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Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

Gwyndlegard was a peaceful country until two and a half years ago when it's jealous neighbour to the north-west, Xioché, invaded it with a force of thirty thousand led by the military geniuses Count Tengil and the witch Queen Xaphira. After the peace treaty two years ago, Xioché holds most of Gwyndlegard under occupation, save for the last free city to the east, Pumpkindon, where the country's leader Lord Mezenghi now lives.

In the country's southernmost province, Gwynhill, tension is now growing. A sergeant called Immanuel has long wanted to ambush the local Xiochan governor and start a rebellion, and when said governor takes slaves from Gwynhill village, a clear violation of the peace treaty, he gets his chance. Unfortunately his girlfriend is among the ones taken as slaves so the quest becomes quite personal.

You will take the role as Immanuel and his close friends to criss-cross the country, save your girlfriend Emily and free Gwyndlegard from the evil witch's claws in this humorous epic!


• A giant map with great variety, from green green forests to open plains and snow-covered mountain tops,
• A mix of playing styles including AI-driven Build & Destroy, stealth mission in RPS and criss-crossing Fixed Force,
• A rather epic scenario that doesn't end after an hour or two,
• 965 triggers, for those who want to know
• Partially spoken dialogue (not self-made though, be thankful for that!),
• Focus on story and gameplay; no mods, data changes or overly complicated trigger tricks,
• An overdose of weird Basse humour!

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.

The story continues in The Rockspring Revolution.

Want to see what happened to Marvin and Rob after they left you in this scenario? Check out The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob!

The final act of the story can be found in The Relics of Athalën
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I was able to make it through the game with very little errors or glitches. The only issue really was having to reload the game to make it through certain part (we were warned so no deduction, still a 5)
Balance: 5
I played it on Difficulty Hard. It had its easy parts, then it had its hard parts. The first part of the game was RPG style, arguably the easier part (I'm a strong RPG player so I sailed through the beginning part.) The hardest peart for me was when you first recieve a base. Xaphira's early and frequent attacks provide difficulty in getting yourself going, but, after your defenses are up, I considered the rest to be smooth sailing. Being defeated was very difficult to do unless you lose a hero. If anything, I'll say that it was a bit more on the easy side, but not easy enough to lose a 5.
Creativity: 5
I was very easily able to relate this map and its style to the Sabato series. You had plenty of other things to do in addition to the main storyline. I never got bored with it (all 7-8 game hours it took to beat it.)
Map Design: 5
What impressed me was how every little bit of the map was used in this game. I had 99% map explored in the end of the game. Its easy to notice how nothing was really rushed or lazily put in. I was able to notice the time and effort that went in to this map.
Story/Instructions: 5
I never got lost on what to do (reading the history information helps.) When I first downloaded the map, the description was deceiving: "Xapira took away your girlfriend... go get her" It gave me lower expectations, so I was suprised. We were provided with more than enough storyline to understand what was going on.
Additional Comments:
I definitely recommend a download. It takes a long time but that wasn't a problem for me. Great job Lord Basse!
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the review krmyth9! I'm actually a bit surprised so few people are noticing (or at least talking about) the similarities with Sabato; after all, it was *the* major source of inspiration I had for this. :)
Tonyrok 154 I need help what do you do when all the other townfolk say no to join you and the river guards say not to enter

[Edited on 12/16/10 @ 01:47 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Check the hints and see if you have got everyone on your team, for example the Longbowman quite close to Rob Tallneck. Then you can cross the bridge.
MAARRKK hi, i'm new to this site and just curious as how to download this file so i could play it on AoC. any help or instructions would be appreciated :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Oh hi Mark!

