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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy
North america.
This campaign is not historical in any way. It's more just to see how accuratly I could
could depict the USA and Canada. Also I made it to see how I'd fair against the largest military power in the world.
I'd also like to mention that I narrated this scenerio. I'm the voice of the TOWN HERO. Every time go into a different
province with the TOWN HERO he will make a comment or tell you something about the area you're in. EX. You walk into the province
known as Saskatchewan and he'll tell you," Saskatchewan, land of the living skies." So there is something a little bit educational to
this campaign. The voice is not the best but for this, it works. I had no help making this scenerio. Everything is my own. So enjoy it!
Your's truly,
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Map Design4.0
TO THE AUTHOR: Sorry it took me so long... Looking forward to your more recent designs.

PLAYABILITY: Globalization played out from the perspective of the Mexicans, finding their place in the world after becoming an independent nation. The author gave the player a chance to change history, to seize the opportunity of North American lands and become the most forward country there. The player gets the chance to explore the lands first; the most famous places are introduced by the author himself - the scenario is voiced.
First of all, I really liked the idea of being able to see a "Pretty Town" of a sort and still have some combat. Although I am not sure about the combat part that well. :{ The objectives directed me to overcome my present allies. Am I meant to do it economically, physically, or both? Am I the person who should declare war? Such things would seem reasonable in the real world, but it needs to be specified in a scenario. That confusion was a major minus to the game.
The computer players did not have the capacity to defend themselves, because I could easily overcome them economically and then declare war with my whole army in their city. The computer also does not start combat as soon as I change diplomacies, but lingers a lot.
I liked the exploration parts though! 4-

SUGGESTIONS: Other categories need to be brought up, especially instructions. More diversity in combat should be pushed into it, do not just let the player play out as if it was a random map.

BALANCE: I have already mentioned in the "playability" that I had every advantage and the rest of the nations had none. For example Hawaii had so little land that they just stopped their economy once in the Feudal Age. Those are serious flaws in balance. 3

SUGGESTIONS: You should give the player a certain challenge, that scenario was too easy. Set a timer and have the other countries attack you hard and fast. Or make them declare war once you have explored everything.

CREATIVITY: As I have mentioned I loved the idea that is the basis for this scenario. However it was not worked out to full potential, and the combative parts were creativity-weak. 4

MAP DESIGN: It was basically a random map with several improvements. 4-

SUGGESTIONS: Add more eye-candy. The map lacked specific characteristics as would be suitable to your explorational idea.

STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions on the combative part lacked. I came into the game with a full idea on the explorational part, but the part about overcoming my opponents was vague. I noticed one time that the text that was displayed was different from what "the voice" said. The voiced instructions were a major support of this category.
There was no real story, it was history. But besides the part that "your people are weak, make them stronger," I had no idea of the time or events that the game was set in. And if the game is set in the time period after California became part of USA, Mexico had little chance against that neighbour. 4-

SUGGESTIONS: The objectives and the history that you gave were too vague.

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Map Design4.0
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