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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The War for Arnor, a Lord of the Rings scenario.

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The War for Arnor, a Lord of the Rings scenario.

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
"In T.A. 1974 the power of Angmar arose again, and the Witch-King came down upon Arthedain before the winter was ended..."
//Based on the Apendix A in The Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien.
It focuses on the time of the last king on Arnor/Arthedain, and the Fall of Fornost. BUT you are in control, and may yet defeat the Witch king of Angmar! Your chief city is Fornost and you must keep your king alive while Razing Carn Dûm to the Ground!

//It is an open scenario, and some liberties are taken to make the game fun.

//The strengths of this in my opinion are the map details. There is also a JPEG. of a small map of Arnor in the folder, to get an overview of the lands.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Consider this file done for now, but later on when I have time I will add some more story to the game, and some more objectives to fulfil.
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File Author
Update- I have now added some more triggers, Characters and touched the map up :)

-Did you like it? does it need improving?

[Edited on 04/21/10 @ 06:21 AM]

mr puppetman Overall, the look could be improved but the gameplay was good. Maybe use a repeating trigger that renames a certain unit type such as( MELEE UNIT= ORC) or something by selecting the evil side of the map.
File Author
I don't think renaming units into orcs is that important, as I have renamed anything of importance...but I might do that. How do you copy triggers?
but glad you liked the gameplay.

also, how should I improve the look?
thanks :)

[Edited on 04/28/10 @ 04:13 AM]

TheLaughingMule Please come to the Scenario Design and Modding Forum, there is a great FAQ you can check out and you can your post questions. I think AoK Trigger Studio allows you to copy triggers.
I forgot I actually had a LOTR mod installed while playing so it actually did look pretty good. Especially the Elven Rivendell in the corner, albeit they wern't very effective at helping me in battle. They attacked sure, but the computer AI sucks to no fault of your own but they just all died walking to the enemy base.

Or maybe you managed to put those buildings in? I dont know I havnt tested it since. Looking at the screen though it looks normal graphics.

It was a little confusing at first because I didnt recognise the buildings (again my fault) so lost when that massive raid attacked in the beginning, and I couldnt find my villagers for new resources.

I will play again properly soon though, as overall it was quite a good scenario with the attack triggers you set up. Well, I wasn't disappointed put it that way.

[Edited on 04/29/10 @ 08:26 PM]

File Author
Thanks mate! I'm thrilled you enjoyed it somewhat :)

Wait till Monday, and I will upload an updated version with a few more triggers, and fix the messaging triggers up and add some more bits and pieces.

Rivendell only has a population of 65, to reflect that there were not many elves left. I'll add a trigger that they will only be able to help you aside from trade if the Citadel of Fornost is destroyed.
Historically, an allied force of elves and men from Rivendell, Lindon, Gondor and Rhovanion retook the city later at the Battle of Fornost.

I'm not sure whether to add a trigger in which reinforcements (from gondor) will arrive or not...I don't want to make the game too easy.

I wish I could use the LOTR mod, but I have a mac lol.

Edit- I have added some gondorian reinforcements, and some more triggers now...

[Edited on 05/01/10 @ 02:14 AM]

Fatalanger Hello,

I downloaded this map and I must say that I'm a total newbie to this game and website. I discovered the game and this website not too long ago since I started playing it on an old laptop.

So let's start of by asking a retarted question. How do I play this map ?

I really don't know how to play singleplayer scenario's in "The Conquerors." I downloaded and extracted the map to the scenario map. When I start "The Conquerors" I can see the map in the "Edit Scenario" menu. In the Age of Kings you can start a singleplayer scenario by going to singleplayer and then clicking on scenario. But with me ( I have the Age of Empires Collectors Edition ) this "play scenario" isn't present in the singleplayer menu of "The Conquerors." The only thing I see is to play a custom campaign.

Would any of you be kind enough to help me out with this retarted question ?

Thanks a million in advance.

File Author
Hi Fatalanger,
I might not be able to help you on that one, because i play on the mac verion, which is Age of Empires II Gold Edition, ie, both games in one.

so, you have extracted the scx. file to here- C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Scenario?

I would try this though: Play a normal game. In the game mode (deathmatch, regicide, random map etc.) change it to scenario, and select the scenario from there.
ps That's odd that your a newbie to a 11 year old game hhaha. That's cool you are playing it though!
Fatalanger OMG I find myself even more stupid then ever before. Because in the original AoK you have a scenario menu in the singleplayer. Now I discovered ( thanks to your tip ) that I must select scenario from the standard game menu and select the gametype scenario!

Well thank a million because now I can enjoy this game a lot! ( I previously played a lot of Stronghold 1 and Crusader but my friend kept insisting that I had to play this rather than Stronghold so that's why I discovered this so late ).

Anyway thanks again and I already played your map and I loved it whoohoo!
File Author
haha that's great. I'll look up those games. I play this game on and of for 10 years :)

I will update this scenario sometime when i'm not so busy, to add to the story of the map, but the game play will not change really.

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