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Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

Gwyndlegard was a peaceful country until two and a half years ago when it's jealous neighbour to the north-west, Xioché, invaded it with a force of thirty thousand led by the military geniuses Count Tengil and the witch Queen Xaphira. After the peace treaty two years ago, Xioché holds most of Gwyndlegard under occupation, save for the last free city to the east, Pumpkindon, where the country's leader Lord Mezenghi now lives.

In the country's southernmost province, Gwynhill, tension is now growing. A sergeant called Immanuel has long wanted to ambush the local Xiochan governor and start a rebellion, and when said governor takes slaves from Gwynhill village, a clear violation of the peace treaty, he gets his chance. Unfortunately his girlfriend is among the ones taken as slaves so the quest becomes quite personal.

You will take the role as Immanuel and his close friends to criss-cross the country, save your girlfriend Emily and free Gwyndlegard from the evil witch's claws in this humorous epic!


• A giant map with great variety, from green green forests to open plains and snow-covered mountain tops,
• A mix of playing styles including AI-driven Build & Destroy, stealth mission in RPS and criss-crossing Fixed Force,
• A rather epic scenario that doesn't end after an hour or two,
• 965 triggers, for those who want to know
• Partially spoken dialogue (not self-made though, be thankful for that!),
• Focus on story and gameplay; no mods, data changes or overly complicated trigger tricks,
• An overdose of weird Basse humour!

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.

The story continues in The Rockspring Revolution.

Want to see what happened to Marvin and Rob after they left you in this scenario? Check out The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob!

The final act of the story can be found in The Relics of Athalën
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
NewDesigner Thanks for a great deal of fun Basse!

EDIT: Ah yes, also, I noticed a spelling mistake.
EDIT: Several, actually, Ill keep this list updated if you wish.

'Arthalian tradepost' from the tribe Arthalien.
On purpose or?...

Dock owner says something like:"You dont need a fishing boat to fish, he sais" Should be says, or is he drunk? ;)

[Edited on 07/22/10 @ 11:39 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
The long awaited Gwyndlegard by Lord Basse has amazed everyone with its fantastic and fun gameplay. Gwyndlegard is very enjoyable and creative scenario which is a fictional tale about the fate of a small country called Gwyndlegard. The main hero in this story is Immanuel whose girlfriend, Emily is taken by the Xioché, the enemy in this scenario, to work as a slave. The main objective of the scenario, with the help of your friends, is to save Emily and free Gywndlegard from the Xioché.

Gywndlegard is an extremely creative and highly enjoyable scenario which involves a great story, an outstanding Map Design anda well balanced and creative gameplay. Another great factor of the scenario is its very high replay count. Gwyndlegard is a scenario that can be played over and over and over again.

Balance: 5
Being mostly a mix of RPG and Fixed Force, Gywndlegard is a very balanced scenario. You start off with quite a few heroes and a small number of other soldiers too, but they are a mix of fighting styles like pikemen, cavalry, archers and infantry. The heroes aren’t all very powerful and none of them can die which makes an even bigger challenge for the player. The whole scenario is very challenging but can be completed if done properly. While the Game is challenging it is certainly not impossible. All you need is the correct strategy and you can have it done in a few hours.

Creativity: 5
Gyndlegard is a very creative scenario. It has a sort of free roam feel to it, but it still guides you in all the right directions to completing the game. The scenario uses many great and amazing trigger tricks as well as having a fun and enjoyable storyline and a beautiful and outstanding map design. There is also a wide range of characters in the scenario, so many I can barely remember them all. The scenario also comes with a huge folder full of sounds and some custom AI files too.

Map Design: 5
Gywndlegard is set on a Giant map. The map is the whole of Gywndlegard itself and is very beautiful. The map has a beautiful countryside, Mountains, rivers, forests, and small provinces like your home Gwynhill. The map is outstanding and one of the best I have ever seen. The cities are well spaced out and look fantastic. There is the Capital in the left, Pumpkindon in the right, Selenir near the bottom, Sarachrion at the top and Aienborg right in the centre of the map. Along with the bigger cities are the small villages and towns like Gwynhill and Winsburough. The map of Gwyndlegard is outstanding and one of the best designed maps I have ever sem.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is very interesting and fun. It makes you want to play until the end, never leaving your seats, never turning away from the screen, even if you are really struggling you just want to know what happens. The story makes the whole scenario playable and enjoyable. The dialog is great, it is funny and clever. It helps you get through the scenario. The characters are great and the vast number of heroes give it much more of an atmosphere and improve the story greatly. The Instructions are clear and easy to understand. They help you get through the scenario even if you are an inch from loosing. There is also a good Hints page and it helps you if you do get stuck.

Additional Comments:
Overall Gwyndlegard by Lord Basse does not disappoint. It’s been in the making a long time and has amazed everyone with its creative gameplay and highly enjoyable story.

Overall I say that this scenario is a must download and the best scenario of 2010 I have played so far.

Thanks for such a brilliant of earth shaking scenario lord Basse

Madsmat I loved your map the first one i downloaded of yours BUT definatly not the last

It could be nice to see some more weird Basse humor in a new map like Gwyndlegaard

Hope you keep making good Stuff
John Mendl I havent played fully, just till I beat Maruvian at his camp. As far as Ive seens this is great - Good map design, triggers, Decent story and good instructions amongst other things.

