentence - A good way to waste fifteen minutes and not much else.

In closing - If you enjoy historically-inaccurate scenarios, two powerful leaders taken straight from history and vying for supremacy, randomly-generated maps and minimal trigger work, then this is definitely for you.

[Edited on 09/28/16 @ 05:55 AM]

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Map Design2.0
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