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The King of Madisgrad

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File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Number of scenarios: 3
"The King of Madisgrad wishes to expand his borders and turn his town into a large city. But there are multiple enemies and just as many challenges. Can you take them on? Begin as a commissioned servant to fulfill the King's needs."

This is a campaign that I was working on awhile back, and spent a good amount of hours so that it might be enjoyable. I have now decided to upload it; so that others could enjoy my talents, otherwise no one would play it.

There were intended to be 5 scenarios in it, but I had only completed 3 of them; the first two and then the fifth. But the scenarios that I have submitted are good, and generally challenging. Especially the 5th one; its especially challenging and a big adventure.

This campaign is not historical. I would have liked to make a historical campaign, but unfortunately that takes much more time to do because of the research (and sometimes you just want to make a map right at the moment). However, the scenarios are not fantasy oriented, to put it out.

Hope you enjoy.

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John Mendl Ive only started playing the first scenario, and just for 30 mins, havent finished. Pretty good work, and its unfortunate that noone has commented so far. The map design is clearly above average and its fun to explore and raid the enemies. I will comment more as I play through.

[Edited on 06/18/10 @ 10:04 AM]

Official Reviewer
I've spent a fair bit of time on scenario 1 and 2. The third one however, I gave up on it. It seems unfinished or untested. For the first two, it's basically a BnD to me. Against stupid comps.

Mendl, I'm curious on your review if you do write one.
File Author
It is a "Build and Destroy" Dtungle. The comps are not stupid. I just didn't want to spend countless hours on figuring out how to make AI scripts. I take advantage of the regular default AI scripts for the computers.

How did the 3rd level seem untested? It is not unfinished. It is designed to be an intricate and hard level. If you can't beat it than too bad.
Official Reviewer
My comment meant that it didn't have much triggerwork to it. It was like playing an RM. And the computers were and are stupid. I don't understand why you even bothered commenting me back on that. Your last sentence is hella rude. Do I care if I can't beat it?

For the third map, it seems highly stacked against you. The enemies are plentiful and you are only a few. At that middle town, where there are gaia buildings that you get, the town itself was attacking them when I got it. The enemies also have longer range than you and if they use the hit and run tactic, I can't see anyone beating this game. Furthermore, it is very odd how the starting town gets demolished by the southern guys. I mean, if they die, shouldn't you die with them? It just doesn't seem right. Lastly, the island where you're suppose to rescue the guy from, I find it highly unlikely that anyone can get through that easily. Not to mention that you automatically lose in 2 hours game time.

I'm curious, have you beaten it legitly?

[Edited on 07/01/10 @ 06:56 PM]

John Mendl Dtrungle, No need to say "comps are stupid" just because someone used default AI in their scenario(s). Do you post this message every submission where you see the default AI being used? We all know how much intelligent it is.

The key is to make the enemy AIs teamed up againt you - and if you have enough AIs while they have a lead from start, it could be balanced.

No, i didnot finish playing this yet.
Yoga Ciptadi i like in the mission 2 i can finish them

[Edited on 08/14/10 @ 07:20 AM]

Map Design4.0
The King of Madisgrad is a three scenario campaign. It was originally intended to have five scenarios. For the most parts, this campaign is Build and Destroy. In the beginning of the third scenario is a little Fixed Force part included. I found the campaign pretty enjoyable; mainly the first and second scenario. I haven't experienced lagg: that's good. However there were some weird parts in the campaign that could have been done better. Par example: in the first scenario you walk with a villager to King Arthur. You get instructions from the king to build up a base and defeat two of the four enemy tribes. The king is also talking about Minamoto (his general) and Richard the Lionhearted (his cousin, I think). That's fine. You just walk away and build up your base. Later in the game these three characters still stood on their spot. They got all three killed by the enemy, which is weird because all three characters are returning in the next two scenarios. I don't think it was intended to let King Arthur, Minamoto and Richard the Lionhearted die, but it's weird; it's not a gameplay-killing bug though. The second scenario didn't have any weird bugs I can remember.
In the first scenario, your population limit is only 75. That was pity since you can't create a good economy AND a proper army to attack your opponents. I think you should increase it to a higher number.
In the beginning of each scenario you get most of the times the message that one of the computer players stand their diplomacy to you to ally, neutral or to enemy. That occurs when using the standard AI. It's rather annoying instead of ruining the gameplay, but this can be improved by using a better AI. You can download several AI's from the blacksmith that will probably suit your scenarios well.
The third scenario, where you have to free King Arthur from the prison... was very hard! I think it is too hard to be playable. I have tried it several times, but I'm still not able to beat it. I will talk about this in the balance later.

