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Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

Gwyndlegard was a peaceful country until two and a half years ago when it's jealous neighbour to the north-west, Xioché, invaded it with a force of thirty thousand led by the military geniuses Count Tengil and the witch Queen Xaphira. After the peace treaty two years ago, Xioché holds most of Gwyndlegard under occupation, save for the last free city to the east, Pumpkindon, where the country's leader Lord Mezenghi now lives.

In the country's southernmost province, Gwynhill, tension is now growing. A sergeant called Immanuel has long wanted to ambush the local Xiochan governor and start a rebellion, and when said governor takes slaves from Gwynhill village, a clear violation of the peace treaty, he gets his chance. Unfortunately his girlfriend is among the ones taken as slaves so the quest becomes quite personal.

You will take the role as Immanuel and his close friends to criss-cross the country, save your girlfriend Emily and free Gwyndlegard from the evil witch's claws in this humorous epic!


• A giant map with great variety, from green green forests to open plains and snow-covered mountain tops,
• A mix of playing styles including AI-driven Build & Destroy, stealth mission in RPS and criss-crossing Fixed Force,
• A rather epic scenario that doesn't end after an hour or two,
• 965 triggers, for those who want to know
• Partially spoken dialogue (not self-made though, be thankful for that!),
• Focus on story and gameplay; no mods, data changes or overly complicated trigger tricks,
• An overdose of weird Basse humour!

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.

The story continues in The Rockspring Revolution.

Want to see what happened to Marvin and Rob after they left you in this scenario? Check out The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob!

The final act of the story can be found in The Relics of Athalën
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
I'm glad you liked it! And thanks for the feedback! :)

The second part of the scenario being more of a series of long walks is something I've known of for quite a while; it was planned to be a B&D part and therefor I made the land very open, and then when I added the main quests for it and got feedback from playtesters, I added in as much enemies and fun stuff as I could while still keeping it open. Like the sawfish! It's still far between the challenges in the walks, but I'm afraid it'd be impossible to add in more without making it too crowded. And hopefully it doesn't bore you all too much. :P

"The characters Mouhamad and the weapons trader. Were there any point to either? I though I would be able to purchase his Trebuchets, but the game never let me."

You can buy the trebuchets, but only when you're preparing for the siege on Aienborg and during the siege. I did this to add more challenge to the other battles, as well as to prevent people from looking at places not meant to be looked at with the trebuchets' huge LOS. Mahmoud on the other hand is completely pointless. :P

"-The placement of Isabelle seemed...uncreative. By the time I finished the game I had over 93% of the map explored, the other 7% being mostly unreachable points. It took marco polo to realize she was in a bland place I never realized could've been important. The NPC hinted she had been captured, so I thought I might find her, say, in the capitol."

In retrospect I kind of agree with you, but that place was one of the few remaining useful spots I could choose where she wouldn't get killed prematurely when some change ownership/change diplomacy effects fired. Plus the area around Pumpkindon didn't have any funny details yet, so I went with it in the end.

"-I felt the Arthelien reinforcements should have been Mongol units instead of Saracen units. It didn't make a lot of sense. And, it would have been more dramatic if they arrived before the assault on Aeinborg. When they did come I didn't really have as much need for them. Also disappointed Urdana wasn't with them."

Neither Mongols nor Saracens exist in the world Gwyndlegard takes place in, and the people of Arthalien are a camel-riding kind, so I gave them both Mangudais and Mamelukes. Having both also makes your army a bit more messed, er, mixed up! As for her arrival, your idea does sound good, but it also messes up the timeline I have set for Gwyndlegard and the sequel/spin-off. To explain it shortly, Urdana doesn't get back to Arthalien until after the siege at Aienborg is over, so having her send her reinforcements at Aienborg already would make no sense.

"-I had a difficult time activating Jane/Larry's quest, the triggers were unusually specific how close my units had to be to activate them."

Really? I don't remember making them any more specific than I normally do.

"-Bert the Beserker was hard to find, I didn't even know he was there until I used marco polo."

