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Mongol Invasion

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force

- special train-units system
- guaranted no-crashing
- a lot of trick in how to win the game
- challenging

v1.0 - Release
v1.1 - changed structure and difficulty
v2.0 - Major change: gameplay , map design , story and instructions
v2.1 - Final cuts

Extract the folders in Age of Empires II folder , then open AoK and play it . You don't need any mod or patch to play . Try all difficulties and I think all of them are playable .

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Mongol Invasion is a Defend the Spot style scenario based around a historical siege by Timur the Lame. In this battle the player will have to manage their kills/losses: unless they kill 5 men for every one they lose the player will run out of men.

The updated version is a slight improvement, featuring it in .scx format.

Playability: 4
Due to the nature of having many men in one place, sieges are usually a bloodbath. The enemy spawn and march into combat, however they are weak and are still easy to pick off using only a few archers and Tamerlane. This made the game feel easy, even if it wasn't. The enemy's few Janissary units made mincemeat of your vital hero, and 2/3 of the trainable troops, as well as your all-important siege units. Care must be taken to eliminate them without losses.
The army that arrives late in the game is very deadly indeed, especially as getting rid of enemy mangonels (in the city) should be your priority, which thins your men. It will be much larger than your forces at this point, so choose your location well before engaging..

Balance: 4
As aforementioned, the Turkish army was a challenge, however the rest of the game was not. The player's trebuchet was instrumental in destroying the walls, while the mangonels were useless. The enemy army is now too big to be engaged at once, so victory is only possible by giving up ground when it arrives.

The spawns now work in a logical, and challenging fashion.

Creativity: 4
The game has been crafted with some intelligence, engineered so that the player cannot commit all his men immediately, as well as making the player prepare. Some parts of the map are invisibly inaccessible and certain parts are indestructible, namely gates, which limits the play of the game, unfortunately.

Map Design: 4
The map was pretty to look at, however the only thing breaking up the arid terrain were jungle trees, which got in the way of advancing troops to so much a degree that it mean units wandered halfway across the map, under fire from towers, however the updated version reduces this effect somewhat. It uses elevation to make your life a living hell, and works wonders at manipulating the combat in a subtle manner.

Story/Instructions: 3
The story was thin, mostly in a briefing and aftermath, while the in game intro was far to short and left me wondering when I started as the player is the same colour as the ally.
The instructions were poor, giving not only bad advice, but a complete walkthrough.

Additional Comments:
Fanica's offering is entertaining, but not quite outstanding. Now available in handy .scx format. I suggest that Fanica takes care to test more often in future projects, as a few changes have improved this scenario drastically. Job well done fanica, and good luck with your future projects.

[Edited on 06/26/10 @ 02:55 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Playability: 3-
This DTS style scenario was a walk in the park. The previous version was more challenging and enjoyable. The scenario is around 10 minutes on fast give or take. It would probably be easier for the players if you chose to use
more appropiate buildings for purchases. I myself found the building choices very odd. There is a bug with the gate that makes it invincible but it didn't affect my gameplay since the southern walls were easier to breach. The update gave players 4 mangonels and 1 treb, it removed the scorpions and the stat boosts for them. This change made the game a whole lot easier. The ability to purchase extra units was nice. I only bought the archers as the others would be less to no use to me. The Mosque that you need to destroy has insane defence and it takes a while to destroy it so it's quite a bore/bother during that part. Sometimes, the spawned enemies can't make it out of the gate as the other units are blocking the way, this makes the game idle. In addition, tasking the enemy to one certain spot can also ruin gameplay if the player isn't there to meet them. The author supplied the game as a campaign and a scenario, it would be better if it was only the campaign because of the hassle of the single player menu. Furthermore, the extra file would probably confuse downloaders. From the campaign menu, you instantly die when you choose Hard difficulty, and there are two differences from Standard and Moderate.

Balance: 3-
This short campaign is difficulty dynamic but the actual differences are very neglectable. On Standard, your allies get 4 arbalests instead of crossbowmans( I myself find them quite useless), and your treb gets 110HP instead of 10HP. The enemy's mangonels and jannisaries provide some challenge but if you kill the few they have, their only threat is gone. When the elite horde arrives, the game will be difficult if you don't have enough units to fend them off. This new version introduced a treb and 4 mangonels, these siege weapons makes the assualt on their city very easy, especially when the computer player is not smart enough to take out the treb.

Creativity: 3
Some creative things here and there but nothing stands out. Effort was put in but there wasn't that extra push. It was quite simple.

Map Design: 4
The map is better looking then a random map and effort was put in on designing it. I believe the setting is/was/should be in a desert but the terrains and trees make me think otherwise. The positions of the base and objects were nicely placed. Elevation was used but I didn't find it useful. After playing for a while, the gate will glitch up and cause it to go up in flames. Selecting it might show this long glitchy looking HP bar.

Story/Instructions: 3
I didn't follow the short story very well. It could be the typos or it just wasn't interesting for me. There were a lot of instructions/hints. Most of the hints were logical so players would likely find it of no use. The hints stating the invasion times does not mention if it is in real time or game time, this will cause confusion for the players.

Additional Comments:
Decent attempt. Playtest your map more to correct balance problems and other things. Playtest your map again when you make changes. Good luck on future projects.

[Edited on 07/01/10 @ 08:12 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
Mongol Invasion by Fanica is a Defend the Spot type scenario in which you must protect Tamerlane and kill Bayazit the Turkish leader. The game itself is quite fun and challenging. It has a decent map design and some creative aspects too.

Balance: 4
The Scenario used to be extremely hard to complete but Fanica has updated this map and made it easier. First of all you get the gold much quicker and the enemy unit come and attack with low attack but high health. Fanica has also removed one of the layers of walls from heavily fortified fortress to make it easier to break into. The only problem I can fin with the balance is perhaps the fact that you have gone from stupidly hard to a little bit too easy.

Creativity: 3
The scenario is quite creative but has nothing that really stands out. It uses some interesting trigger tricks used to buy the soldiers and a decent map design but it didn’t really have that much of a story. It was fun to play but I didn’t really find anything which made me go “WOW!”

Map Design: 5
The scenario is set in a desert landscape on a 25x25 sized map. It is a beautiful map design with some great terrain mixing and good use of elevation. GAIA objects and desert trees were placed to make the map seem more realistic. There is your camp on one side of the map and the enemy fortress on the other side. It has overlapped buildings and stuff.

Story/Instructions: 3
The scenario didn’t really have much of a story. It was very short and didn’t explain much. I wasn’t very interesting either. The introduction screen didn’t have much on it and certainly not any part of the story. There was a little bit of talking and text at the beginning of the scenario but it was too quick for me to read it. The Instructions were poor too. They had a few hints that we didn’t need and our primary objective and that was it.

Additional Comments:
Mongol Invasion is a decent scenario which if improved on can be very good. The poor story is the main problem and the scenario could also be made a little bit harder but apart from this scenario is great! If these are improved on I believe this scenario can become great.


[Edited on 06/25/10 @ 12:55 PM]

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