First, make sure you have Winzip installed. Then click the red "download file" button at the top of the page, get the file, open it with Winzip and unzip the files into their specified locations (which are listed in the ReadMe file). Then open AoK, go to Custom Campaigns and select Gwyndlegard, and voilà, you're playing! :D
MAARRKK ok i follwed all the steps and was about to extract all the files, but when i tried to extract them a message popped up saying access is denied, administrative priveleges may be required. any advice on how i can fix this?
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Sounds like you're using Windows 7. :P Extract the files to My Documents, then move them manually into their folders.
Map Design5.0
Lord Basse has been around the community for a while and I have watched him improve and develop over several years with a great deal of interest. Gwyndlegard is definitely his largest and most polished product and while it was very enjoyable, it had a number of rooms for improvement. Before I begin the review, I just want to thank Basse for continuing to design in our ever-shrinking community and for his Windows 7 colours batch-file which allowed me to play this campaign with the correct colour scheme.
Playability: 4
The playability was pretty good; there were not any major bugs and for a map of this size, that is a great accomplishment. While I did not find any major bugs, there were a number of minor bugs and things that weakened playability. From the start, there were too many heroes. They served no purpose outside of dying at inconvenient places. As these characters did not have any developed story, we did not care at all about them and all they were was an irritant as they would die in ambushes. Ever later in the game, we still had to look after 5 heroes who served no purpose. I just had to group them all together and use them to complete the sub-quests. Another thing I disliked was how the two allied armies for the storming of the castle threw themselves directly upon the castle and were destroyed almost instantly. I had been looking forward to fighting alongside them; perhaps you should have boosted their HP? My other major gripe with playability was at the end. Storming the final island was incredibly frustrating. I blew up the fire bridge and immediately regretted it. It served no purpose as the witch continued to resupply her army with unlimited re-spawning elite units, and all it really did was prevent me from attacking from the back. This forced my army into a narrow bottleneck where the enemy longbows were clear to slaughter countless waves of my soldiers. When I managed to bring them down, they would just respawn in greater numbers! I have no idea if I had a bug or you thought people would enjoy this mechanic, but I did not enjoy watching hundreds of my expensive soldiers bottlenecked and slaughtered. I was only able to win by killing only enough soldiers so as not to trigger a respawn, then running Paladins back and forth to distract the other soldiers while monks walked across the landbridge. I still don't understand what the point of blowing the fire bridge was. The landbridge was one of the most frustrating things I have experienced in any campaign. Perhaps you could stop the infinite respawn of elite soldiers?
Also, there were some bugs you might want to check. When I recieved my heroes on horseback, one was stuck behind a rock and I had to send villagers to chop the forest down to get him out. Also, the Elite Guard eventually allied with me, and I was unable to clear them off the field as a result of that. However, near the end of the game they went back to enemy and slaughtered a huge amount of my civilian population. They should never have gone allied.

Balance: 4
Balance is a very hard area to do well in and Basse did a good job, although not without problems. The fixed force part was quite easy. With the inclusion of a missionary, it was a simple game of fight, then heal, then fight again. The B&D was pretty good though. At the start the enemy throws large and well equipped armies against you who really can be difficult. However, they refuse to use siege so as soon as you put castles up, your base is completely impenetrable. Despite this, Basse still created some difficult parts, mostly through bottlenecks. The attack on the capital was a tough battle and was quite enjoyable.

Creativity: 4
Gwyndlegard was a very well done campaign, with a nice story and good gameplay mechanics. It did not really introduce anything 'new' (although that is very hard to do today, with the incredible past games to compare against) but was still very enjoyable. Half-way through the game, Basse introduced a bit of 'magic' although I only found that to be a detriment. The magic in this campaign was mostly just explosions while things moved; I feel that one should probably not include magic into a campaign like this unless they will being so in a spectacular way (such as in Sabato's Holy Grail).

Map Design: 5
This was Basse's strongest suit. It is obvious that he spent years working on this map, as it is giant but still filled with beautiful areas. I hold Ama's Chrombasia as the finest example of a B&D map ever, but this one was getting there. In Chrombasia, I made a very strong effort never to chop down the trees unless they were in the far corners of the map (as they looked so good!) and I almost felt that way on this one. There was one particular forest on the plain near the main castle that one could walk through I remember being so impressed watching my villies hunting deer in it, and then there being a spectacular battle between my soldiers and an enemy patrol. The use of wonders was also well done, especially for things like the observatory. Overall, fantastic map.