That's kind of the point. ;)

"-The Dire Spire of Fire sidequest for the monks came too late in the game. By the time I got the spire it was practically the end of the game and I'd forgotten about them, their reward was useless by that point as well."

I actually added that quest more for the comedy of having them all blow up after their life's goal had been completed, the reward was just an extra. But I see your point.

"-Was there suppose to be a point to the option of ramming the cursed bridge with the Blue Serpent? All that seemed to do was loose me a powerful unit."

It breaks the spell laid on the bridge, which kills any unit that comes too close to it, so yes it has a purpose. But as it is an optional objective, you can leave the curse as it is and use the Blue Serpent for other purposes if you so please, and that was intended.


Thanks for the review Tarsiz. :)

[Edited on 08/07/10 @ 12:23 AM]

Official Reviewer
I'm playing v1,2 right now and each time I load the map for the second time it either crashes or freezes. I apologize if this was already known as I didn't bother reading through 9 pages of comments.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
That was a common issue during the playtesting stage, but since the latest fixes for the release I don't think anyone has reported having that problem. I don't get it anymore either, so I think it could vary from computer to computer. :S
Official Reviewer
I just skimmed through the comments and noticed someone with the same problem and they have the same OS as me.

I've finished it on Standard, close to anyways. I killed xaph and the general behind the gates prior to using the light spell and I think it's bugged now. I destroyed the last little island and nothing is happening.

Anyways, I'm going to try Hard now and then get a review up.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
If you change the allied Xaphira team to enemy during the battle, you're very likely to have that happen to you. I believe the hints explain that. :P

For the crashes, well, that's another reason I'm glad I never switched to Vista. ;)
Official Reviewer
During the bnd, I basically amassed a bunch of resources and so I had hordes of trash units. Xaph's base got destroyed, the only things left were walls, some houses, the farms, and the small walled off section where she is because it's allied. I killed her and the general without changing ally, I used mangonels.

But yeah, her base was demolished when I brought in the light spell.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Yeah, that's one of the scenario's main problems, the forced linear gameplay. Which is caused by the fact it's been in the making for two and a haf years, and I did all the triggering system bases back when I started. But hopefully it will prove more of a challenge on Hard.
IscarioteXIII "You and your friends are dead

Game Over"

Its that from the Friday 13th game for the NES?? lol

By the way great scenario. Keep it up!

