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Campaign of Battles (English version, improved edition)

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Fixed Force
Number of scenarios: 8
This campaign has:
-8 battles (some short, but intense)
-The battle of Verdun (1ww)
-bombings, trenches, machineguns, tanks, brave attacks to trenches (in Verdun)
-mixed style in Adrianople
-great sound
-the scenarios are small to prevent crashes and lag, although in great battles, the lag is inevitable.
-good eye-candy
-historical accurate taken from the HISTORY CHANNEL program: LINE OF FIRE

always your friend.... reich simon, medellin-colombia
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
netware500 Playability-4
*its true, moving a large amount of units is hard, but i put a 4 because the lag is low or none.
l*ook another thing, none of them crash.(in the spanish one, waterloo chashed)
*here(in special in bannockburn)you can take the freedom of
acomodate your troops or rush against the enemy.
i thought some of his scenarios werent winnable, but i saw my error and i realized something, some of them are tough to win.
look:the pales of agincourt,the traps of some battles,the wall of shields and the lure of hastings,
now, he has the creativity for making a ww1 battle; the hard point of this.
Story / Instructions:4
the instructions werent too clear.sometimes,no clues. he said is for balance, and the history...nobody see it.
the HISTORICAL ACCURATE was awesome,
Map Design:4 ok, the agincourt camp was good,and the map design is good.only see the ambientation of adrianople,or the trenches of verdún.
DiGiT When I saw this campaign I thought 'Wow, did he really put all that into one campaign? Cool.' Well he did put it into one campaign, but it didn't quite fulfil my expectations.

Playability: 3. Well, it was just average. Almost every scenario was the same, although with different characters. Almost every scenario had the same difficulty level (winnable, but took a WHILE). Almost every scenario had mostly inactive units. You get the picture. Try to add more spice to the enemy behavior and formations.

Balance: 3. Lotsa units on your side, lotsa units on their side. With you also having barracks and archery ranges, the balance was kind of lacking, so I'll only give this a three.

Creativity: 4. This was the strong point of this campaign. It WAS creative to try to put major battles of the world into one campaign, and he did have a few creative uses (Cobra cars for machine gun turrets, craters as traps, etc).

Map Design: 3. Obviously maps he created from scratch, but they were mainly just blocks of trees, unless the situation required something else.

Story / Instructions: 2. Bad grammer, and no storyline where there could have been one. Barely any storyline triggers :-(
File Author
i think netware500 said his reasons of putting a 4.4.
but if you don't like my battles, please don't put false arguments.
Map Design3.0
PLAYABILITY: Better than the first one, but there is still room to improve. First of all, the campaign was not fully translated. Second, there were a lot of mistakes that were not corrected since the first one.
Like in the Stirling Bridge, the enemy did not attack. And attacking the enemy only made you lose, so the only way to win was to lure him to the castle, and it was a simple victory from there.
In the Waterloo battle, it is very easy to win the battles. No Prussian help required. Most of the game is spent just walking around with the General. And why would a general run errands??
You should include aftermath and history every time.
At Hastings, there were several bugs that: messed up the cutscene, broke the wall of shields, displayed a message about my troops running away, while I was advancing.

SUGGESTIONS: Playtest for a long time to make sure that everything goes smoothly, and it looks cool (exactly cool, not 'done' or 'working'). 4

BALANCE: The Battle of Hastings and the Hunic Conquest had loopholes. The wall of shields broke by itself, and Atilla was not protected by anyone if approached from the back...
Robert Bruce battle was too easy, and I won without having to defeat my enemy for some random reason. 4

SUGGESTIONS: Playtest it on different difficulties to make sure it goes well each time. And specifically make sure that it is not simple to win it. Make it a challenge for the player.

CREATIVITY: You had some creative things in there, like the Beta Units and the cutscene, but none of them worked quite well. Many sounds that you used were very good, but I dobt that most of them are yours. Give credit to people you have gotten them from. 4

SUGGESTIONS: Add more trigger tricks to the game. Make sure that the cutscene works right, and that the sounds are aligned with the events.

MAP DESIGN: Eye-candy included, but it still looks like a random map. 3

SUGGESTIONS: Add more realism to your maps. Make sure that the elevation runs smoothly with the rest of the design. Mix in more terrains.

STORY / INSTRUCTIONS: The instructions were unclear to me sometimes. Most of them were Historically accurate, but I am really unsure about the first one. Battle of Adrianople has the Slavs attack the Roman Empire??? (I thought it was Huns vs. Romans) The Slavs had no camels anyway. And Goths make a poor reperesentation. 4-

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Map Design3.0
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