Story/Instructions: 4
Basse clearly put a lot of work into his story and this is evidenced by extravagant names for all of his towns and characters, as well as many small touches (such as his burnt out laboratories which provide a humorous back-story to why gunpowder is not available in the scenario). However, there were a number of things I thought could benefit from improvement. I know many have already commented on this but the names were mismatched and harmed one's ability to immerse oneself into the game. I know you argue that the land is one of immigrants but that does not explain why the Japanese named freedom fighter has his son named Fabian. Also, a lot of the talk between the characters seemed rather unnecessary (all the banter in the prison was irritating). As I mentioned earlier, there were way too many heroes who served no purpose, and as a result we did not care about them or what they were talking about. It felt as though you were going for a TKBM kind of feel, with the 2 male leads and their girlfriends, supported by a cast of other named heroes but unlike TKBM, the story was not developed in a way that created any attachment to the characters (especially the minor ones such as Rob). Perhaps just one or two heroes could have made us more attached to them and more interested in what happened. The side-quests trying to reunite lost lovers were nice but required far too much walking back and forth for no real reward. Even earning a hunting wolf or something would have made it more worthwhile for us. Also, Basse's late-game inclusion of magic was, in my opinion, entirely unnecessary and cheapened the experience by further harming the immersion of it without providing an interesting gameplay mechanics. Finally, the objectives were very well done but at times they were unclear. When I received the quest to find that flame relic as an optional, I spent a long time not advancing my main objectives forward trying to find that relic (I could see it with outposts I built, but I could not reach it). Don't give out a quest if you aren't able to solve it until a later point. Another problem with the objectives was on the storming of the capital. I ended up fighting a very tough battle and clearing the island before I was told I could have just used the holy relic. I still had to use the relic and it didn't help at all. You need to explain in the objectives not to bother attacking the Capital without the relic.

Additional Comments:
I realize that this review is almost all negatives. Basse, don't think that I didn't think was a great campaign. I think it was fantastic and I appreciate all the work you put into it. I was trying to sum up areas for improvement. Keep up the great work! In conclusion: a Must Download.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot for the review Elliott_Thomas! I don't mind you pointing out the negatives, it's thanks criticism in reviews, especially yours and Dtrungle's, that I've learned all the things I ought to have done better. While I can't fix all these things for Gwyndlegard, it gives me many things to remember when working on new campaigns. :)

It would be a nightmare to try to fix things like too many characters, to narrow map parts and such in this map, but it's a lot of help for future projects. In the sequel for example, there will be much fewer important characters; or at least, they won't be under your control and thus you don't need to keep them alive. Hopefully I can allow their personalities to grow a bit more as well.

The AI is one thing I can fix, change some numbers and force it to produce a lot more siege weapons. And I could add a limit to the number of respawning waves on the final island, which should make it a bit more bearable.

The magic is not something I threw in at the last moment, although it might come across that way. On the contrary, in my original plans there was to be a lot more magic; the fort west of Pumpkindon and the mountain fort that the king of Sarachrion wants you to clear out, were originally intended as some kind of magic power-concentrations points, which you needed to take control of to remove the invisible wall Xaphira had put up around her capital. But since this was far too much a rip-off of Sabato Returns, I scratched it, and the magic only comes in later on. I know this won't change your review or your experience of it, but it might give a little perspective at least. :)

And finally, the names... I agree that some of them make no sense, like Mezenghi having a son called Fabian, and Pumpkindon being a bit of a silly name (even though I like it!). But at this point I'm not going back and changing every appearance of Mezenghi or Fabian, all I can do is patch it up afterwards. For example, one thing the scenario never mentions is that Mezenghi has a wife with a very strong will. She decided the names of her children, Mezenghi had little to say on it, and since she was from the southern regions she named her son accordingly; Fabian.

To conclude this, I think the mnumber one problem with gwyndlegard is that it took two years to accomplish. For example, I did most of the map back when I thought the B&D would only be a small part of the scenario; once I got into ther B&D section, it turns out it'll cover like 70% of the gameplay. The many bottlenecks and weird strategic spots, as well as the bridge to Xaphira's island, were not made for this kind of game.

But again, thanks for the review. It will be a lot of help when updating this scenari (whenever that happens) and working on it's sequel. :)
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Map Design4.8
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