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Author File Description
Java sparrow
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
This AI always tries to attack at feudal age.

Please put the file "Solidus1.1.per","" and the folder "Solidus1.1" under the AI folder.

As my English is not good, the comments of this AI are not written in English.

This AI works under following settings.

Game: Land Map
Map : Prefers Arabia Random Map
Size: Any (Prefers tiny)
Difficulty: Except hardest
Resources: standard
Population: 200
Starting Age: Dark Age
Civilizations : prefer Byzantine
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Official Reviewer
I did everything you set out and still receive the following message:

AI Script Error

Player 2
File Solidus1.0/init.per
ERR5001: File open failed

As for player 2, its villagers are scouting rather than building and the scout cavalry itself sits there and does nothing.
Java sparrow
File Author
Sorry but I cannot find any problems.
I think you are putting folder "Solidus", not "Solidus1.0".
zergs [quote]AI Script Error

Player 2
File Solidus1.0/init.per
ERR5001: File open failed[/quote]
Looks like you missed to copy the files in the directory. At least it works fine for me.

Sorry, I don't have enough time to test it thoroughly. Looks like a good addition for the aileague.

[Edited on 07/05/10 @ 11:33 AM]

Official Reviewer
Would I really miss putting the files in the Directory? As I said, I've done everything I should have but still the error message occurs, making the AI useless. I wonder if you tested this version of yours before uploading it?
PureKnickers Got it working. Will try a few rounds with it soon enough.

But might I suggest making the download and extraction process easier by not putting the essential files (Solidus1.0.per, and Solidus1.0[folder]) inside a folder (Solidus[folder]) inside a zip file( Instead, leave out the useless folder in the zip file and put the essential files directly into the zip file.

This way, people can just download the zip file and place it in the AI section and choose 'Extract here...' without any further file moving. As you can see, even a veteran can slip up on moving files around (pardon me if in fact it turns out to be the scripts error), especially when the folders have very similar names.
Java sparrow
File Author
Thank you for nice advice,PureKnickers.
And sorry for bothering you,Mashek.

Now, you can use this AI only with choosing 'Extract here'.
The Ruler Byzantines ?! Yep, remembers me to Nat Sel Byz. -
hard to defeat, once they got to Imp...
my modified Vik 2 needed 2h17 at more than 4000 (!) deceased 'till brought it to an end on my last test run
fine work, mate !

[Edited on 07/07/10 @ 03:57 AM]

PureKnickers Just did 1.5 runs of this AI against my PK_Goth01_Aggr (should be posted soon). Obviously not a top-end AI, but

I only got to late castle on the first run because I used 'natural wonders' to watch and then clicked the tech tree button to check a unit. (Hint: there is no tech tree for Gaia and AoE2 doesn't like that.).

Solidus definatley held off early assaults like a pro. The only time there was a sign of buckling in both games was late in the feudal age after the trash swarms and towers had been taken care of. My AI isn't smart enough to push at a sign of weakness yet, but that stage of the game might be a big weakness against better AIs.

I also quite liked the watch tower forward building supplemented by the forward outpost builders.

After Solidus feudal attack and then fending PKs attacks, Solidus hit the Imperial Age and WOW, game over. This is where I thought this AI really shined. The army composition and unit upgrade speed was spectacular. The army just bulldozed through 4+ castles and everything in it's path.
Java sparrow
File Author
Thank you for nice review.
The aim of this AI is to defeat enemy's army in feudal age but it needs well placed tower,and it depends on mere luck...

Well,I think it'll work better after next update.

zvrzvarog good ai but not as good as i am looking for
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