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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
This is the latest version of Troopers. I have updated it due to several requests.
In it you are an elite squad of troopers whom go on a mission to kill a rebel leader. You choose your squad carefully
or you will lose.

CRASH FIXED!! The crash doesn't occure as often now.

A more user friendly interface, you just click on signs and they will say what to do... Most of the time. Also if you have a champion hero he is a hero (big error originaly). Also if you have a calvalier you aren't defeated instantly.

Insults and comments do not replace vital information.

There are several special additions for people with the cheat codes 'marco' and 'polo'.

I have updated the scenery a little bit.

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Official Reviewer
Unfortunately, this crashes after several seconds upon starting the game. I'm not sure why this happens and I do not have the time at the moment to take a look, but you need to go through your triggers, look for any trigger with its starting state set to 'ON' and with a timer condition. Check the effects are working correctly.
Official Reviewer
Aside from what Mashek said [B](my mistake, it doesn't crash for me, I get defeated when I get my units)[/B], the top right FlagA has a bug or maybe it was one of those rare moments thing, anyways, I moved my Champion there and the wall got created but my guy was not removed.

Your method of starting the game and choosing your units is very poorly implemented. You need better instuctions from the intro and you need to label things.

The insults regularly replaces other dialogues which is not good.

Archers, Spearmen, and maybe the ESkirms are useless compared to Champions, Samurais, and Cavaliers. (Except for the range.)

[Edited on 05/14/10 @ 01:53 PM]

File Author
Well, this is my first mission ever... I think that I can fix most of the problems (dialogue).

In responce to the exit to dos\windows I would suggest you wait about five minutes before moving on to the action part.

And how could I 'mark' things better? And then the 'better instructions', how do I get it better than it is?

Also, how was the 'choose your men' implimented poorly and how could I improve it?

I give the guys choices to choose bad units because it's there army. There choice not mine.

[Edited on 05/14/10 @ 01:40 PM]

Official Reviewer
I editted my previous post. I didn't get any crashes like Mashek.

The instructions to the game are in the Objectives and they are in mass. What you should do is create a shorter version and display it ingame. Furthermore, change the method of selection by making the object's name to display the setting while moving another unit on the flag to choose it.

While I was playing, I chose one of the tower and it started the game. I randomly chose it btw.

The question is, are the lamer choices able to win the game? Why give useless choices for the players?
File Author
I'm glad you haven't given up on it.

CRASH. I'm not sure why you're defeated when you get your units. For me when I test it I either have a crash or I can play the full thing.
To solve (CRASH) you need to let the game sit until the first two insults appear, after that you should be fine.

OBJECTIVES. I think the objectives are fine, I could put important stuff up top. How do you make a shorter version for gameplay?

POOR UNITS. I feel that you should be able to choose your units good or bad. If you assemble a poor squad you lose unless you are really good at avoiding enemy. If you don't like the units why don't you suggest a couple of good ones for me to use?

What is 'btw'?

What do I need to label? I don't see anything that needs labeling really.

CHAMPION WON'T DISSAPEAR. How did you get that to happen? I tested it a whole lot and so did Fire Champion. In fact I usually use the champion or samurai as heros. I could check on where I have it set to remove though if that might help.

By the way, I think it's to easy what do you think? Maybe it's only easy because I made it.
Official Reviewer
Alright, the game does crash sometimes at the start. At the start, I moved the cavas and champs downwards and it crashed.

Another issue is that the game freezes if you restart the map at the beginning.

Telling the players to wait before they can play to solve a crash problem is not the way to do it. Go and fix it.

You make a shorter and more precise version of the instructions and you display it using the effect Display Instructions.

I still haven't got to play your map so I do not know how the enemy are or the gameplay so I can not recommend anything.

'btw' stands for 'by the way'.

Label the areas, the outposts, the area to select your guys. Make it easier for players to navgiate.

Bring a champ to the top right flag area and you'll see that he stays while the place gets walled.
File Author
I just updated it so I fixed almost all the problems. Just click on signs to get info on what to do. I also fixed the error with comments ans the like replacing important info. I fixed the scenery a little also. Anyway you should probobly redownload this as to get the update. I'm working on the instructions now. I'll have it ready in, oh, two, three days.

How am I supposed to fix the 'exit to windows' error? I can't find anything that would do it, besides waiting fourty seconds isn't exactly the end of the world.

[Edited on 05/15/10 @ 10:40 PM]

TheLaughingMule Have you read the Game-Crash Troubleshooting Guide By Lord_Fadawah at the AoKH University?
File Author
No, I haven't. I'll check it out though, it might help.

EDIT: Ah, thank you so mutch! I finally have the information I need to fix the crash. And I did!


Reveiws? Comments? Anyone who's downloaded it? I mean 70 downloads and zero ratings...

[Note: Please do not double post. - BS Staff]

[Edited on 06/23/10 @ 12:46 AM]

Official Reviewer
The game is still very bugged. I just downloaded it and tried it 3 times. On my first, I chose the left outpost to start the game and it crashed. On my second and third try, starting the game crashes it.

The downloads don't have much meaning to them. People don't even have to download it and it'll go up. Though clicking is required to make it go up.

I'm surprised that you can play this with no problems. I mean, it seems like you get no crashes at all while everyone else does. Unles, you didn't playtest it...
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