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Rome sacked

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Even now as you read this, the Goths are approaching Rome, Prepare yourself,
you will be thrown straight in to a skirmish with a few of Rome’s forces.
After this short battle, you will need to destroy the castles defending Rome.
Be careful, the Emperor has 3 legions waiting for you! It may be best to clear
the outlaying villages and cut off their economy before attacking Rome.
And always look for another way around an obsticle!
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Berserker Jerker
Official Reviewer
A great single campaign for those who like to fight from start to finish, you will need to use some good strategy and a keen eye to beat this one on hard. Well done my friend. Look forward to seeing more like this.
The X King Well, a good campaign for players with experience(like me or clan gamers). The Idea was creative and i have had fun with that scenario. But a intro and better design would be much better. More instructions also^^

But is still a good campaign that i liked!
Map Design4.0
PLAYABILITY: An awesome game! The ancient story of Rome's fall brought to life. An army of barbarians travelling through Roman land full of hostile soldiers. Great tricks with the revealing of the Roman castles; but you should have removed the map revealer at the Roman prison once it is empty. Sometimes you get the message and the food several times after killing an animal. One time, I killed all the legions, but my blacksmith was destroyed and my army was almost dead, so I could not win; but Rome went defensive, and I had no way of losing either. 4

SUGGESTIONS: Put a trigger on every deer and every boar; it saves space (but not time), and works better. Put protecting the blacksmith in the objectives, because if you do not have villagers, and your army is wasted, once it is destroyed you can not win.

BALANCE: Splendid! Very hard at some points, you have to use strategy during every battle. I had to reload several times before finally achieving victory. 5

CREATIVITY: There were several creative aspects: weak bridge, arming and disarming, killing animals for food and several others. Lots of work with AI was done aswell. 5

MAP DESIGN: Map design was pretty good on most of the map. Map copied mountains and eye-candy were plentifull too. But Rome was known for its beauty, and it was cruelly robbed of any wonders here ;) You should use more elevation inside the city too. 4+

SUGGESTIONS: As I said, more elevation inside the city, and mixed terrain all over the map.

STORY/INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions were clear and well spelled. It was historically accurate 99% (at the end they say that Rome stood for 2 thousand years, but it stood only for one thousand; 5th century BC to 5th century AD). Also the legions were known for high discipline, but they attacked me in a scattered mob, it is hard to fix that though. 5

Again it was a great game, and I am waiting for your other releases!
Map Design5.0
Rome Sacked
By: Southern Slav

Be prepared to take on the Roman legions in this campaign. You (the Goths) start out by raiding the neighboring towns, in hopes of crippling the Roman economy, as well as picking up some spoils of your own.

PLAYABILITY: I enjoyed playing this campaign because it offered up a fair amount of freedom of play, along with a good challenge. I played the game a few times, and could achieve different outcomes, leading up to the victory. The map, and creativity, also made the game enjoyable, adding in a little of the unexpected here and there. You do not get to train any soldiers until late in the game, so using tact is a must, if you want to make it that far. The troops you do have however, are strong, and more than capable of handling any resistance you may encounter along the way, so once again, it’s a matter of tact.
Rome, is not overly concerned with your annoying raids, but beware if you happen to tick them off too early in the game,,, you may want to save often. I did not come across any trigger problems,or bugs, and found that the game played smooth all the way through.

BALANCE: I found the games balance excellent for the most part, although greatly outnumbered and unable to build until latter, you can obtain healing, which combined with shrewd thinking will assure you victory over most battles. After I was able to build and train units, I found the balance dropped somewhat, and moved the game into my favor. My villagers were not attacked by the Roman soldiers,(blue)as long as they didn’t see the Goths as a threat, so they had relative freedom to gather resources. When I finally made my hit on the Castles, which released their legions on me, I was well placed and defeated them with moderate effort and cost. After that episode, Rome went into a defensive mode. Overall ,a well balanced game

CREATIVITY: The author did a good job in this field, and certainly added much to the fun factor. I don’t wasn’t to spoil the game by giving them away, but I did like the way I acquired my upgrades, and gained extra villagers. Gaining resources by destroying certain enemy buildings,, then there was the generosity of our animal friends, which all gave it a nice touch. Watch where you walk.

