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Downloads Home » Multiplayer Scenarios » Fortress (don't let the humble name deceive you)

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Fortress (don't let the humble name deceive you)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of players: 2
Balanced: "Separate but Equal" takes on a whole new meaning in this scenario:

Player 1:
- HEAVILY Fortified City
- Stockpiles of Resources
- No Town Center
- No Villagers
- Wins by Standard Conquest Rules
- Loses if Castle is Destroyed

Player 2:
- Small, Secluded Outpost
- Possesses Villagers (i.e. can expand)
- Steady Supply of Resources (i.e. receives regular tributes from "GAIA")
- Wins by Destroying P1's Castle
- Loses by Standard Conquest Rules

What's interesting about this scenario is the time-element... The sooner the action climaxes, the more likely that Player-One will win; while a longer game lends itself more to Player-Two, as they will have had time to substantially grow and amass resources.

From personal experience, when things climax it really is a toss-up; it could go either way, it all comes down to your strategy, reaction-time, and maybe a little luck as well.

Myself and a friend of mine tested this scenario a while back and had so much fun, we decided we really ought to share it with everyone.
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File Author
Feel free to leave comments, I'm eager to see your feedback (preferably good feedback, but I'll take what I can get)!
Official Reviewer
I like the concept and I can see it being quite enjoyable (although also being a long slog to victory for either side), however it is still in its roughest form. I see room for improvement in most if not all areas of the game, particularly map design and general game play.

The map design, as it stands, is very plain and you could create more of a theme from out of it. Ideas come to mind of a dark snowy forest (I like snow); use GAIA objects such as piles of stone, cluttered patches of forage bushes, fallen trees and stumps as well as a greater, complimentary mix of terrain to go along with it all. As with the fortress in the top left-hand corner, make it look and feel like a real fortress. Use a special drawbridge system, with another way to enter the fort when besieged, and more strategically-placed watch towers so it isn't simply a kill-the-tower fest.

As for the game play, it would be even more fun if there was more to simply out-running your opponent in places and defeating him in a hack-and-slash, and some spells one could summon -- like unleashing explosions at certain parts of the forest or summoning a demon (a furious the monkey boy) to bid your will. However, you may not like the fantasy theme but this could just be food for thought.
File Author
Thank you very much for your insights. I agree that the terrain could use a bit more visual appeal, although in my personal taste less is almost always more, I realize others may feel differently. As to the fantasy theme, I'm not sure it's something I could personally commit to, I love strategy games and I love the fantasy genre, but like pasta and peas, I prefer to keep them separate.

If you would like to personally create a fantasy adaptation, you have my full support; but I personally would prefer not to - call it artist's prerogative.

Again, I am very thankful for your thoughts, and yes, it is a long-haul to victory, but I've always had incredible fun with it -- it's all in how you play it, I suppose. (I keep things simple so the players can handle the creativity, rather than the scenario dictating how things will be fun, that way it's different every time!)

I guess, in summary, I will definitely look into spicing up the visual-appeal, but I don't expect I'll make many more changes than that - I made this scenario as an experiment and it turned out to be extremely fun to play, and I do hate to mess too much with a good thing.

By the way, give me some credit -- if you get a good friend to play this scenario with you and check it all out, you'll find I put a lot more careful thought into the details than you seem to realize.

Happy pillaging!

[Edited on 05/09/10 @ 11:04 PM]

Official Reviewer
Mashek is right, the battle is going to be one long sluggish fight. The distance to travel is far and filled with winding paths. Player1's base has winding tower paths which is plain annoying. Player1 does not have additional military buildings nor villagers so they would lose hands down. Player2 would be all built up and fully imperialized when Player1's units reach his base. In addition, with civ choices, this game gets skewed even more. Player1 also is stuck in castle age so that's another disadvantage. Once Player2 masses BBC or trebs, it's game over.

The map design is very plain, so plain that it doesn't look right at all.

Last thing, the Siege Workshop at the bottom is blocking the path. You have to delete the building or the tower to get the units out from the left side.

[Edited on 05/10/10 @ 01:33 PM]

File Author
*sigh* No one wants to actually play the scenario it seems... perhaps my friends and I are freaks to have enjoyed it so much.

Perhaps I should go back to designing enormously extravagant, trying-too-hard scenarios for players who can't be bothered to put the effort in to find a little fun...

P.S. You are all entitled to your opinion, and believe me I want to hear it, I just wish the comments on playability and enjoyability would come from people who have played the scenario through.
Tihocan Hey now, I played it! Review pending.

I'll say this: It was surprising. I won't say more than that, though; you can wait for the review! ;)
Official Reviewer
Some people play it, they just don't comment in the blacksmith. Also, you're acting G$NGFKOJ$R.

As I see it, this map is a waste of my time to play. I know that P2 will win by testing the game in SP for a couple of minutes.

While I was playing, the bland scenario did not add to my experience and the winding long routes took away from the experience.

So to me, playability/enjoyment is very poor. Lastly, I'm not one to find sluggish drawn out battles where a certain player has no chance to win fun.
Tihocan "I know that P2 will win by testing the game in SP for a couple of minutes" -Dtrungle

P2 didn't win when I played it. (Which took much longer than a couple minutes I might add)
Official Reviewer
From my SP scanning:

P2 can go into Imp age while P1 cannot.
P2 can build mass buildings and units while P1 cannot.
P2 has more resources than P1.
P2 can get trebs/BBC which will own P1's towers.

Unless P2 is a complete moron or something unfortunate occurs, there is no way P1 will win.

Now, if I have some wrong info here, logic favours P2 immensely.
Tihocan I would be happy to inform you of the flaw in your logic: You haven't played the scenario.

Try it out, THEN comment - simple concept.
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