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The Battle of the Lechfeld

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

Again they\'ve come in spring of 955 a.d. - Hungarians! Wild riding-gangs from the steppes of Hungary went on invading of the German empire. They came over Bavaria and parts of Swabia in a sudden attack and pushed to the Black Forest.
Pretendedly they were about 100 000 men moving and plundering the land. They\'ve made much of themselves and bragged with being invincible. Churches and monastries were victimized of them. Settlements were destroyed and towns besieged. One of this towns was Augsburg which has been heroically defended by its bishop Ulrich, earl of Dillingen. He called up his men to offer resistance and led the defence of the town, without helmet and armor, but dressed with his stole. Owing to his courage the poor-maned Augsburg could hold its stand against the hostile supremacy. They\'ve stood till the called King Otto I., later called Otto the Great, approached with an army of only 8000 men.

Have fun ... Andi
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Map Design5.0
Battle of Lechfeld
By aMa

The Hungarian forces are pushing their way into Germany, with raid after raid, in an attempt to topple the Empire. The town of Augsburg has to survive long enough for King Otto’s army to arrive.

PLAYABILITY:.A nice playing game with an amazing amount of action. The adrenaline runs high defending Augsburg, as you cannot build defensive structures and are allotted just a little time to fortify the town as best as you can before the heavy assault begins. When playing on hard difficulty level, strategy is a must, so I had to save often and look for areas where I could improve my tactics. Bombardment comes from all directions for a few minutes, and only then does King Otto and his army show up in the area. After the initial siege was thwarted, I was able to find enough resources to build up an army and go after the two Hungarian leaders that were hiding in their castles. Those battles were not as hot’n’heavy but quite enjoyable. After you destroy the first leader, his town gives up and stops their attacks, which took the pressure of for the final battle.

BALANCE: A tough call, as the Battle of Augsburg was on the difficult side when playing on “hard” . However I believe the author intended it to be that way,, in the History of the game, it mentions the Hungarians as having 100,000 units, where King Otto 1as having only 8,000, plus what Augsburg may have had. The rest of the game had a near perfect balance.

CREATIVITY: This area was a real game booster, beginning with a well made cutscene that added much to the story, and really made you want to get into the game. The author incorporates voice acting throughout the game, which possibly he himself recorded, and a superb job at that. Not wanting to reveal too much, but there is a small comedy add on at the beginning of game play, which I found hilarious. The roll of brother petard was another nice touch, but you’ll have to play the game to find out just what it was.

MAP DESIGN:A wonderful map, well put together, and as realistic as it gets.

STORY/ INSTRUCTIONS: The story was great and played throughout the game. Instructions were clear and easy to follow. One small German encampment that was tributing to the war effort was suddenly attacked and destroyed, and I could not stop the invasion. At first I thought it was a flaw in instruction, bur then realized it was part of the history, and gameplay.

Notes: This is the second review that I have had the pleasure of doing on Andreas Marscheider work, the other game being #497 EEFF Finalist Ano 782 Saxonrevolt.
One of the better designers to contribute to this site, and hope to see more of his work

[Edited on 03/22/07 @ 11:08 PM]

Southern_Slav I hope it is as half as good as Saxon revolt.
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
Very impressive! The voice acting really adds to the game, well done. I recommend this download to everyone.
Dr Lorenzo This is one of the most fantastic scenarios I have ever played, kudos.
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
The Battle of the Lechfeld is a single scenario, a mix of RPS and B&D; it is an update of a 2001 Microsoft design competition winner. The story is historical, the events take place in and around the Bavarian City of Augsburg in 955 A.D., which was besieged by the Hungarians the 9th and 10th of August until King Otto I arrived with his army.

PLAYABILITY: The scenario starts with an impressive cut-scene which is a great interpretation of the events of spring 955 A.D. when about 100'000 Hungarians raided into Bavaria and parts of Swabia, besieging, laying under contribution, plundering towns and villages. Travelling to Augsburg was great fun, a good laugh about a "damn horse" and the next minute you loose dislodging the Magyars in a village. The defence of Augsburg was superb, perfect game play, well timed attacks, surprise raids, I enjoyed every minute of this scenario. 5

BALANCE: The job to balance the scenario was ingenious, historically accurate as far as possible by means of the AoK editor and I had some reloads at the village as well as defending Augsburg, which was tough. Balancing the scenario was very creative and the game became easier while progressing, reflecting the events. Defending Augsburg, you have three enemy players on the map, to finally one when attacking the last fortification with no mentionable resistance. The diminishing challenge was well replaced by an RPG style ending involving brother petard. Historically the superior strengths of the Hungarians at the gates of Augsburg was crushing during the two day siege, with the arrival of King Otto things changed to give him a huge advantage after the open battle was won. Pursuing the magyaran nobles was a slaughter feast as no prisoners were made except for some leaders that were publicly hanged. 5+

CREATIVITY: From the Campaign and Scenario reviewing tutorial: “Creativity is found in all aspects of a scenario, from trigger tricks, to map design, to the story, to what units a player is given, to the objectives, to sounds used, etc... Every aspect of a scenario factors into creativity.” All aspects of the scenario are creative and I am referring to more in the related categories. There are game enhancing triggers and scenes, like brother petard and a wild horse, good use of sounds, voice acting, creative balance and one of the best intro cut-scenes which brings you into the story based on real events. 5

MAP DESIGN: Flawless, realistic design, a great experience and pleasure to see the map revealing and I did Marco Polo afterwards to see not revealed parts and sights I might have missed during the tense game play. 5

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: Clear objectives, good hints, information of the historical events in the introduction screen as well as with voice acting, an in game developing story and a bitmap with an overview of the region. 5+

OVERALL: A good edit of a worthy contest winner.

OBSERVATIONS: Andreas Marscheider is the producer of the most popular German fan site of AoK, Age Arena and its best designer. The dc version, the directors cut version, of Battle of the Lechfeld is an improvement compared to the winning contest version, especially for balance. Enemy units have been added as well as one additional enemy player and another fortification, on the other hand you got more time to build up your defences for Augsburg.

SUGGESTIONS: Post more of your work at the blacksmith of HG please.

IN CLOSING: The Battle of the Lechfeld is the perfect download for the challenge seeking Ager.
crasher *downloads eagerly* I haven't heard voice acting in a long time, this should be good...
Sacrilegious Very good game. Except after i defend the castle for 20 minutes, nothing happens. Nice voice acting, hehe.
apolos Very nice work.The cutscene was excellent,the gameplay was fun and generally it was an enjoyable scenario.I only found it a bit easy to beat in the end.Nevertheless 5!
Aragorn_98 Where the heck did you get those sound tracks??? Did you make them yourself??? Anyway, It was pretty good; good job aMa! I liked the way that Augsburg was designed.
laz123 Excellent game. Thanks.
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Map Design5.0
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