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Serva RP

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
Number of players: 8

Serva is a map created for Roleplay(RP) purposes. Other words to describe it could be Realism or "The Death and Bane of CBA" as it is named for satire.

You will take control as leaders of 8 great Empires(and one Republic) the Trassaeu Empire(Blue), a nation of aggressive, competitive fishermen lead by Shogun Yoshimitsu. The Al Rubitians(Red), a place of science, technology, innovation, and discovery. With a strong starting economy and a decent all-around military, it is truly hell to fight against them. The Maelos Republic(Green), formed in rebellion. Resembles ancient Greece in that its infantry fight in a phalanx. Its cavalry and navy reign supreme on Serva. The Bretonnians(yellow) With their amazing archers and mercenary culture. The Fjordis(Teal) with raiders, pirates, privateers and merchants. The Order of Arthulin(purple), a mysterious religious Order devoted to the God of War, Arthulin. The Confederacy of United Nations(Grey) a tightly united group of small nations with powerful stone mason economy and buildings to rival everyone elses, except the Maelos. Finally, the Arkan Order(Orange), an order formed out of a division between the Order of Arthulin.

The Seas of Egressa RP was inspired by Serva(they had played my map before deciding to make theres) and it is with pride that the link to download it is included within the map file.

Ok, enough of my bragging. Time for the Game Setup info.
Player 1(Trassaeu Empire): Japanese
Player 2(Al Rubiyat): Saracens
Player 3(Maelos Republic): Byzantines
Player 4(Bretonnia): Britons
Player 5(Fjordis): Vikings
Player 6(Order of Arthulin): Teutons
Player 7(Confederacy): Aztecs
Player 8(Arkan Order): Persians
Map: Explored
Age: Standard or Feudal, eithier will produce the desired effect.
Resources: Normal
Speed: Fast, but that doesn't matter much.
UNLOCKED TEAMS! <--- Very important.

This map is meant to be played Diplomatically, Realistically, and Tactically. All rules can be read in Hints. But basically, don't attack without Declaring War. Declarations of War must be done with a reason. This reason doesn't have to be a GOOD reason, it just has to be a realistic reason that someone would start a war. For example, while starting a war to claim a gold mining site isn't a Good(as in heroic, nice) reason, it is a legit reason.
If someone attacks you early game, it is NOT a declaration of war. It is a diplomatic situation, sort it our yourselves. A Declaration of War is done the same way of declaring an Alliance. Tell the player you want to war with that you war with them, and switch them to Enemy in diplomacy screen. Everyone starts out neutral.

Me(Did the entire map, history, and invented the concept. Ok. Reinvented it.)
Corndawg(Refined some cities, and fixed some minor bugs.)
Majhudeen(Wrote some basic storyline and did some eyecandy. The Imperial Palace and Garden are his work.
Ravenstien(His map, Calradia, inspired me to create Serva.)
BF_Tanks(Added some contributions to the history and map design, and is a very good player of this map.)
Also. Play according to the rules and such explained above, or its not fun. Its only boring because you make it that way. Alright, enough of my talk now. Permanently. Enjoy the map, and post your questions(if any) here, as well as bug reports or CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, or just comment on how awesome the map is. Some people have already done so.

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Official Reviewer
If this is supposed to be a multiplayer map, you need to make sure the respective players are set to "Either" in player type found in selection "PLAYERS" in the map editor.

Overall, this seems like fun, but I can see some players (note: at least half) being enormously under-balanced.
Basse Mashek, you are wrong. The player status only affects single player gaming, a human play can play as a computer players role when playing multiplayer.

Also, this map is very good :)
File Author
Mashek, about your under-balanced thing, I've played this map many times online and each one seems fairly balanced. Each person has won/participated in winning a game at least 20 times and some players even prefer the "unbalanced" civs over the Empire and Maelos that most people prefer.
joshua4missions Neat, I was on BF the other day looking at the pics and I looked in the Black smith for it but couldn't find it. Will download.

joshua4missions :)
Official Reviewer
Payne's right here.
The balancing has been done across the enite game: resources, tech tree, civ, land size, naval power..
Also remember that player's aren't intended to fight alone all the time, and some players fit different roles.

