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John Mendl 2. The Control of Bavaria

Author File Description
John Mendl
File Details
Version: The Conquerors
Style: Build and Destroy
Play as the Mendlons led by John Mendl in his first real action after capturing Salzburg. He intends to bring the province of Bavaria under his complete control. That way, he would lay closer to his aim of dethroning the powerful and cruel Emperor Frederick III of the Holy Roman Empire.

This is a Build and Destroy scenario with all the opponents controlled by AI scripts. I have paid utmost devotion to designing the map and AI, and making this free of bugs. I have made several measures (like sidequests) to keep your interest till it finishes.

I recommend you to play on Hard/Moderate difficulty (both works the same here). But if you find it too challenging, play on Standard, its somewhat easier.

To play the scenario, put the .CPX file in this folder -

C:/Program files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empies II/CAMPAIGN

AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Mark1 I haven't even defeated an enemy yet, but the first hour was so hectic and annoying! Rushing up and down, trying to replace palisade, building units, replacing farms.

The second hour was much more enjoyable, with a refined defense system, skirmishers, scorpions and towers I was able to defend myself whilst scouts raided and purged the land. I'll comment later when I have finished this fun scenario.
The Ruler The India John Mendel goes across the alps...
that's a thing !
that's my first downloaded scenario and I have to give in that I'm so slow reg. to those AIs and entirely forgotten, that the human has always to fight vs a 10 times hands over lol

off topic : how about some judging, mate ?!
John Mendl
File Author
Feel free to review it. Just make sure you read the review guidelines first.
The Ruler I haven't played AOE for 2 years, only scripting Ai files, so I'm rather out here..
not even know if I'll play it to an end ( J.Mendel already died 2 times )
but I think that it is a challenging scenario and I'm in deep admiring for the work you guys do creating them ( esp the maps)

edit :

how about some judging, mate ?!..

eh that's for the Ai scripters ladder...
we suffer from less judgers

[Edited on 07/25/10 @ 11:06 AM]

John Mendl
File Author
Im sorry mate, i dont have time for judging AI matches. I understand the plight of the judges including you, but i just dont have the time.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
The Control of Bavaria is a quite challenging scenario, but lots of fun all the same. You take command of John Mendil and his forces, and must destroy two castles to win. I played on Standard difficulty and offers great Build and Destroy gameplay. This scenario doesn't offer much replayability(I wouldn't want to play it again :D).
Balance: 4
The game, as mentioned above, was quite difficult, even on standard. The constant early attacks made it difficult, but not impossible. I found the best strategy is to wall up using gates(You cant build stone walls) and fill in gaps with layers of Palisade walls. The Objective was two destroy both Munrich and Insbruck(or whatever it's called :)) castle. Both were challenging, and sometimes frustrating how each time you built something, they automatically appear within minutes and destroy it lol.

Creativity: 5
The creativity was good, like getting 2H swordsman with the wagon etc... The Ai for this map is excellent, and made this map very challenging.

Map Design: 5
The map design for this map is beautiful. It looks like a country and the placement is great(other that a old stone head in the snow :D). One thing that I wondered about is why the Whole West part of the map wasn't used, unless it was for the enemies econ etc...

Story/Instructions: 5
The story is good, as well as historical. The story wasn't very deep, but was good enough. The Hints were good and can help in tough places.

Additional Comments:

All in all, this is an excellent example of how Build and Destroy scenarios should be made. If you like B&D style maps(or even if you don't), download this and give it a try. Great work John Medil. :D

joshua4missions :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
You are John Mendl and,after establishing a light base away from the Alps,you try to expand and take Bavaria under your control. Its theme is usual,but the game is a lot-promising and amazing at the same time. I managed to defend my village,collect resources from the outside,make enough army regularly,walk through the nice-made forests and paths and so on. No strange tasks to do--just an empire to overcome and a big world to explore.The fact i relied on more resources as time was going on,but less of it was
available,troubled me and,1-2 of the times i played the game,i cheated in order to do better.

Balance: 3
Anyone must acquire more than the basic skills if they want to succeed.Even playing on Standard difficulty can be demanding. However,the surrounding can be used well at someone's advance(like the bridges or the narrow paths or the cliffs).I could have much army for long periods,but when gold and stone resources were continuously lowering,then difficulty was raised.Many tactics can be used,but the enemies tend to send many troops to attack.

Creativity: 4
The fact the Mendlons used to live on mountains fits perfectly the reason why they can not build docks or stone walls-very clever of you.Hence,the bridges connecting the several lands together,the well-guarded castles and many other "pieces" of the map result in interesting and prosperous gaming.If the game was bit more balanced and there were more resources,then you would definitely gain 5.

Map Design: 5
The first time i played the game i did not pay much attention to the map's design.The second time i did so did i realize what i had missed: Wonderful landscapes,exceptional terrain mixing and appropriate gaia stuff,such as animals,flowers,trees etc. I loved the paths you created (i mean those where troops must have marched a lot of times),like if you checked them thoroughly before the final "approval".I also liked the diversity or trees( e.g. not only pine trees in snowy landscapes).Plus,the simplicity of your map: It seems so real,naturally made and non-complicated! Nothing else to say here.

Story/Instructions: 5
The Mendlons have decided to get rid of the cruel Emperor Frederick III,taking high risks...You are facing the German army,the town of Innsbruck and the Munich,capital of Bavaria. The game is a promise for much exploring and vast number of conquests and fights.
There is some scout information available and some valuable,plus enough hints. Your tasks are simple and non-distracting at all.It's a complete pack that is 5-point worth!

Additional Comments:
Your map is nice, definitely recommended to play! Although it's not perfect,do not worry--if you feel satisfied with yourself,you've definitely succeeded.
John Mendl
File Author
Thanks a lot for your patience in reviewing, Joshua and Alekhs. Glad you enjoyed this.

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Map Design5.0
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