MAP DESIGN: The map has a nice natural look, with a blend of well placed towns, and rolling hills, typical of the Roman area. Getting absorbed in the game came quite early, probably due to the realistic feel that the map offered.There were a few small areas of grass, but had deer hanging around and grazing, giving it the look and feel of a meadow. Some Gaia flowers could have improved them a bit more.

STORY/INSTRUCTION: There is a story provided at the games beginning along with instructions and hints. There are also some more suttle hints added in gameplay, along with dialogue that adds to the story.

Download a must!

To Author: During the games I built a couple of Town Centers to the west of the map, then filled them with villagers. The roman soldiers came out to destroy the unit, but were unable to because I kept a villager repairing the building, and they were never attacked

When I arrived at the southern Castle location and was given the “prisoners option”, it was near the end of the game, and I really didn’t have any need for them. Perhaps an earlier indication as to this portion of the game could be made.

Good job
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
A very fun scenario with no apparent bugs. You control a Gothic civilization fed up with Roman rule. This is primarily a fixed-force scenario, which enhances the sense of urgency and the importance of winning every battle with spare units. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling the map raiding Roman villages and finally facing the daunting Roman legions. The only thing I wished is that there would've been an actual Siege of Rome. Instead, I just had to take out a bordering castle to win the game.

Balance: 5
I almost gave you a four because the victory condition (destroy one of three Roman castles) was pretty simple, but the Roman legions were so large relative to my army that it made the game plenty challenging, yet still winnable on my first try (thanks to careful playing). I was saved in this game by your compassion in supplying the player with monks to heal my units.

Creativity: 4
A creative idea, yes, but I didn't understand the significance of finding gold by destroying random buildings like a lumber camp. I did like the fact you combined a Roman city with villages and giant Roman legions.

Map Design: 4
The map was well-done for the most part. I appreciated the Roman villages, the bridges (including the one that couldn't support much weight), and the Roman legions, but I was just a tad disappointed with the Roman city itself. It could've been larger and could've used a wonder or a monument or a cathedral. Your castles should've been farther removed from the city's walls. This would've made the game more fun by forcing the player to actually breach the Roman city before winning the game. Instead, I just sat back with a trebuchet and took out the castle in no time. Still, a good map overall, though it appears to have been a randomly generated map. The deducted point is for the design of the Roman city and for your map slightly lacking in elevations and forest mixing (pines and oaks).

Storyline: 5
Very good, easy 5 earned. You had a four paragraph history of the Goths during Roman times, which was interesting. Your hints were helpful (though you could've included a few more, like save your blacksmith). Instructions were detailed and explanatory.

Overall a very fun one-scenario campaign definitely worth the download. Great job southern slav!
Emperor_Julian Okay I would have given your scenario straight 5's if it weren't for the units, you have crossbowmen and Arbalest in this scenario, they didn't have those back then so longbowmen seem more appropriate and if you do it right you can get handgunners, make it so that won't happen. Okay the things I did like were awesome map design, lots of triggers which make it interesting, you can capture towns and convert units with your monks, besides that little unit problem this is a 5-star campaign. DOWNLOAD IT NOW!
paco_7eshing Not a good one, very hard to understand the story
Chris_novais WOW, one of the coolest single campaigns that I ever saw, all I have to say is CONSGRATULATIONS.If you're looking for a good campaign DOWNLOAD IT !
Chris_novais I agree with Emperor_Julian DOWNLOAD IT ! this campaign deserves a 5.0
Questioner Really Good, original idea.
Download It !!!
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