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The Bounty Hunter

Author File Description
File Details
Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
Style: Role Playing Strategy
The Bounty Hunter

Liam Vance is a shabby swordsman living on the sharp side of life. In the bad times he is a mercenary, bounty-hunter and soldier for hire. In the worse times he makes a living thieving from market stalls and running away from angry inn-keepers. Often in these troubled days where there is much work to be had he finds his purse surprisingly full as he is good at what he does, but equally often he wakes under a hedge a week later bankrupt and gorged on fine food and wine.

Today finds him in Sparrowick Wood, well known for its wildlife and charming ruins. However, Liam is more interested in the fearsome bandits, or more specifically their looted gold. If all goes well a small fortune awaits him.

This is a mini game (30x30) in the RPG style where you will have a series of fights to overcome. The aim is to have a small but fun scenario with fresh and intuitive gameplay.

Comments and reviews, as always, are much appreciated.

Update on 2 July 2010, after 42 downloads
- Taunt system improved and made more reliable
- Bug with Krayle making him easier to defeat fixed
- Reported bug that archers die prematurely should now be fixed

Update on 4 July 2010, after 84 downloads
- Walkthrough included
- Specific hints for each enemy now available
- Difficulty dynamics of a sort included
- Occasional bug to do with switching stances fixed

Update on 8 July 2010, after 138 downloads
- Story expanded
- Proper difficulty dynamics added
- One or two other aspects refined

Update on 10 July 2010, after 169 downloads
- A couple of minor issues remedied
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Official Reviewer
File Author
How interesting. A 5.0 review and a 3.6 review on the same file. Thanks very much to you both for your time.

Popeychops, I may be wrong but I suspect that you are not in fact using the right strategies and consequently you are only finding success through flukey glitches and so on. I can reliably win the game each time with no particular luck even on fast speed and I gather other people can also. I invite you to have a fresh go and if you're still struggling I would be happy to email you extra hints.
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
"The Bounty Hunter" is a very short RPS where you play as the bounty hunter Liam Vance in his quest to steal some golden coins from a pack of bandits. Play time is about six minutes, or more counting all the reloads.

If you don't use the extra hints provided through taunts or the "Completely stuck? Look here, dumbass"-section in the Scouts, this scenario can be immensely frustrating unless you're a puzzle/micro wizard. Which I am not, so before resorting to the hints I lost about fifteen times; sometimes because of bad luck. For me, winning the two first fights varied between total frustration when I had to reload five-six times to win, and a walk in the park when I got it right and checked the hints. However, there didn't seem to be much joy in figuring out how to solve the situations, as both times I had to resort to the hints and cheating hints to win. This made the scenario less enjoyable. All in all I found this moderately entertaining. Perhaps it is because puzzle games aren't my strongest side but I don't find it all that much fun that winning a scenario is mostly about checking the hints, i.e. reading the manual continuously as you play. The music and sound effects and off-map filler bring the game up and the concept is interesting, but it doesn't help the scenario enough to gain a higher score here than average.

Having played the scenario multiple times and ruled out what I first thought of as pure luck to be just epic failure from my side, it seems that the challenges are all rather balanced; the last one especially. When you use the right tactics the two first fights are well-balanced as well, although requiring a lot more timing, luck and micromanagement on Hard. The problem here is that both fights can be beaten much more easily than intended, making them much too simple. In the first fight, unless you play on Hard, you can simply rush up to the archers and kill them one by one during the first wave, and then turn to kill Dagoth. If you play on hard you need to do precisely as told to, and have the luck of not getting hit first by Dagoth, or you're fried. The second fight is also much too simple, seeing as it's far too easy now to trap the skirmisher. You can actually trap him in the very same spot he starts in and win easily! Another thing that brings down the score is that the differense between the difficulty levels is unbalanced; Standard and Moderate are virtually the same, except you get more hints and notices on Standard, while Hard is way above Moderate and only for the die-hard gaming masochist who enjoy losing. Making the difficulty levels more distinct would likely up the score, although not to a perfect five due to the nature of the challenges in the scenario.

The concept is promising, the style of gameplay is rather unique too, albeit seemingly heavily inspired by Tsubasa's Tale (the special fighting techniques and overall just the same gameplay style). Much of the music and sound effects were very fitting which enhanced the game, but nothing stood out as much as to warrant a perfect score here.

Pretty much flawless. Julius' minimalistic "cram it all in there"-style is well suited for mini scenarios like this and the design has a couple of neat tricks, like a yurt almost completely hidden by trees to show Liam's belongings. Since it's such a small scenario there wasn't anything particularly awesome that stood out, but it was pleasant to the eye and tactically useful with the elevation and terrain. The one flaw I could see was that the scenario lacked decorative elevation; while the elevation at the battles was tactically useful, the rest of the map was almost completely flat. Not enough to deduct a point, but a little something to improve if you wish the map to be perfect.

The story is humorous and has the traditional dry humour you see in Julius' scenarios. Although it is a bit cliché, the humour brings it up, and for such a short scenario it's more than sufficient. As for instructions, the scenario had plenty of hints and even a walkthrough so that crappy puzzlers like myself would also have a chance at winning. And even though playing without the hints can be very frustrating making the scenario less enjoyable, the hints in themselves are very specific and useful and win the game for you.

[Edited on 07/08/10 @ 07:59 PM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5-
This scenario was very enjoyable to me. It had RPG/RPS elements mixed with some problem solving, aka puzzle. I enjoy these types of game immensely. There were no critical problems with the game and it played very smoothly. You start, you go, fight, fight again, and fight again. I had no problems with the instructions or hints and I did require a few reloads because of the element of first encounter. I managed to defeat the bandits either on the second or third try, the tactic required behind each bandit was easily concluded for me. The additional sound files made the experience more exciting. The music got you pumped up for a boss battle and the human voices gave indication of something happening and satistfying confirmation of defeat. The downside to this scenario is that it's very short and the gameplay is very linear.

