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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 2
It's a 2 player rpg. It's supposed to be alot like runescape. You can mine, cut wood, do quests. There is an arena where you can fight the other player. There is also a magic ability which you level up by conversions. Leveling up your magic allows you to teleport to the different towns. Everything is described in the hints of the game. All bugs should be fixed for player1; I would have tested bugs for player2 but I could not get multiplayer to work on my cousin's computer. If you find any bugs let me know. Also anything you think I should add or change about the game, all comments are welcome. I do plan on making it bigger and adding more quests and things to do. I just want to get feedback on this version before i do anything real drastic.
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OldValiken RuneScape? Really?
File Author
*Update Version 1.1
I have added a Town Guide to the scouts. This tells you all the things you can do in all of the towns. I have also unscrambled the hints section a little bit to make it less confusing. Hope this helps. I have updated the download so anyone can get this new version.

INFO on Version 2.0
I am completely redoing the map for this version. I am adding 2 skills so far: thieving and summoning. I decided that the ability to convert, even when you can only convert 3 units, was overpowered especially when you have an invincible monk. To fix this I have given heresy to all enemy civilizations so that when you convert their units they will die. Levels will now be in increments of 1. Equipment will go up to bandos. You can also be an archer if you want. Any ideas for this new version are still welcome.

[Edited on 03/10/10 @ 02:36 PM]

RS Greo0 Really?


Ill test it out when I get time. I always get happy about quality RPGs.
File Author
*Update Version 1.2
I got a chance to test the multiplayer and found out a few things. "1: The object selected condition does not work for multiplayer. 2: The Immobile Units AI works in a different way on multiplayer." I changed it so that object selection triggers only need you to be in the area of your target you don't have to click on them any more. I also made all buildings for both players invincible so player 4 wouldn't destroy them. Also with this update some of the bugs I found for player 2 were fixed.

[Edited on 03/11/10 @ 12:55 AM]

Official Reviewer
I found the level and skills part confusing. It's not user friendly at all.
File Author
*Update Version 1.3
Found more bugs for player 2 and fixed them. Also found out that in certain spots you can walk through mountains so I put cliffs around the mountains to fix that.

[Edited on 03/11/10 @ 12:55 AM]

Dispari Scuro
Map Design3.0
Let me start off by saying this was probably THE most fun scenario I've played for AoE2. Unfortunately it does have a lot of problems. Also, a lot of the fun I had was probably very unintentional.

Playability: 4
According to the note at the end of the game, we did everything there was to do. We tried to accomplish a "win," but apparently there's no way to "win." We did manage to defeat every foe and do every quest though. However, a few times we had to use bugs to accomplish this, and may have broken a few scripts.

Balance: 5
For a multiplayer game the balance is perfect. Both players start off in the same area with the same units and capabilities. Both players have their own set of quests (identical, but prevents one player from getting all the bonuses). There are potentially an infinite amount of units and always two bosses, so both players can achieve max stats, gear, and levels.

Creativity: 5
A very creative map. There were a lot of things to do. Lots of side quests and optional missions to run. There were even non-combat missions to do. Not only that, it's the only time I've played an RPG scenario that actually considers and encourages conversions. At first I thought it was an oversight, but it turned out to be pretty nice.

Map Design: 3
This is the lowest rated part of my review because the map was very bland. It was almost totally flat with very little decoration. Plus there were a lot of holes in the map.

Story/Instructions: 4
For the most part the instructions were laid out. A few quests gave us trouble though and the recaps on what your next step is weren't always explained. However, the page for gear and levels was a big help throughout. Near the end we got stuck for a long time before realizing we just needed more conversions to get to the next step.

Additional Comments:
My friend and I started off playing this and didn't think much at the start. But the more we played the more things came together. We each had our own missions to do (even though they were clones), and everything seemed to be thought of. There was an infinite supply of badguys for us to fight and level up with, and the game didn't allow us to convert giant armies (limit of 3 converted units). We also didn't just have just "one shot" since our units could die without an instant game over. Unfortunately that also meant there was no risk of losing.

We did find quite a few issues though:

* Early on I realized I can just stand a converted unit in a gate when I send my hero to make a villager work. Meaning even though the gate is supposed to lock and keep my hero held inside, I could hold gates open and have a villager mining, a villager chopping wood, and still go do quests, all tasks that usually require the hero's full attention.

* The cliffs around the mountains, and the areas where the villagers chop wood aren't solid. I could just walk a villager around the cliff into the main world map. And because no techs are disabled, I can just start building a town. True there's not much in the way of resources, but there's enough wood to get started, and player 1 and 2 can just build a ton of trade carts. We did this for a while and racked up a good 600k gold between us and then ran around doing stupid things like building castles and bombard tower walls to defeat bosses.

