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Downloads Home » Best Files » Der Graben - World War 1 trench defence

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Der Graben - World War 1 trench defence

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is August, 1918. The World War have been raging for four years. You are Hans, a young German hauptmann (captain) who was harshly put on command of the 16th Bavarian battalion, one of the thousands units that exhausted in the Spring Offensive. Now the offensive was broken, and the British are mounting counter offensive. You and your men are sent to defend a newly captured sector, which was flooded into an isolated mud land by heavy rainfall. Here the young hauptmann would face the full terror of war which would shock him forever......

This scenario is based on a modified database, therefore many aspects in this scenario would be very different the original AOC, especially in units. Please refer to readme for more details

NOTE: This file requires the absence of the 1.0c patch to work.
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File Author
ps. I have just uploaded an upgraded version which prevent enemy units from wandering again in the rear while not attack
BunkerGateSeven Sounds cool. is it a mod then? I can't play mods if it is.
File Author
Yes its database was modified. but the graphic is still original so what you need to do is to replace the empires2_x1.dat file by the one provided.

Can your AOK accept modified database?
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Der Graben - World War 1 trench defence was a very fun game to play. You get control of the German force in their attampt to stop the British. It's a very hard scenario to beat(Heavy Scorpions in particular) but neverthe less fun to play.

Balance: 4
The Balance, like I said above, was very hard and probably impossible to beat. You take command of German soldiers and British soldiers swarm over you and the trenches. If it wasn't for those machine s(bombard s) I would of been toast.

Creativity: 5
The creativity in this scenario is what makes it so good. There are machine s, s, artillery etc... without changing any graphice. The Machine s fire with a very neat effect and my favorite unit are the janissaries who carry fully automatic s.
Another thing is the trenches, very creative in my opinion. All in all this area deserves a 5.
Map Design: 5
The Map Design looked quite nice and looked like a battle torn land. You command three trenches and as the British attack you get thrown back. Each time you lose a trench you get a counterattack force to retake the trench. A five in this area as well.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions simply expplain what units each side can command and their strengths and weaknesses. However, there weren't many hints/tips on how to defeat the British so it was much harder. A 4 in this section.

Additional Comments:
All in All this is a very fun, creatve scenario. If you dont mind mods, and like WWII style battle then why not give this scenario a try.

joshua4missions :)
File Author
I am more than welcome if anyone want to review my work
joshua4missions I already reviewed it, just waiting for it to be approved.

joshua4missions :)
File Author
Thanks for your review!

but for the impossible to beat part......

The only hard part when I test play the game is the first wave, the raids and the final wave, and each wave is by no mean impossible (althrough hard) to defeat

The 1st wave is hard due to your tiny number of troop, but even if your defence is broken you can still repel the enemy by counter attack troop (especially the storm troopers), the second wave is the easiest of all so don't be too worry about the damage in the first wave

As for raiders, try to withdraw your machine gun from front line and combat them with riflemen and especially artillery. Your riflemen may suffer heavy loss but its better to have your MGs kill by those raiders who have bonus against MG

Tanks are very dangerous if they are close to trenchs. Try to stop them by active recon and artillery. As tanks tend to move in large formation so one shell could wipe out a column of tanks

My usual tactic is to deploy rifleman and machine gun in the 2nd trench, then grenadiers in the front open field. The grenadiers would harrass the enemy for a while and more importantly, serve as artillery observation before they are killed.

Artillery is of utmost important in defence. Set each gun into a team to ease command. Try to send expandable units to the very front to observe for artillery (as aformentioned grenadiers)and aim for enemy large formation and tank. If the enemy is too close to your trench hold back your men a little and use the sight of the sandbags for observation, but notice this would damage the sandbag as well.
joshua4missions Okay, thanks. What I did was I focused on holding the last trench. Over time I had like 4-5 machine guns, several grenadiers, riflemen etc.

Also your welcome for the review. It was very creative. :)

joshua4missions :)
Official Reviewer
I think you did something wrong when you updated the file.

I downloaded and tried it just now and quite frankly, it's impossible to get past the first wave. I'm not seeing any unit changes, though I see a lot of changed names.

Is the militia suppose to be melee?
File Author
No, the militia is supposed to throw grenade
Did you replace the original database (empires2_x1.dat)with the one provided?
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