I think the first and second scenario were very well balanced. Although the AI had some flaws, it wasn't too easy. In the first scenario, I just did what I should do: trying to make a decent economy, creating some units... After a while I looked again at the objectives and: whoops, forgot to defend the castle of King Arthur. I quickly took a look at the castle and I saw it was burning! It was on fire... FIRE! I looked desperately how the enemy tribes almost knocked down the castle. Luckily my allies managed to kill the invaders. I quickly sent some troops of my own to defend the King's castle. Phew... Besides that I didn't have much trouble in defeating my enemies. I took out the Persing- and the Statu Tribe; which were relatively the closest tribes to my camp.
I personally liked the second scenario the most: you can train more as 75 units, so you can create a proper army and have a good economy. I liked fighting the nearby tribes. And finally the Imperial Mariners. In the beginning I thought: "This is going to be pretty easy, I'll just build a transport ship and sail my beloved Richard to "The City of Madisgrad", but no... you couldn't build transport ships. That's good, else it would have been too easy. One time, my leader Richard the Lionhearted got killed, because I wasn't too careful with him. But I save frequently, so... no problem.
And now, the third scenario: "To save the Prisoner". That was a hard scenario. Way to hard if you ask me. You begin with a few men and an elephant and you need to free King Arthur, who is imprisoned. You need to sneak trough 'secret' paths where you will find troops who join your side. These paths are also full of enemies who make you loose your recently found troops again. When you finally get to the spot where King Arthur is caught, you see that it is guarded by lots of castles and men. You are definitely not strong enough to liberate the King and after that defeating the Horavians! I think this should be made a little if not a lot easier.

I think this is the worst part of the campaign. The idea of Madisgrad and the surrounding tribes wasn't all too bad. Pity you didn't manage to finish the other scenarios as well. But playing feels just like doing an altered random map. There aren't many triggers used in the scenarios, which doesn't necessarily have to be bad. But it felt so... empty at some points. Maybe adding side-quests or triggered enemy attacks to make the scenarios a little more challenging and fun. There were also barely "change object name" effects used. That's not a big problem, but changing the names of King Arthur, Minamoto and Richard the Lionhearted would be more interesting. Then you will probably get the feeling that the campaign is more unique. Another thing that bothered me a little were the "capitals" or the "command centers" of the enemy players in the second scenario. For the Imperial Mariners it was a pyramid! You really should have renamed it. The Horavian center building was The Dome of the Rock. Once again: it really should be renamed. These two buildings didn't fit the scenario at all. You can better use wonders and rename them! That definitely will look much better.

I think the map design is the best part of the campaign. You used random maps as a template and altered them a lot so the final result looked quite good. The landscape of the first scenario looked a bit like the maps which came with the game. I think that was pretty average. I liked the second and third map the most. The village/town of "The Island Savages" in the second scenario (shipwrecked) was very well designed. The towns of the Karthites weren't too bad either. The fortress of the Imperial Mariners was nicely done. The map in the third scenario was also pretty good; pity that the high number of enemies prevented me from beating the scenario. When I used "marco" and "polo" I saw a huge Horavian fortress which was pretty well made. Overall, the map design was above average.

The story and the instructions were... decent. There was no history written. There stood only something like: "This is completly fictious so there is no history" written in the history section. Only because the campaign is fictious doesn't have to mean there is no background story! Write something about how old Madisgrad is. Who were the founders of the town? The story you will see in-game is pretty new as far as I know. But I think "clear the area around your city" has already been used a lot.
The instructions given were clear and I had never the problem of: "What do I have to do now?" Accurate hints were given to help you trough the scenarios. When I looked into the scout section... I saw nothing! It was blank! Maybe write some information about the location of your troops and your enemies in the "Scouts".
(about spelling, you misspell Minamoto the whole time, you write: Minamato. Fix this!)


It was a decent campaign. If you improve it, the score will probably increase. If you like playing random maps, this is a highly recommended download. If you don't? Well... You can figure it out yourself then.


I have increased the rating a bit, since I thought I was a little too harsh... happy?

[Edited on 03/19/11 @ 02:48 PM]

Boujack This is the last campaign I've played. I liked it enough, although the third scenario I have not played since there was no previous or second map. Besides, it was a fixed force and it seemed very difficult, I think I could not have beaten the stage.

This is one of the few times I've had to use tricks to be able to win. The second scenario overcame me even on Moderate difficulty, I just did not notice a difference with playing it in Difficult.

But I liked the campaign, very funny.

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Map Design4.0
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