The only negative aspect in my opinion is that you have to keep alive a large number of heroes.

Great job, we need more scenarios of this high quality.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for all the comments folks, and thanks for the review Possidon. :)

"i can reach the "possessed sabertooth"(and the 3 leopards and the pikemen and the ship) by using the siege onager to destroy the trees... nothing happens however! and would not call it a bug."

It isn't, you just aren't supposed to go there until later in the game. ;)

"sorry, i forgot to ask about the "militaires buildings in the flagged spot" from the optional objectives.... no matter what kind of facility (archery, castle, tower, stables, etc) or if i build inside or over the flags, the objective is not fulfilled!"

That's because it's an unfulfillable objective, or rather a tip. I suppose it would make more sense if I moved it to the Hints instead though.

"by now, i'm atacking the capitol and xaphyra had call me to talk alone, i did, but i died!!!
ok, than i guess i just needed raze the capitol first... well, but i couldn't fix the second bridge.

so, going back to xaphyra i think that i cheat somehow because the only way i find out to talk without be killed was to build a wall in between them. was this a cheat?"

That's odd. You sure you brought only Immanuel there and no one else, no other heroes, soldiers or even villagers?

"due i haven't finnished yet i will not comment the campaign in details, but it already reached the level of Ulio and Dracula(the 2 "top of the tops" campaigns ever!) in enjoyable, storyline and aweness. in my modest view.
i even prefer urs to Tamerlane and Mcbeth.

tanxs for the marvelous campaign
... and possible little help!

but, all in all the map is one of the bests i have ever played! congrats, Lord Basse! u rule!"

Thank you! Your feedback means a lot to me! :)


"It is amazing how much hard work has been done for this scenario... I bet you've been designing it for months!"

Counting from when I started designing to the release, two and a half years actually! Although the effective time spent designing was quite a bit less. ;)

"It's excelent, with a sweet story, wealthy terrain, great characters, full of secrets and is fun to play."

Glad you liked it!

"1) Why did you make the love story between Jane and Larry and like this?? :/"

Had to add in some black humour somewhere. :P

Also, about your review, try reading the Review Guidelines before posting it next time. :)


"One thing, I have defeated the enemy at Selenir and the mayor will not talk to me with my heroes near him."

Did you bring Magnus McAnthony as well? And Marvin, the militia hero? Those two seem to be forgotten quite often.


"'Arthalian tradepost' from the tribe Arthalien.
On purpose or?..."

That's on purpose. The country's name is 'Arthalien' (similar to say Ithilien, except toally different), and the denonym is 'Arthalian'.

"Dock owner says something like:"You dont need a fishing boat to fish, he sais" Should be says, or is he drunk?"

He's drunk. No actually that's one of my common spelling mistakes, hard-coded in my English. I don't speak English natively see, so many spelling issues are due to the way I learnt (or mislearnt) to write English. This one is because you write "he said", and I then assumed you write "he sais" as well. Which has turned out be wrong. ;)


It could be nice to see some more weird Basse humor in a new map like Gwyndlegaard

Hope you keep making good Stuff"

I will try my best! :D
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Seeing as many apparently run into glitches here and there when not playing as the game intends to, I'm planning on writing a full Scenario Walkthrough for all those who for some reason can't finish the scenario. :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
A glamorous scenario. Full of challenging, fun, and entertaining parts, this mission will keep even the most unopened minded person entertained. A very good job well done!

Balance: 5
Balanced very well. The beginning is a little harder what with all the heroes you have to keep an eye on. After you gain control of your village, the games gets easier, (I had no problem defending myself since stone was so abundant) but the battles are still epic.

Creativity: 5
Very creative and original amongst the other Age of Kings scenarios. I story was very interesting, and it also reminded me of the inheritance series, which I really love.

Map Design: 5
Like Julius999 said, you'll have a hard time cutting down the trees. The map is wonderful, and I am ashamed I ruined it by cutting down nearly every tree in the forest below your village. Oh, and there is a way to make a bridge walkable without saving and loading the game. Not sure about land bridges, but regular ones for sure. I look to see if there is a utility about it already. If not I'll make one.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very clear and organized objectives. They were even separated into three parts!

Additional Comments:
Truly a master piece. I'd call it my favorite real time strategy, but it's also got a lot of other things in it, too!
Spearman Thank you for putting so much work into this campaign, it's really amazing! just got a question 'bout what to do at the bridge to "The lions den", I can't cross it :(

Edit: oh, just found another post about it, i'll do that... again

[Edited on 07/30/10 @ 01:35 AM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot for the review Lothar! :)

Saving and loading the game should work. I know it's quite an obnoxious way to keep the game flowing, so if I can find a way to make bridges crossable directly I'll be sure to update the scenario with it.
CommandoDude I need some help, I'm not sure what to do. When playing the map, the game crashes every time I bring Immanuel to Lord Tengil at Sacharion right as the cutscene starts. It didn't do this the first time, but I had to go back and since then it has kept doing so. I tried reinstalling the game and loading my save point into it but it didn't change anything.

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