* Some of the quests are unclear and confusing. Neither one of us could accomplish the succubus quest legitimately. No matter where we went or what we did, nothing would happen. After probably 20 minutes of messing around, we got a message about Merlin, but neither of us could talk to him (either by moving to him or his hut). Eventually we just walled in the villager girls and killed them with onagers, which allowed us to complete the quest. The holy grail quest was also a long and pointless FedEx quest which tested one's memory. I could never remember which towns are which, or which flag colors corresponded to which town.

* Several objectives could be completed out of order and break scripts. Specifically defeating bosses (most notably beating the mountain bosses because of the holes in the mountains). If using the "freed villager" method, towers and ranged units (castles or archers) can kill bosses early. Sometimes this is even possible with basic archer units provided by the game itself.

* The arena didn't work. We tried to check it out near the end, but it teleported us inside and nothing happened. We had to monk-port back out.

* After researching the proper technologies, a player can convert the invincible "training" barracks. Although this doesn't appear to break any scripts, it's still unusual.

Overall this was a really fun scenario. The design needs to be upped a lot, as the visual appeal is by far the low point of it. Better wording and more clear directions would help, as would more to do and a way to actually "win" the scenario. Keep up the good work, and I look forward to any updates!

[Edited on 03/19/10 @ 09:01 PM]

Heisanevilgenius This has loads of potential, but rather annoying to play. I'd ask that you make a few simple fixes for the next version and it would be much more fun.

1. A couple of towns are fairly generic. (Specifically the ones at the very south and the southwest.) It would be nice if you made them a little more individualistic. The names are also rather difficult to remember. The other towns have more memorable names. Camelot, obviously, and the desert is easy to remember. But when a quest requires me to go to Whateverville, I'm totally confused as to where to go.

2. Do something about the cliff edges around the woodcutter quest and the red dragon area. They don't reach the whole map edge and you can walk around them. I'm unlikely to go to the bother of doing all those side quests to get to the gate when I can just walk around the cliffs.

3. The archbishop being invincible makes it way too easy. I just send him ahead and get a group of enemies to attack him, then drag them back and let my hero and converted units pick them off without losing any HP. If he was capable of dying, it wouldn't make the game too hard, since you've set it up so your hero returns home once the archbishop dies.

4. The succubus quest is totally impossible to figure out. I wandered everywhere and nothing seemed to work. Somehow at one point I accidentally triggered the message saying that Merlin might know, but trying to talk to Merlin or stand by his hut didn't give any information at all.

5. I'd suggest making the item buying more clear. Maybe have some instructions pop up when you pass a weapon store saying "Stand here to buy weapons"

6. It's a bit weird that after you beat the last boss you get a weapon that you're totally unable to use anymore since all the quests are complete. What's the point? Maybe have some optional quests after the final boss or something?

7. More decorations, please. Most of the map is huge wide-open grass. Twisting paths through a forest is good. Maybe some rivers, swamps, anything. A destroyed city somewhere? Be creative.

8. Oh yeah, make it so that you can actually win. You even comment at the end that you can't actually "win". It shouldn't be too hard to fix that.

Otherwise, this is a pretty enjoyable map. I look forward to the next updates.
File Author
Thank you, Dispari Scuro for your comments. I appreciate all of your feedback, I am currently about 10% done with my second version which I am hoping will be more fun and also better eye candy. I must also say I found your review very fair. I definitely must agree that the map was very plain and I plan on making the map in Version 2.0 much more detailed. And thank you, Heisanevilgenius for you feedback on the game as well. I like what you said about adding forest or destroyed cities. I will definitely implement something to that effect into the next game. Anyways keep the comments coming and the second version will hopefully be a perfect balance of everyones ideas.
Also one thing that both of you had mentioned in your comments was how the quests were confusing because there was no way to recap what you were supposed to do. I have a solution to this problem that I will have in Version 2.0.


* Update Version 1.4
All cliffs have water near them to prevent you from walking through them. Villagers do not have the ability to build. I fixed the glitch where you couldn't talk to merlin in the Hero's Quest. There was also a glitch where you could put a converted unit under a gate near resources so that you could sneak your hero out, and this was fixed. NOW you may not have any units besides your hero walk through the gates where you can collect resources.

[Edited on 03/24/10 @ 05:54 PM]

redchance180 where would i extract this scenario to,sorry i havnt ever downloaded a scenario off here but this sounds like a great idea
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Map Design2.0
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