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A Mans Home Is His Castle (updated)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Story: The year is 768 A.D. and the Sylthian War has just ended leaving the larger countries financially devastated. The Bartons, seeing this as a perfect opportunity to strike, invade the vulnerable countries and start to pillage and loot. Tha Bartons continue unhindered due to the countries having little armies remaining from the war.

The Bartons, before they attack, demand a huge tribute. In return, the Bartons will turn away an leave that country alone. Because of the war several countries cannot pay and are invaded and the populace killed or enslaved. The Bartons finally reach the small, peaceful country of Anglia, who remained neutral during the war. The Baxtrons send a messenger to receive the tribute from them.

But Anglia is ruled by a greedy king, King Baston by name, who extortionates the populace in order to please himself and many wives. As the messenger rides into the Anglian castle, the king feels a chill up his spine as he knows, that he is completely out of money. The king, not caring for the welfare of his people, makes a foolish decision, in order to save his own skin.

The rest of the story is explained in-game.

The map is made on a 25x25 map so please take that into consideration when playtesting.

If there are any bugs please let me know and also please comment on how I may improve. This is my first playable scenario so I am glad to upload my first playable scenario.

I lowered the Bitrate of the sound to lower the file size but it started to sound like someone was talking underwater so I replace one of the sound files.

I hope you enjoy it and that it works for you. Also PLEASE comment.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
flosse Hi joshua4missions,
first of all I really enjoyed your game a lot. There were a few small things I did not like... Even when the guard in front of the castle was gone, he would still tell me I would get shot, if I entered the castle, that was a bit strange. Also when I did enter the castle at the beginning, it never attacked me. I must admit i probably didnt have your AI file in the right place, but your unzip folder placed the game in the scenario folder, although its a campain file... But overall I found it very enjoyable,
keep going!
File Author
Thanks flosse, I appreciate your comment.
Official Reviewer
I'm glad to see that you have finnaly submited it.
Rajkumar_q8 Good going, Joshua. I never get bored of playing this repeatedly.

[Edited on 02/26/10 @ 03:37 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
A Mans Home is his Castle is an enjoyable campaign. It has a lot of humour in it and I really enjoyed the game. The Story is fun and I liked the good creativity.

Balance: 4
The Balance was good. The Scenario was quite hard because not enough information was given on some of the tasks. But you can get through it. The fights are quite hard but can be completed Maybe next time add more Information and hints to get top marks.

Creativity: 4
The Scenario has some good creative aspects. I liked it when the King spent all of his money on a new car, but then the Barton’s say they will take it. I liked the mini tasks that you need to do to get money, they were really creative. However I didn’t find anything in the scenario that made me go “WOW!”.

Map Design: 4
The Map Design is good. The Scenario is a 25x25 map size and has some terrain mixing but the roads are mainly Fungus with some small pieces of broken road and a bit of normal road too. There are GAIA objects used and they make the map look more detailed. However I did not see much use of elevation. There was a little bit of cliff but it is hard to put them in a 25x25 map.

Story/Instructions: 3
A Man’s Home is his Castle is a very fun and enjoyable story, which makes the scenario a lot better. However the Instructions are not as clear as they could be. With some of the tasks I didn’t even know what to do and it took me ages to find out by randomly looking around the map.

Additional Comments:
A very fun and humorous scenario which is worth playing. It is a great scenario for a new AOKH member. Congratulation joshua4missions

Map Design5.0
A Man's Home is His Castle is a unique minigame that incorporates RPG, Fixed-Force, and Defend-the-Spot elements. It follows the story of Matt Cyprus and his fellow townspeople as they attempt to overthrow their corrupt and greedy king. It's a pretty fun scenario, and worth the download.


A Man's Home is His Castle is enjoyable, with its varied gameplay and interesting story. It starts out as an RPG, with your character participating in several mini-missions, then becomes Fixed-Force and finally Defend-the-Spot. Each of this segments is fun and interesting, though some of the RPG missions are rather dull (watching sheep?). The scenario might have earned a 4, however there were several bugs that were annoying. The line where the guard says 'anyone who enters the castle will get shot' displayed whenever any of my units passed the gate, no matter how far into the scenario I was. I was also able to see units that were used later in the scenario at all times, like the Baxtran General, which could be easily avoided just by using the Invisibilty Cloak or Tile. Also, at one point the path leading to the shepard was blocked by a few sheep. I'm not sure why that happened, but it forced me to reload.


The balance was good, with only a few issues. I thought the DtS segment was on the easy side, but the Fixed Force and RPG areas were neither too hard nor too easy. Also, I was unable to figure out how to get the kid's toy boat back, and the hints were not helpful here.


