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Author File Description
Lord Basse
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Mix

Gwyndlegard was a peaceful country until two and a half years ago when it's jealous neighbour to the north-west, Xioché, invaded it with a force of thirty thousand led by the military geniuses Count Tengil and the witch Queen Xaphira. After the peace treaty two years ago, Xioché holds most of Gwyndlegard under occupation, save for the last free city to the east, Pumpkindon, where the country's leader Lord Mezenghi now lives.

In the country's southernmost province, Gwynhill, tension is now growing. A sergeant called Immanuel has long wanted to ambush the local Xiochan governor and start a rebellion, and when said governor takes slaves from Gwynhill village, a clear violation of the peace treaty, he gets his chance. Unfortunately his girlfriend is among the ones taken as slaves so the quest becomes quite personal.

You will take the role as Immanuel and his close friends to criss-cross the country, save your girlfriend Emily and free Gwyndlegard from the evil witch's claws in this humorous epic!


• A giant map with great variety, from green green forests to open plains and snow-covered mountain tops,
• A mix of playing styles including AI-driven Build & Destroy, stealth mission in RPS and criss-crossing Fixed Force,
• A rather epic scenario that doesn't end after an hour or two,
• 965 triggers, for those who want to know
• Partially spoken dialogue (not self-made though, be thankful for that!),
• Focus on story and gameplay; no mods, data changes or overly complicated trigger tricks,
• An overdose of weird Basse humour!

Brought to you by StormWind Studios.

The story continues in The Rockspring Revolution.

Want to see what happened to Marvin and Rob after they left you in this scenario? Check out The Epic Adventures of Marvin and Rob!

The final act of the story can be found in The Relics of Athalën
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Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Type in marco polo while playing a scenario, then hit CTRL+F12 and click until you get 1:3 resolution for the highest possible resolution. :)
G omega Thank! I will try.
RladalFatih There is a long time that I downloaded Gwyndlegard, around ten months, maybe. I tried it, I completed the first part, and... my save crashed. So I wait a long moment before to find the courage to restart an other game, and finish this scenario. It was a good idea: Gwyndlegard is not far of a masterpiece, with an awesome gameplay. I don't understand how I did to forget a wonderfull scenario like this, because it took me more than eight hours of game time to finally kill Xaphira (and around 400 hussars and 500 halberdiers that sacrificed their life for this noble cause that freedom is... Even on a giant map like yours, there was not enough place to burry all of them. Peace to their souls!)

But I enjoyed of all of these hours of original gameplay. I learned really soon when I entered on AoKH that Lord Basse was the name of one of the best designers here. With Gwyndlegard, I understand why.

-On these pretty words, I also add that I seriously think to rate it. I want to help this wonder of scenario design to raise its average rating.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
It always makes me glad to hear that people enjoy my scenarios, particularily Gwyndlegard, because it shows that my 2,5 years of working on-and-off on it wasn't in vain. I'm glad you liked it RladalFatih, and thanks for your comment! :)
RladalFatih (Incredible! The great Lord Basse answered me! I should ask him an autograph! But... Yes, it is true, this is impossible to sign something with a computer... Zut!)

Oh, sorry! I was thinking in front of my computer screen, and I don't noticed that I was writing everything about I was thinking. Please forget the first paragraph...
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks a lot for taking time write a review RladalFatih! :D

I don't think there is going to be a third update, not anytime soon anyway. I'm currently working on a sequel to/spin-off of Gwyndlegard, and after that I'll begin working on the big "real" sequel. So I'm quite stuffed with work. ;)
G omega How can you make a unit turned to a hero? Beacause, if you make a trigger that in loop the unit have a damage of -1, it give to the unit more hp point than his max! How could we stop it when the "unit hero" wasn't hurted?

Oh! Other thing!: Your scenario was so exellent that i've decide to create mysself an aventure scenario! But... there's a small problem... The intro of the music "lamia's lair" was pretty good... It inspire me some good ideas... May I use it? Just the intro...
(sorry for my english...)

[Edited on 07/06/11 @ 02:12 PM]

Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
File Author
There's a lot of other music which is just as good as "Lamia's Lair", and it would make your scenario more original if you used another track. Look up composer Ilan Eshkeri and you'll probably find something similar. But if you insist on using this track then, well, I'm not going to stop you. ;)

As for the hero healing thingy, the FAQ in the forums has the answer:

Display as Objective: No
Starting State: On
Trigger Looping: Yes
Condition0: Timer - 1 ~ 3, controls how fast a unit recovers. The longer the time, the slower the unit recovers.
Effect0: Damage Object: - 1
Effect1: Damage Object: - (16777216 - MAX HP)
Effect2: Damage Object: (16777216 - MAX HP)"

The FAQ:,37500,0,10
G omega Tank for the trick. I will try, yet I don't understand why it create the effect of healing the unit like a hero, but there's many trick that work with a stange methode... Like the invisible units, the immortal units, the slying units and "the statues units".

[Edited on 07/06/11 @ 02:22 PM]

G omega Ah, and... may I ask you for concils to create my scenario? The aventure scenario seems to be one of your speciallities...

[Edited on 07/06/11 @ 02:20 PM]

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