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Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

Gwyndlegard was a peaceful country until two and a half years ago when it's jealous neighbour to the north-west, Xioché, invaded it with a force of thirty thousand led by the military geniuses Count Tengil and the witch Queen Xaphira. After the peace treaty two years ago, Xioché holds most of Gwyndlegard under occupation, save for the last free city to the east, Pumpkindon, where the country's leader Lord Mezenghi now lives.

In the country's southernmost province, Gwynhill, tension is now growing. A sergeant called Immanuel has long wanted to ambush the local Xiochan governor and start a rebellion, and when said governor takes slaves from Gwynhill village, a clear violation of the peace treaty, he gets his chance. Unfortunately his girlfriend is among the ones taken as slaves so the quest becomes quite personal.

You will take the role as Immanuel and his close friends to criss-cross the country, save your girlfriend Emily and free Gwyndlegard from the evil witch's claws in this humorous epic!


• A giant map with great variety, from green green forests to open plains and snow-covered mountain tops,
• A mix of playing styles including AI-driven Build & Destroy, stealth mission in RPS and criss-crossing Fixed Force,
• A rather epic scenario that doesn't end after an hour or two,
• 965 triggers, for those who want to know
• Partially spoken dialogue (not self-made though, be thankful for that!),
• Focus on story and gameplay; no mods, data changes or overly complicated trigger tricks,
• An overdose of weird Basse humour!

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.

The story continues in The Rockspring Revolution.

Want to see what happened to Marvin and Rob after they left you in this scenario? Check out The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob!

The final act of the story can be found in The Relics of Athalën
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Sounds like you're using Windows 7. :P Extract the files to My Documents, then move them manually into their folders.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot for the review Elliott_Thomas! I don't mind you pointing out the negatives, it's thanks criticism in reviews, especially yours and Dtrungle's, that I've learned all the things I ought to have done better. While I can't fix all these things for Gwyndlegard, it gives me many things to remember when working on new campaigns. :)

It would be a nightmare to try to fix things like too many characters, to narrow map parts and such in this map, but it's a lot of help for future projects. In the sequel for example, there will be much fewer important characters; or at least, they won't be under your control and thus you don't need to keep them alive. Hopefully I can allow their personalities to grow a bit more as well.

The AI is one thing I can fix, change some numbers and force it to produce a lot more siege weapons. And I could add a limit to the number of respawning waves on the final island, which should make it a bit more bearable.

The magic is not something I threw in at the last moment, although it might come across that way. On the contrary, in my original plans there was to be a lot more magic; the fort west of Pumpkindon and the mountain fort that the king of Sarachrion wants you to clear out, were originally intended as some kind of magic power-concentrations points, which you needed to take control of to remove the invisible wall Xaphira had put up around her capital. But since this was far too much a rip-off of Sabato Returns, I scratched it, and the magic only comes in later on. I know this won't change your review or your experience of it, but it might give a little perspective at least. :)

And finally, the names... I agree that some of them make no sense, like Mezenghi having a son called Fabian, and Pumpkindon being a bit of a silly name (even though I like it!). But at this point I'm not going back and changing every appearance of Mezenghi or Fabian, all I can do is patch it up afterwards. For example, one thing the scenario never mentions is that Mezenghi has a wife with a very strong will. She decided the names of her children, Mezenghi had little to say on it, and since she was from the southern regions she named her son accordingly; Fabian.

To conclude this, I think the mnumber one problem with gwyndlegard is that it took two years to accomplish. For example, I did most of the map back when I thought the B&D would only be a small part of the scenario; once I got into ther B&D section, it turns out it'll cover like 70% of the gameplay. The many bottlenecks and weird strategic spots, as well as the bridge to Xaphira's island, were not made for this kind of game.

But again, thanks for the review. It will be a lot of help when updating this scenari (whenever that happens) and working on it's sequel. :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot for the review Sipia! I'm really glad to hear you liked it enough to play it through twice! :)

I suppose you could argue that the plot has some holes, and I'm sure it has! But that one in particular I think is explainable; if she had killed Immanuel right then and there, someone else would just have risen to take his place. However, if she had managed to break him down mentally and had him, through his leadership, slowing down the entire Resistance, she would have more to gain.

I know it isn't explained like that, word by word, in the scenario itself, but that's pretty much what I was thinking when I made that part of the scenario. ;)
Slasher Z Game has a bug. Lord Tergil shouts "NO!" and the game crashes after I attack his second base. That Surchancial thing. Anyway, game crahses.

It started having a massive slowdown just before I attacked his first base.

It's not my computer. I have 4 gigs of memory, a 2.6ghz quad core and an HD5770. Its your scenario.
S_t_3_v_3_N already stunned by the map you drew or however you did it, lets see if i can take on the campaign itself
The Furry Someone Help Me! I Cant the Spure thing to the Xaphira It just stands there,and looks like a tower HELP!!!

Was really enjoying the campaign but once I started the build and destroy part, any time I tried to reload the game would crash. Anytime I went near certain enemy camps, the game would crash, and once I donated the 1k food and gold to whatever that town is called it crashed again.

I was thinking windows 7 might be the problem, but all other custom content has worked just fine...

Any suggestions, I would love to finish the game!

GJ btw it is a great map and campaign.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
*** This scenario received the award “Best Gameplay” in the Game of the Year Awards of 2010 ***

*** This scenario received the award “Best Story” in the Game of the Year Awards of 2010 (tied with “The Spirit of Alessia Prologue”) ***

*** This scenario received the award “Best Score (Music & Sound Effects)” in the Game of the Year Awards of 2010 ***,40166,,all

[Edited on 02/03/11 @ 04:00 AM]

alekshs Ive been playing this scenario for 3 days,but i didn't get bored at any of the challenges(although i used a lot of saves when trying to get over some tricky situations!!).I've reached the point where i should establish a base with strong army in order to attack,which i think is the most boring part of the game.However,it's worth the satisfactory(and real,too)story.
G omega I finished the scenario withouth any bugs, and i'm reaylly impressionned! This is exellan scenario! I rarly seen such a good story! Good work!
Just a question: how do you do to have a picture of the whole map? Tell me, please!
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