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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Build and Destroy

Battle your way to Survive

Sahara is my second ever RMS Script made via RMS Creator. It is a vast desert with lots of plam trees and a couple of extra surprises in.

This is version two. I have completely remade the whole map from scratch and I am hoping it is better. If you like you can ask here or email me to get the old one back if you perfer it. I have removed all of the beach terrain, added things like Mountains and individual Palm Trees, and added more elevation.

This scenario doesn't have any relics which will create a bigger challenge for gold and will make the game more like a conquest so the computer AI won't capture them and win. This RMS also has Regicide Support.

A group of settlers have been stranded in the great desert and have to build a lifestyle and survive the deadly sands. However they are not the only people building on the sandy desert, there are other settlers too. You must build an army quickly enough to defeat the other settlers or befriend them so you can live and give civilization to the dry sands of the Sahara Desert.

Chasqui for creating RMS Creator
Leif Ericson whose review of the old file gave me some helpful tips on how to improve it.
Everyone at the RMS Forum who gave me some helpful tips.

Thanks for taking your time to look at my RMS. Download and Enjoy

Any comments or questions please post them here or email me at:

Please feel free to comment and review

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Official Reviewer
A much, much better improvement since your first file. Well done! The map design is interesting and mostly looks the part, however there are still a few issues... like the Great Marlin jumping up out of the desert sands in places.

[Edited on 06/17/10 @ 08:04 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Yea I don't know what happened there. I think it was becuase I used the beach terrain.
Leif Ericson
Visual Appeal3.0
Review revised: Aug. 8, 2010

Sahara is a desert map that creates a battle for survival where the player must overcome difficulties and rise up as the most powerful desert civilization. The player does not start out with a town center and must build a lumber camp and gather wood before they can expand.

This is Possidon's second random map and there is overall improvement over his first map. This map has been completely remade from its original version, in response to bugs in his first version.

Theme: 4
The desert theme is not original, but I was curious to see how it was implemented and how different it would be from the Arabia map. I was expecting a relatively sparse land with few resources that would force the player to make early attacks.

The survival theme is well implemented, since resources are a little bit fewer than normal random maps. However, I don't think the map presents a convincing scene of the Sahara. There are a number of small lakes, more than you would expect. Also, the dunes are quite small, and the palm forests may be too large. Yet, some thought was put into the script, placing it higher than the standard ES scripts in this category.

Visual Appeal: 3

The most noticeable negative effect is the fact the lakes are sometimes on hills, severely distracting the player. This can be easily fixed.

Also, the terrain mixing could be better. The only terrains used are Grass1, Dirt1, and Desert, equivalent to a standard ES map. The map would be much more appealing if you added terrains like Dirt3, Grass3, and Dirt2. Avoiding Grass1 might also be a good idea. Also, some stretches of land were all the same terrain. Perhaps using a larger number of clumps per terrain would help with this.

Rocks and cracks were used to good effect, but these sometimes were located on the lakes. I think the craters could be removed, but that is probably just a personal preference.

Playability: 4

The best thing that could be said is the change of gameplay. The player does not have a town center at the beginning of the game, forcing the construction of a lumber camp first. This is an interesting, fresh dynamic that will keep players interested in the map.

The only facts that keep this from a 5 is the fact that it can be hard to move around. Sometimes the lakes are too close to the player and the player cannot expand easily. Also, the forests and cliffs tend to be long, making it difficult to move around.

AI Playability:

There is virtually no AI playability on this map. The only good option for single player is to use an AI that can play Nomad.

Additional Comments:

Use set_flat_terrain_only to make sure the lakes aren't on elevation. Also, decrease the amount of lakes. Increase the base size for player lands to make sure the lakes aren't too close to the players.

Increase the number of forest clumps to make the forests smaller.

One idea is to use terrain_to_place_on to put some objects on specific types of terrain. For example, you could put forage bushes on grassy terrain. This way, you could form oases.

Looking at the script, I wouldn't advise using create_land to place terrain like Desert and Dirt1. Use create_terrain instead. Create land is usually for special purposes, like putting an island in a lake at the center of the map.

[Edited on 08/25/10 @ 11:14 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the Review Leif. I will try to see if I can edit the beach terrain.
fLESH Hi, i have a question.
How do you make maps for AoE II?
And then install them and play them?
Official Reviewer
File Author
If you are talking about Random maps then you need to write a script. I don't know how to write RM Scripts but I use a programme called RMS Creator. Search it in the Blacksmith. It is a much eesier way of making Random Maps but they are not always as good.

To nstall RMS maps download them from the balcksmith and unzip them into:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Random

Hope this helps

fLESH Thanks!
Official Reviewer
File Author
Just updated this RMS! I completely remade it from scratch.
NewDesigner Im going to play this with some friends, some of your work is pretty good so I hope I will be suprised positively.
Official Reviewer
File Author
Feel free to review after you have played.
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