Balance: 5-
All aoe players should be able to beat this, and there are a lot of hints to aid them. If they still can not, there are also walkthroughs to tell them how it's done. This scenario can be played with three different difficulty settings. Players who aren't good can hone their skills through a lower difficulty setting before tackling Hard mode. All difficulty settings can be won and luck is not an important factor, like how some other reviewers have stated.

Creativity: 5-
There's a lot of creative aspects in this scenario. Like some of the eye candy scenes and the different battle encounters. A lot of it is new so I can't give a low rating in this category. The creative aspects is what made this scenario enjoyable to me. Even though this scenario is very short and what you see/experience isn't a lot, I'm quite sure you'll see that this rating is deserving after playing it.

Map Design: 5
The map design was done very nicely. It's a very appealing forest scenary with a pond, a wild animal, and clumps of plants. There were a few instances of forage bushes on ruins that looked a bit strange but not enough to ruin this excellently designed map. If possible, a few more dirt and leaves terrain can be added along the route and maybe some more gaia plants.

Story/Instructions: 5-
The story is decent, providing more depth to the scenario. It's the basic cliche of defeat bandit for gold story. Instructions and hints were plentiful and accurate. However, some hints need to be revise to be more direct and concrete such as the one that suggests you to leave the top boss for last which should be changed to a statement instead because the top boss is impossible if you don't kill the other two bosses. There are now plenty of additional hints and even a walkthrough but again, some of it needs to be more direct and concrete. For example, the walkthrough tells you to fight the top boss on the elevation which is correct. But, the thing left out is that you need to position yourself so that you don't walk around the boss when retreating to the ram.

I encourage everyone to download this and give it a try because it's an exceptional and refreshing small piece of work. Lastly, keep in mind that this scenario is very small/short for all you downloaders out there.

[Edited on 07/11/10 @ 11:58 AM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks again for another two reviews. What I've noticed is that there seems to be a pretty big divide between the people who figure this out and the people who don't quite get there. This is a problem however and later today I plan to update with some new changes that should make everybody happy.

EDIT: Now updated with lots of nice hints for the eternally stuck.

[Edited on 07/04/10 @ 03:24 PM]

joshua4missions I'm curious, what is the potion for. I never saw any use for it. If it's for the top Bandit, I didn't need it. I killed him easily. He was one of the easiest of the bandits.

joshua4missions :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
I believe it's the potion that gets you the extra HP for the final boss. It's never actually mentioned what it does, but if you go there without getting the potion you just have 70 HP. :P

[Edited on 07/07/10 @ 01:36 PM]

joshua4missions Ok, thanks Lord Basse.

joshua4missions :)
Official Reviewer

Why does the deer meat statement replace the bread one?

Description for defensive stance states that Liam needs to be selected.

Your walkthrough had some points that needed to be more direct. Walkthroughs are last resort hints and they should be as direct as possible.

Typo, "move forward to near Dagoth". Who knows, maybe this is correct where you are...

On Hard, left boss, when the battle begins, your hero moves forward and kills the archers while it's not under your control. In addition, after killing the archers, there's a couple of seconds worth of delays before the boss turns enemy.

On Hard, top boss, he's impossible to me now. Can you beat it? Also, why is the position of the TK at the right different from the other two difficulties?

The boss on the right has the same difficulty no matter which one you pick. If you were trying to make it easier, you might want to try something else.

EDIT: About the healing portion again. I really do believe that it would be more realistic and better, if you make it consuming. As it is now, after each boss, you just go on to the next one and you're full heal. If you're going to do that, you might as well remove the chat from the pot. It makes no sense to give an indication of consuming the pot when you are healed just by walking near the bottom, without seeing the pot.

[Edited on 07/09/10 @ 05:46 PM]

Official Reviewer
File Author
Thanks for the feedback, Dtrungle. You're an excellent tester.

"Why does the deer meat statement replace the bread one?"
Liam throws away the bread I suppose due to lack of carrying capacity.

"If you're going to do that, you might as well remove the chat from the pot. It makes no sense to give an indication of consuming the pot when you are healed just by walking near the bottom, without seeing the pot."
The pot and other food is not intended to relate to healing at all. I've included mentions of food only because seeing as I already had an inventory system it seemed sensible to acknowledge that the character has to eat. It's purely presentational.

"Description for defensive stance states that Liam needs to be selected."
Well spotted.

"Who knows, maybe this is correct where you are..."
Yes. It's one of those either/or situations.

"your hero moves forward and kills the archers while it's not under your control."
I've never encountered this, but I've put in an extra safeguard.

"In addition, after killing the archers, there's a couple of seconds worth of delays before the boss turns enemy."
I've added another trigger to deal with this.

"On Hard, top boss, he's impossible to me now. Can you beat it?"
Yes. Look for elevation.

"Also, why is the position of the TK at the right different from the other two difficulties?"
I think it makes him slightly easier to walk around without getting hit as much.

"The boss on the right has the same difficulty no matter which one you pick."
On hard he has higher attack, making it less forgiving if you botch up. On easy it takes longer for the skirmisher to react.

[Edited on 07/10/10 @ 08:33 AM]

Official Reviewer
I've updated my review.

Is the top boss' HP always 200? I was so sure that I saw him with 250HP once.
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Map Design5.0
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