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Sabato Returns V1-3

Author File Description
Berserker Jerker
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix
A great, and fear inspiring battle rages between the forces of "Good and Evil", then suddenly a hush falls upon the battleground. Lord Dantares, pulls his sword out of the cold black heart of Sabato the witch, and watches as she slowly drops to the ground. It is done. King Harrold, still gripped with fear over the ordeal and the possibility of her returning from the afterlife, orders the body burned, but her essence, he has sealed up and placed in a special orb, which is then buried. For ten years, all is well throughout the land, until a group of miners mistakenly start digging up the wrong site. What they are about to unleash, will make the very mountains cry out in agony.

Before you down load this campaign I suggest you play my other game in this series, Sabato the Witch. I.D. 1006. It’s not necessary, but will help with the story and increase your enjoyment of this campaign and it scored well in the reviews, so it is worth playing.

When I made Sabato Returns my intention was to give everyone something they will enjoy playing. This was achieved by giving you the choice of game style. There are 3 “routes” you can choose from while playing. The first two are for those who like to play as the “GOOD” guy. These are referred to as “Good though Hayfield” (Fixed force) and “Good though Highochre” (Build and Destroy). The third choice is for those who like to play as the bad guy, this is referred to as “EVIL” (RPG). So you can see there are 3 styles of game play, with 3 completely different games, following a similar story in each. And all this takes place on one map! So I’m sure you will find your favorite route, it’s already a big debate amongst those who tested it. Please note, this campaign is a single scenario with 3 games and has no historical references, so if you are looking for that remake of a historical battle you wont find it here. There are many things hidden in each game, these are extra’s and not important to the game, but they all help making it more enjoyable, so for those who like exploring have fun! Many of the different tasks in the game have different solutions and random events, these all make the game play slightly different every time you play it. So if you manage to avoid a battle or a bridge crashes in to the water it’s ok. I wanted these things to happen and it’s not a loophole. In fact I have purposely left only one loophole in, can you save 5 cavaliers from the beginning? It is possible! I have spend somewhere in the region of 500 hours making and testing this campaign, with magic spells the player can use, food systems for the evil game, many heroes to find, some very interesting effects, anti cheat triggers and a racecourse you can bet on! I hope you will find something you like. A full walk through (Sabato Returns Hints.doc) and sound files are included with the down load. So if you get stuck read the walk through before complaining or giving up! And a warning to those who like a challenge, Highochre route on hard is very hard!
Thanks to all who helped test Sabato Returns, you guys really made a difference. And thanks to my wife for putting up with me sitting at the computer day after day.
Berserker Jerker (Darren & Carol)
Email: berserkerjerker [at] gmx [dot] com

The story starts in Sabato the Witch
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Sword Hunter One of the best campaigns I ever played nice job Berserker Jerker.
munchielord hmm can someone delete that soo called review of mine i didn't mean to do that i thought i would be posting under what beserker said sorry about that
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
File Author
Don't worry Munchielord, your mistaken review has been removed.
clayperboy Congrats, my friend, the game is Awsome, only you can top this one, and you will. :)
Southern_Slav Download this campaign as soon as possible. Trust me it's one of the best out there.
musiclover482 Great spectacular job! The beginning cutscene is the best.
The Adder Great campaign Berserker! :-) I enjoyed it a lot! WhiteWolf, I think your review was great.
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
File Author
Updated to include:
All the gates are now renewed every time they change ownership, except for the races gate and Sabato’s gates in the Evil game. These are now 0 hp. Sabato’s gates can still be destroyed and they don’t get attacked so 0 hp was not an issue.
No unit can be converted at Fizban’s home, this gets the monk a bit confused as well!
Hayfield route, When attacking Sabato’s city the side path doesn’t get opened until after you have spoken to Mordred.
Hayfield route, the Ringmaster reports the elephant’s names correctly now if you kill one and not the other.
Hayfield route, after returning from the races with the guards money, if you speak to him, there are now 3 possible outcomes.
Hayfield route, you can no longer reach Sabato at the ending with Trebs.
Highochre route, if you return to Fizban’s home there are now two possible outcomes both explaining what’s happened there.
Highochre route, the Cavalier that helps you rescue the king is no longer affected if the gate is not there. (It should be there now, as it gets replaced and would also works without a gate)
Highochre route, it’s no longer a problem if you talk to the monks after talking to the Mayor. (This caused the story to go out of sequence)
Lots of other minor changes, not worth listing.

