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der einfall

Author File Description
Dr Peppa
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
This is a little something I made in my spare time.

if you know german then you know what the title says, This is a WW2 campaign.

I will though recommend that this will not be a waste of your time.

special thanks to King_arthur198 for correcting all of my bugs.
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Map Design4.0
Der Einfall

This is a history-based campaign (contenting of one scenario) about the american landing in Normandy in 1944. You are Troy Anders, an american soldier with a special mission.

Map design
Looks good. The map (you will play on) isn`t big, but well made. There is some german “fortresses” and also some eye candy. Allied american soldiers is also spread across the map. There is explosions on the map that make the whole scenario look more realistic.

This is perhaps subjective, but I think that this campaign is really boring. Why? Well, Troy Anders has 200 HP (He needs to have that much). He is also able to regenerate. I had to spend a lot of time waiting for him to be able to fight again.

Average. Your objectives are clear-you will allways know what to do next. There is also a short text that tells you a bit about the history of WW2.There is some hints, too. But there is no story at all, just a poem (!). There is no “victory text”.

Also good. I had to try several times before I could win. Perhaps you are getting to much help from the hints, though.

After a short cut-scene you land at the coast of normandy, where the mission starts. Your goal is to get through a german line of walls/towers and then destroy a german machine gun.

My suggestions to improve the map
1.Rewrite one of the hints. It practically tells the player exactly how to do the first part of the scenario.
2.Write a story about Troy Anders.
Map Design3.0
Der einfall
By Dr Peppa

Troy Anders is a WW II hero, and has to single handedly breach the wall, which is situated on a cliffed area of the Normandy beach.

PLAYABILITY: A short but enjoyable game, which has a lot of action and some unusual effects. You loose most of your troops before you land on shore, which makes you the only one that must defeat the Enemy stronghold. Breaching the wall was a bit tough, but is doable because Troy has self-healing, which allows you to step back, heal and attack. Taking out the Bombard Canon was the highlight of the game for me as it was a bit difficult at first and required some careful planning, otherwise it would have been a lot of heal and attack. The enemy does not have “murder hole” capability, and although this was a plus for me, it does rob from the playability having to spend a lot of time shooting down a “Tower of flies” which I felt had to be done in order to get at the bombard canon.
When I played the game for the first time, I thought the Author made a mistake in telling me to go to the far right of the map and breach the wall. The way the map is designed, it looks like the wall is up on the cliff, but in fact is only hiding the portion of sand that would indicate an entrance area. There was a flag there, but I thought it was eyecandy or an enemy victory flag. Perhaps the author may want to check that out, as others may experience the same problem as well.

BALANCE:3 The game has a pretty good balance, and that’s not including the ally help, as they only fight for a short while then stand ground. Of course I was out numbered, but the self-healing allowed me to get through the various bands of soldiers, and sometimes just by the skin of my teeth. Although the game balance was good, some players may not like the constant waiting around for Troy to lick his wounds, so to speak, I thought this could be an area for improvement.

CREATIVITY:3 this is the first WW II scenario that I have played, and found the games beginning quite creative. When I landed on shore a battle was raging between the German troops, and my ally. Heavy shelling was going on all around me and the beach had bombed out craters all over the place giving the game a realistic feel. The Ally troops were made up of hand cannons, which also added to the time period. On top of the cliffed were remnants of a Normandy settlement most of which were burning. The only let down was that Troy was an archer, which tore away at the creativity. If Troy is to be an archer, perhaps it should be incorporated into the storyline. He could be a skilled archer that has to assassinate an enemy leader, where gunfire is out of the question. It could be any situation, as long as it is written in, and not leaving the character out of context. Imagine ,, landing on the Omaha beach, the soul survivor with only a bow, and a huge task at hand. Works for me

MAP DESIGN:3 The map was appropriate for the game. The beach was great, and there were some eyecandy on the upper cliffed area. The large string of rocks which was used as a divider should have had some plant life growing around it to make it look more natural.

STORY/ INSTRUCTION:4 The story is at the games beginning and during the cutscene, and the instructions are clear. If a game has a story, and clear instructions that do not have bad spelling, a rating of 4 applies, however more could have been added in this area to give the game some life. Some dialogue
in between battles would have added to the overall enjoyment, even including some humerous ones, afterall, an archer taking on a machine gun nest??

Keep up the good work Dr Peppa

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Map Design3.5
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