Oh and payne, I'd like to review this for you.
Somewhen, when a lot of the RP-ers are on GR, can you warn me so I can make a room?

[Edited on 06/22/10 @ 01:58 PM]

anter175 great map and i got inspierd and i did make a simler map, but your is goder than my map!
anter175 it can be beter if ther more no mans land so to say
Official Reviewer
Map Design4.0
Serva RP is a multiplayer Diplomatic RP scenario by Gpayne31. The scenarios gameplay is determined by a set of rules that, while not fixed, are encouraged for all players to adhere to. They encourage players to use diplomacy as their main playing style, encouraging alliance and truces in order to share resources and claim land as well as declaring an act of war before attacking a neighbouring player.

Playability: 4
Serva RP is a highly enjoyable scenario with creative game mechanics which culminates to deliver a unique playing experience. The scenario is highly enjoyable, and suits a variety of different playing styles. The main idea of the scenario focuses on Diplomacy and Conquest, allying with some players whilst conquering others. The scenario comes with a set of guidelines to inform the player what their nation's actions might be based on the story, but the player has no need to follow them, and can players however they wish. The scenarios design and mechanics create a completely unique and original gameplay, and I have never encountered any bugs in the scenario. However, I did find at times that there were issues with playability, mostly due to the scenarios map design. In some areas there paths between trees and objects were very tight and it effected my armies path finding at times. Sometimes there are also odd trees, rocks and bushes in the settlements that can really effect building placement and makes it difficult to build up properly.

Balance: 4
Balancing a multiplayer scenario like this is always tricky but the author of Serva has done an incredible job trying to make this diplomatic scenario as balanced as possible. The balancing has been done across the enite game: resources, tech tree, civ, land size, naval power. Various mechanics and much thought as been put into the balancing and which civs to use and where to place them. Players aren't intended to fight alone all the time, and some players fit different roles. I do however find that some players can be a bit more overpowered than others. For example the yellow team are settled nice and safely away on their own island whilst the purple, red and grey and placed amidst on top of each other which means of war breaks out between them they can be in trouble and find it difficult to defend themselves from all corners.

Creativity: 5
While there are certainly plenty of these types of scenarios to choose from today, Serva RP was one of the earliest examples of it and many of the best scenarios today credit it for inspiration including Mare Nostrum, Seas of Egressa and Galderton Hill. Serva is set in its own fictional world which comes with its own in depth backstory and history. Each nation is given a detailed account of its culture, society and contribution to the wider world. For example there is the Trassaeu Empire, a nation of aggressive, competitive fishermen, the Rubitians, a place of science, technology, innovation, and discovery and the norther raiders of the Fjords. This is an interesting concept for a multiplayer scenario and allows players to totally engulf themselves into their play time.

Map Design: 4
For most multiplayer scenarios map design is the weakest aspect. For most designers of these scenario they tend to focus more and gameplay and have bland maps which do not effect the gameplay of the scenario. However this is where Serva RP excels. Created on a beautiful map which many single player scenario would take inspiration from, Gpayne31 has displayed excellent skill in object placement and terrain mixing to design a beautiful fictional world. From the frozen fjords to the east to the mines in the middle of the sea, there is so much to see on this map and it is all designed beautifully. Each piece of land and each settlement masterfully represents each factions culture and characteristics.

Story/Instructions: 5
The scenario comes with a great load of in depth backstory to each of the nations. The backstory is great, and a nice interesting touch into the history and cultures of the nations of the world of Serva. The scenario comes with guidelines that tell the player how the gameplay works and what actions their nation would take if they followed the back story, which is nice touch and could potentially be helpful to the player, but they have no need to follow them, if they don't want to. The instructions are clear and it is not hard to understand the objectives of the scenario

Additional Comments:
Overall Serva RP is a terrific multiplayer scenario that has inspired many of the best multiplayer maps of the past decade. It truly has reinvented multiplayer scenarios and created a whole new genre for the game.


[Edited on 01/03/20 @ 03:58 PM]

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Map Design4.0
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