Evil game, this has gone through a lot of changes.
The monks you kill at the start now try to run away, but not so far as to cause a problem.
You can gain life-force from animals now as well.
Getting an elephant for Sabato now has a reason, although this is not apparent at first.
Poisoning the water hole is more fun, you can tell people how fresh the water is!
After poisoning the water hole, Sabato now meets you there for your next task. Saves your legs and life-force!
The life-force Sabato gives you now depends on how much you already have. After the elephant task you only get life force from her if it’s below 60, and she will question you if you have too much!
Life-force is now used slightly quicker, but you are able to get more and should not have any difficulties unless really silly, or get totally lost.
When Sabato catches you being healed at the races, this is now in your objectives, and due to other changes, she will cast a magic spell destroying enemy units outside the gate if you are being attacked at the time, something you might be glad of.
There is a new side quest, these appear as optional in your objectives, it’s a bit of a treasure hunt, which can be done at any time throughout the game. If done correctly it fits in with other locations you are visiting, and allows you to increase your life-force. It will also have an impact on Highochres stance with you, making the game play different when you go to kill the Mayor. At the end of this side quest you will gain another spell, that boosts your attack for 60 seconds. This comes in handy at the end!
Lots of other minor changes to help with the side quest and improve playability.
Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
File Author
Updated. (Evil game only)
Corrected a bug that stopped the “steal soul” spell from working after you have done the Orb quest.
The life-force from animals has been improved.
After getting an elephant for Sabato the circus guys now attack you at a different position.
You can no longer use your magic powers when fighting Mordred.
A few extra hints and helpful comments have been added throughout.
And several other minor changes.
Map Design5.0
Whatever you want from a game, will probably be found in "Sabato Returns." In this 1-scenario campaign you choose one of the 3 most popular styles of our time, and enjoy several hours of great gameplay with trigger tricks, random events, magical spells and several brave heroes that are ready to fall in the fight with evil... what you like to be evil?! This campaign also allows that... and many more!

PLAYABILITY: What can I say? This campaign has been fun in many aspects when I played it. And every time I played it, I discovered things that I previously did not notice. There were no bugs, and I was always sure what to do. 5

BALANCE: Level of difficulty depends on the setting you pick. It was pretty darn hard on HARD, and not that simple on EASY. RPG became more predictable after several plays, but B&D kept me keen at all times. 5-

SUGGESTIONS: POSSIBLE SPOILER!! Sabato starts to give cuts on the life-force after the orb-task, but you can fly high before it too. The deer provide a good source of it, so maybe you can make her notice it earlier? Also the monks that Sabato desperately hates are very few on the map; I think you should add some at random places.

CREATIVITY: This would have scored a six if I was a hacker! The trigger tricks are awesome, and are almost everywhere! Explosions, fireballs, earthquakes, and many others are met continously through the game! And there is always the racecourse, the in-game game that might seem the most fun aspect to you! Wait until you see Sabato turn into a fish!.. 5+

MAP DESIGN: It was one of the most realistic maps I ever saw. While giving us lots of room to stampede through, the author includes eye-candy and many characters on the map. 5

STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: The story was the brightest category; it also had some unanswered questions that set up the scene for... a sequel. The instructions were clear and easy to read. But I thought that all of the side-quests should have been signified as an objective aswell. The story out-balances it though. 5

AT THE AUTHOR: Great campaign, we are all waiting for the Final of the Sabato series!

Yeah, you get the idea?
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Map Design5.0
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