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TTC - The Coast of Darvia

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
~-~-~| The coast of Darvia |~-~-~

Thanks for taking a look at my entry to "The AoKH totally terrain contest!" hosted by Tanks_fst.

---~|~--- ---~|~--- ---~|~---

Thanks for taking a look at this entry to the "Totally Terrain" Contest.

This file has no gameplay or story and was created for the "Totally Terrain" Contest hosted by Tanks_fst and therefore its only purpose is to look pretty.

Should anyone like to borrow any aspect of this file and use it in their own work, they are entirely free to do so. The same goes if anyone would like to use the map as a whole as a template.

There is no trigger to declare victory or defeat, so just quit when you've seen enough.

---~|~--- ---~|~--- ---~|~---

If you find any annoying bugs, post and I will delve into the matter.

Thanks again.

Update: Fixed a few bugs and added some more triggers.

Update 2:
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File Author
And besides, all you blacksmith moderators, is "Scenarios" the right place to put campaign contest entries in? I had a mental debate on whether to put it in "campaigns" or not.

[Edited on 05/18/10 @ 09:44 AM]

Official Reviewer
It is not actually a "campaign" in the technical-manner of the word, so yes, "scenarios" is fine.
File Author
Thanks, Mashek.

And now, thankfully I guess no one has encountered bugs here. If you have any tips to share, lurkers, I'm all ears.

[Edited on 03/29/13 @ 10:05 AM]

Official Reviewer
Ahem, here is some feedback. Seeing as you asked. All subjective and so on.

1. The cacti and jungle plants sometimes stood out and looked strange. The middle part of the landmass.

2. Terrain in the towns could use a little variety.

3. The mountains on the snow look a bit strange at the base. I often like to put a bit of dirt aroudn the bottom so they blend in better.
File Author
Thanks a lot for the feedback, Julius. :-D

"The cacti and jungle plants sometimes stood out and looked strange. The middle part of the landmass."

Ah, well, they were meant to be a bigger variety of plants rather than just using the same old 'plant' unit, but I guess they were too conspicuous.

"Terrain in the towns could use a little variety."

Mind being a little specific about the terrains which can be used? As far as I can remember, I only used dead farm, broken road, and fungi-infested road.

[Edited on 03/29/13 @ 10:06 AM]

Official Reviewer
"Mind being a little specific about the terrains which can be used? As far as I can remember, I only used dead farm, broken road, and fungi-infested road."

The impression I got was a big block of a single terrain (one of the broken road types). You can break it up using normal road and dirt1.
Official Reviewer
TTC - The Coast of Darvia 3.5

"Coast of Darvia" is an earlier work of an author who made one of my favorite, if partially unfinished, PTC map named "The Way Home". As such this map had some resemblance to the later work and also showed some rough edges which have been since polished off. Even so i found it an enjoyable and nice map to view.

The map consisted of a large green forested area, an icy mountainous climate and an island. The forests on the map came in the usual broken apart look with scatterings of flower patches, forage bushes and various forms of wildlife. This was done sparingly enough to look good, although there were some white outlines at times from objects showing. Patches of dead farm were used for their dirt rock look, but they stood out with the straight edging as they hadn't been blending with dirt1 into the grass. A wide range of shrubbery placement rounded out the map as usual, though the jungle plants seemed a bit out of place. The overall effect was pleasant enough despite the imperfections.

The island looked nice enough with its wide beaches and frothy waves crashing upon the shore, though the pine trees placed from the terrain tab had projected tons of seemingly undesired leaves into the sands, while the foam effect was irregular with pieces of ice showing along with many jagged edges. A tall tower with a pair of cloaked men placed on top via an illusion was a nice try, though my eyes couldn't quite buy it.

The snowy, mountainous area left a good impression, one thing that stood out was the little canyon near its entrance and the monastery tucked away upon the mountain was a nice touch. The area did look a little too green though with numerous shrubs, including more of the bright green jungle plants, and copious amounts of grass snow. I like the visual impact this area leaves but a detailed examination for oddities reveals many spots for a nitpicker to latch onto.

The map contained numerous dialogue lines, and also many units named with entire sentences to explain their activity. This provided some amusement, though some usage of sound effects and music would have contributed to liven things up. The map did have a number of units moving about on various tasks which did help to make the land seem more inhabited. I found it peculiar how the two towns were nearly identical in shape and layout and searched for a connection;perhaps it was just coincidence.

In summary "Coast of Darvia" is a pleasant looking map and a good try in the contest. Even its imperfections and oddities are somewhat interesting to examine and ponder over, such as the mysterious stone walls with sea rocks appearing every now and then. Curious.

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