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks! Indeed it is, well spotted! :D
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 3+
To start with, Gwyndlegard has a lot of enjoyment value jammed inside. The story is adequate and does a good job leading the player through. Gwyndlegard is a mixed of Fixed Force and Build and Destroy, the latter being more dominate as it takes up more than 70% of your game time. The first portion of the scenario was quite a challenge for me as I'm not a good micromanager when that skill is essential. I had a few reloads because of the "A Hero has fallen." sound which occurred often and quick. The weaker heros gets killed so quickly sometimes that I didn't even see their HP lowering to the half mark. After getting into the second genre portion, I had my heros garrisoned in a castle and the gameplay was like a normal random map game. I never had to reload from that point on except for the required reload in order to cross the bridges.
During my play, there were a couple of things that really hindered my experience. I broke it down and organized it into paragraphs to make it easier to look at. But before that, I want to mention that there was so much recommended text to read that I was lulling away before the game even started. After getting through that, I then forced myself to read Scouts as I wanted to fully experience the scenario. After getting through that pile of text, I then had to go through the introduction cutscene. Once all of that was over, I finally got to play but what I played was me roaming around reading more text until finally, I reached Maruvian's camp where I finally get a chance to fight someone. It took forever to get into a fight, and I barely remember half of the stuff that I read.
Throughout the gameplay up until you get your town center. I was really, really peeved off each time one of my heros died, usually it's Marvin, Felic, or Urdana. Those three can be killed so quickly sometimes that it was as if an effect killed them off. Having control of a couple of must-live heros among a small pile of soldiers brutally annoyed me when I had to hastily click in order to not get a game over message. At Maruvian's camp, I find it very stupid how the main hero must fight alone with the boss. It's stupid because it's impossible to win unless your hero wasn't badly harmed during the previous melee. The hero should have been healed or something because he was tasked into the melee to start with and suffers a lot of damage. Unless, you want players to retreat him the moment the battle begins, which would be the oddest thing to see.
To further my previous annoyance, I had to restart my aok game each time I wanted to load the scenario for the second time. It was brutal. To add to the time waster, the were times when my aok game froze up or took a lot longer than normal to load another session which is really odd. Apparently, this occurs for players with Vista as their operating system but I still have to take this into consideration.
During the siege of the central fort, my game had minimal lag while I was on Standard difficulty. On Hard difficulty, the game lag immensely as I started to attack the castle at right small fort. From this point on, as I invaded the factory and so on, the lag was very horrible. The lag finally diminished to a neglectable rate after I destroyed the central fort and Tengil's charging forces.
Another severe hinder in Gwyndlegard was all of the walking. There were plenty of tasks that required you to go here and there, bringing your heros along as well. Marching towards a new task wasn't as bad because there were generally some resistance along the path. But when backtracking was the case, it was really dull. In addition, there were a lot of exploring required and it was dull most of the time.
The crampness of the small land right before Xaphire's base is something that should have been fixed or modified. I had to create my military buildings in the area east of that cramp land. This in turn causes delay as I now have to march my men through the narrow path leading into the cramp land and then into Xaphire's base. To further the annoyance, lugging rams along was no fun.
After getting into the second genre of the game, the difficulty drastically fell flat. Aside from the first few raids as you just start to build up, it was a walk in the park. I say that as in there was no challenge battling with the computers. It was time consuming yes but not particularly thrilling. If you get a castle or two up, the enemies get slaughtered. I had castles up at all of the event areas and it made it very easy. The enemies have no siege (apart from the ones at Xaphire's base, but they don't leave the island) so building castles practically wins the game. Another little nitpick I noticed during this time was that the enemies raiding me and my allies at the east side were allies to each other. I had lumberjacks over there and they were all killed in front of my allies base. Do they share land of sight at all?
On Hard difficulty, I noticed that the raiding army soon after getting your town center was quite large. Later on into the game, that was truly the case because the computer had order most of their men from other areas such as the different camps and the ones patrolling. I can say this because the camps did not have as much units as my play on Standard and most of the patrols weren't there.
I encountered two areas that had units for hire/purchase. These were the gunmen and the trebs. I found that the gunmen were over the top expensive while the trebs were pathetically inexpensive. Looking at the gunmen's stats, they wouldn't last long and the gold would be better off used on paladins. As for the trebs, 2k food is really easy to gather and the trebs make mincemeat of the 4 castles in the central fort.
The dialogue throughout the game was written well and developed the story excellently. However, there were times where it dragged on and the extra details was just a bother for me to read. For me, when I replayed it the second time on Hard mode, I went to get some water and sometimes food each time there was a long dialogue scene. It was really vexing how I had to waste time in order to continue on with the game.
Furthermore into this area, the little pieces of sound files that read a few lines every now and then was annoying to me. I'm trying to read and look at what the cutscenes show (I usually miss it all though because my eyes can't read and watch at the same time) and do not need another background message to jumble in. If all of the dialogue were voiced then it would be fine, it would be great actually, but it wasn't the case here.
Lastly, during the finale where you had to raid Xaphire's western base, I wrecked that place like crazy. I had castles built up around her and the general. I had blocked all of the spawn points for the swordsmen and archers. The light spell that I casted was useless, just another waste of time. Then, when the event with the fire bridge occurred, there was a horde of her units coming through but they didn't get far due to the castles. What's bizarre is that during that moment, Xaphire was running through, trying to get to the island while bumping into my men and hers. That just seems out of place and so wrong to see. There were a couple of scenes like this where the "boss" and my units were talking. It's unbelievable how I can't just kill them right there and hasten/end the war.

