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Hill Fort

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Fixed Force
Far in the distant past, a minor ruler decided he wanted to extend his kingdom. Therefore he sent forth his armies to conquer the surrounding territory but could not be victorious, for the inhabitants hid in their fortified towns and hurled insults and rocks down upon his men. Therefore, instead of sparing the fools, he has decided to raise their village to the ground.
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Official Reviewer
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Hill Fort is a short scenario in which you must take your army to the top of a hill and destroy the hill fort. The scenario is very short and easy. It doesn�t really have a story or many triggers. None the less it was still quite enjoyable and fun. If the scenario used more triggers and had a story to it then it would be really enjoyable

Balance: 2
Hill Fort was a very easy scenario. You start off with a very large army and all you have to do is walk up the hill and knock down the gates, walk into the fort and destroy all the buildings. You are playing against a normal Computer AI so it doesn�t just build an army but buildings extra buildings and gathers resources. When I got to the fort I was expecting the enemy to have a large army waiting for me but it was just a couple of Archers and Scout Cavalries. I easily killed the enemy army with my much larger and much better army of Archers, Scouts and Men-at-Arms. Try to make the game harder by giving the enemy a much bigger and much better army.

Creativity: 2
Even though the idea of a Hill Fort isn't very original I still found this game quite fun to play. The scenario didn't use many triggers. The only ones used were Send Chat and Play Sound. The scenario has a fairly decent map design but it could be made much better. The scenario also lacked in story and Instructions which are very important aspects. Try to add more triggers, story and instructions in your scenario to make it more creative and interessting.

Map Design: 3
The Map Design is probably the best bit of the scenario. The Hill Fort is made quite nicely and the whole scenario has a range of different elevations not just the large hill. I can tell that the designer has put some effort into the map design because there are some GAIA objects like Flowers, Forage Bushes, Rocks and also some Animals like herds of deer and packs of wolves. There are also individual trees scattered about as well a small clumps of stress too. The only problem is that there is no terrain mixing at all in this scenario neither is there any cliffs.

Story/Instructions: 1
This is most likely the worst part of the scenario. The Instructions don�t change at all throughout the whole scenario. There is only a short paragraph of instructions telling you to destroy the hill fort. There is no story given in the scenario either. Add a story and some better instructions and this scenario will be much more enjoyable.

Additional Comments:
Overall Hill Fort is a fun and fairly decent scenario but I could be improved a lot more if it was made a little bit more challenging and had some sort of story to it. If a few things were changed I believe this scenario will be a very good scenario.


[Edited on 06/27/10 @ 04:56 AM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
Hill Fort is a pretty fun game to play, but is very easy. You take command of the Attacking forces, and must advance past the walls, break into the village and destroy the Town Center and Exterminate all of the populace. It's fun to play.

Balance: 2
Here is one of the Major flaws of the game. The Scenario is WAY to easy. I didn't even need to use my cavalry. I uses my archers to kill the military and villagers and used the rams to take down the gate and buildings. It was way to easy and I won without hardly using my Cavalry or Infantry. I think the author didn't want it to be to challenging but instead he made it way to easy. Next time made it harder. The enemy also could've used more units.

Creativity: 2
Nothing stood out that was really creative or made me go WOW!!!

Map Design: 2
The Map design isn't as good as a random map. The author could've taken more time to make it look nicer etc... However the map does have some eye candy like deer, and some wolves. Hill Fort had some very basic terrain Mixing, as it had dirt 1, and wasn't all grass. The use of elevation makes it more like a Hill Fort, and makes the map look better(far too many maps leave out elevation).

Story/Instructions: 2
Hill Fort gas a very basic story line, but I'll give this area a 2 cause it had one. A little creativity for a story could have made the game more engaging. The game was easy to learn, and also included some hints in the scenario(which lots of people tend to leave out).

Additional Comments: All in all, Hill Fort is a fun scenario to play, but the author needs to work on his designing skills some more. Check out the university here to find some great articles to help. Also check out as they have some Excellent articles there. So if you have some free time, go ahead and give this scenario a go. It should give you a little entertainment for awhile.

joshua4missions :)

[Edited on 06/30/10 @ 05:24 AM]

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Map Design2.5
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