This scenario is rather creative, with an interesting story and some neat features. I especially liked how you fit so many different genres onto the same, 25x25 map. Some of the missions you had to do during the RPG segment were original and well-done, and felt like real jobs real townspeople would have you do. I also liked the villagers' method of sneaking into the castle.


The map was quite pretty, and it actually felt like a real town, which is a feat in and of itself. The real success this map has, though, is being able to shift between several different genres without bogging down the gameplay. As mentioned before, this scenario contains RPG, FF, and DtS sections, and the map was brilliantly designed so it switches flawlessly between the three. Well done.


The story this scenario featured was simple but interesting, and incorporated both some light humor and dark events. The only fault I found with it was with the dialouge; it was rather unnatural, and did not sound much like real speech at all. Other than that, the story was fine. The instructions were also detailed and useful, however the hints were lacking in some places.


All in all, the scenario is worth the download. It's relatively short, but that time is spent with very decent gameplay in several genres.

Good luck with your next project, joshua - I'm looking forward to it.

[Edited on 02/27/10 @ 08:12 AM]

File Author
Thanks for the reviews Possidon and Paperclip007, I plan to update the scenario and then upload it again. Also I may scedule another review for the updated version.

Thanks for your comments everyone.

joshua4missions :)

Note: It seem that people don't understand how to complete the boat mission. You need to get a long stick to get it back(by the church(bamboo)) Then you need to stand next to the boy and select the boat to get it. Sorry for any trouble. :)
stroke Hello Joshua4missions,
I LIKED your game but there are some flaws.
1-Even when the guard is in the castle,it would say that we will be shot.
2-Instructions were not adequate.
3-The third and the last flaw is-

when your mission is to find 50 stone,I was stuck on 27,So I tried this-

Stand near the merchants' warehouse from where we get stone.Now rapidly press enter and type rock on then again enter and then quickly click the warehouse.You still get the message-
"CHEATERS SHOULD NOT PLAY MY GAME" but we will not be defeated that way.Please mind over it and update your file.
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The game was good at many times,and very enjoyable too,but at many times I found it Some boring but the greatest flaw is that we can use cheats.You should update your cheat detecting triggers.In my previous post,I described how to do it.Mind over it

Balance: 3
The balance was good,but even in easy difficulty,I wasn't able to kill the king even after 10 times.Well,you should not make your campaign on the hardest difficulty.Also,add effects when a different difficulty setting is chosen

Creativity: 4
The map was very nice but lacked more detail in some places.Some more eye-candy could have got it 5 marks.The story was completely original though and the characters are also original and interesting.You can also check the Scenario Design and Modding section in the forums for more detail.

Map Design: 3
The map design was good.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was nice and interesting but the instructions were not at all adequate.You could have given more hints.And you should update your file and add how to catch the boat in the hints because not everyone reads all the comments

Additional Comments:
This is probably my first review in campaigns,so don't take it to your heart but please mind over it seriously

[Edited on 03/19/10 @ 06:38 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(Very nicely done. "A mans home is his castle" by Joshua is a completely new type of scenario where you take on the role of Matt and go around town viewed by the guards as an innocent and stupid person but in reality, you are working against the slavery of the serfdom. Every moment was worth it and I never simply stood wondering what to do next. A 5.0 here.)

Balance: 4
(A very well-balanced scenario till the battle starts. The tasks were fairly easy and fun to accomplish. I must admit, what was I going to do till the weapons get ready baffled me for a while but then, Joshua4missions has made sure we explore around town so we can find out the answers we are looking for. Till here, I would give a 5.0 but then the final battle was a bit hard and I had to go to extremes and use my PET DOG (The one I get for buying a dog for Sam. It just followed me everywhere for the rest of the scenario.) to finally kill the general. I'd give it a 4.0 here.

Creativity: 4
(You remember how I told you before that Joshua4missions has made a completely new type of campaign? Why? It's because it is the first time I've seen a small 25x25 map withhold within itself a campaign featuring assassinations, odd jobs, final battles and a plethora of other features all on a 25x25 map!)

Map Design: 4-
(The map design was very pretty and the town buildings were well placed. Totally, it looked like a charming little town. The only "down" in this map was that Joshua4missions had used fungus road which looked unrealistic as the busy town members would have worn the track making it impossible for vegetation to grow on it without being squished. A 1/2 off there, mate.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(The story was well-planned and seemed to blend nicely with the setting of the background of the campaign. However, some minor stuff in the objectives; when I am ordered to pass the time, I first go to help the little boy who asks for his boat. It's not mentioned what are we supposed to do in the objectives, and there I am, scratching my head trying to see what happens next. Some points off there.)

Additional Comments: Some minor bugs around, here and there. I'm sure you'll be able to fix this soon.

Overall: A highly enjoyable campaign with lots of assailant features to entertain others all brought to you on a 25x25.

[Edited on 03/19/10 @ 08:13 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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