Balance: 3+
I brushed on this category a bit in my comments above. The game was challenging during the first fixed force portion however, it should have been harder when you had to free the miners and liberate Selenir. All I did was lure them out in small groups and slaughtered them with my men. After getting into the later genre portion, the game falls and falls in the difficulty category. Build and Destroy is not easy to balance but there could have and should have been more things added in to help the score. What could help is if the enemies had more reoccurring resources so that he can continuously produce units. You can also limit the player's castle count, or stone, and even restrict the overpowered paladin. Most of the time, the enemies I faced were trigger spawned units and I clearly saw them spawning in the most unsightly areas, from thin air. Lastly, on Standard, you could bring your villagers all over the map without being attacked. You can build castles, walls, and outposts to give you a tremendous advantage. This along with potentially unlimited resources, makes the game really easy. Players can also build trade carts and trade with the wine village.

Creativity: 4+
What can I say here. Nothing throughout the game stood out to me but creativity is all over the scenario. Basse did a very awesome job designing the story, gameplay, map, and objectives. A little beef I have are the names. The jumble of different names and sometimes difficult to read and remember makes it annoying.
Most of the gameplay was pretty flat, it was like a normal random game. I don't recall doing much of the optional side objectives aside from returning the lost monk, which I think I got nothing for doing. Some more thought could have been implemented to make the game after getting your town centre more enjoyable. Most, if not all of the battles from there on consisted of me amassing skirms, halbs, and pallies, and charging in demolishing everything, with the help of offensive castles of course.

Map Design: 5-
One of the best designed part of this scenario. The whole map was designed superbly and every screen view was appealing to look at. Nothing was irregular and/or hideously unnatural. Nothing was really outstanding or worth mentioning but as a map, it was crafted very well and deserves a high rating. With the praises, there were a couple of things that was off however, the rest of the map was done so well that the rating should be the best it can be.
Plenty of times throughout my gaming, I saw glitched, straight edge cliffs. I'm not sure if those were intentional, forgotten, or glitched from playing but they were hideous and in abundance. Another issue was the cramp land before Xaphire which was mentioned previously. A reason for my game crashes could be from all the glitched gates. A lot of the gates had very dark shadows and the gate opening graphics didn't occur when a unit crossed it. Another thing I noticed were the hold off units. I had chopped all the trees and can clearly see them there. The wolf there even attacked my lumberjacks for a bit before it ran off to attack my buildings that I had in the small right camp. Lastly, the central fort seems unnatural as it's a perfect square with a perfect central hill along with perfect cliffs to fit the buildings perfectly in.

Story/Instructions: 4+
The story was crafted well but there weren't a lot of twists to hold my attention. It was a simple story and the main point was to kill Xaphire. A lot of the plot is basic storytelling and nothing was wow enough to mention. Though the story was basic and all, it's still worthy and well produced. There were times where there could have been giant holes in the plot such as during the chat sessions with the bosses infront of you, and how Xaphire allowed you all the time in the world to build up. I mean, are her patrols drunk? How come none of them reported anything to her. Also, I mentioned the scene where Xaphire runs through my men and her own before, I mean, how come I couldn't kill her? Lastly for this section, there were a good amount of typos that I saw throughout the game but none was worth degrading the score. Specifically, there was this sentence after Felicity got the keys from the guard that was mind boggling to me because reading it made me wacko.
Hints and Instructions were plentiful and accurate. Some more precise instructions could help a lot for players who are lost. None of the challenges are difficult enough to require a walkthrough though. Just certain parts such as bringing the light spell to the flag that's on the road at the entrance of Xaphire's base. On my first play, I couldn't find the flag because my castle was blocking it. I ended up wasting time moving the relic all over her base.

Additional Comments:
Great work with the scenario. My experience with the game gave it the rating that it is but the game is still of top quality. Although I expected some RPG and defend the spot portions, Gwyndlegard was created well enough for me to continue through to the end. I think my review is the longest one I've ever seen, though it looks more like a playtesting feedback report.

[Edited on 08/11/10 @ 03:46 PM]

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