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Koncoo Campaign Sample Scenario

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Version: The Conquerors
Style: Mix
Number of scenarios: 1
When I was 7 or 8, I wrote a ridiculous medieval story where Christopher Columbus and I found an island named Koncoo, and we became epic warriors. (Don't ask). Anyway, I reworked it tons of times later, hoping to adapt it to a cool, realistic story, but I got to lazy to write it. So, instead, I decided to make an AoK campaign. This is the beginning of the series. Basically, Caleb and Christopher of Eliam, Briton find an inhabited island after a storm ruined their exploration. From there, well, you'll see. Tell me what you think.
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Map Design2.0
First of all, I wish to say I liked the map although I think it could have been better.

Playability: 3
You start out with a band of soldiers, and quickly get a medium sized town to your disposal.
Some triggers triggered too late for my feeling, for example, at one point you have to get 350 food wood and stone. I already had that. After some time passed the scenario continued, but it wasnt the way it had to work.
Also, the great - point here, the speed the text came by. I played on normal and before I read half (I read at a good speed) the text was gone again, forcing me (Taking interest in the story) to look it up again, every time.
If something annoyed me in this scenario, this was it.

Balance: 2
You only fight at the very end of the scenario, against some M@A and one onager.
If you didnt build troops yet this can be tough for some people, however I feel the difficulty of this scenario was like that of AoK's tutorial campaign, maybe a bit below.

Creativity: 3+
I must honestly say I didnt expect *too* much of this scenario in the beginning. It surpassed my expectations, through medium-level trigger use and playing the map gave me a good, although easy/lazy feeling because of the difficulty grade

Map Design: 2
Following the review guidelines, which state that 'random map-level' is a 3, I cant do other then give this map a 2.
I liked some things in the map, but lets face it, its mainly grass 1, some pine forest and forest. The water was somewhat better, using deep water further off the coast and such.
I didnt like the lack of eyecandy + the simplicity of the map.
Good try but keep trying, maybe play some rating 5 campaigns to get ideas =)

Story/Instructions: 4-
Although the text scrolled too fast and the story wasnt a bestseller, it was told with well, a good intention. The author put some time into the text and formulating it, its not just 'kill this go there' (ok in the instructions it is, but keeping it simple there is a +)

Additional Comments:
Most certainly not a perfect piece of work, but it has potential. I advise the author to polish up the graphics (Map design), slow the text, put some side quests in there etc.

In closing:
Download it
Because its a nice map, like I said not perfect, but still nice. Maybe you can help the author with some tips.
File Author
First of all, I just want to say thanks for even bothering to try this scenario. I didn't really expect anyone to. Yeah, I realized that this had many short-comings. I've made many changes since I've uploaded it, and eventually decided to start from scratch. I noticed the thing about the text speed, which I'm working harder on now. I also agree about the resource gathering goal, but I forgot to change it because I was having trouble with some of the later triggers. I know it was a bit too easy and simple, which I hope to remedy effectively. As for map design, I've always stunk at that (mainly due to lack of patience), though I must laugh because it actually was a slightly-edited random map. I've started over with a portion of the island for each scenario, instead of the whole thing as one map, which should give me some new options. I hope my next one turns out good. Again, thanks for playing.
NewDesigner Heya,
No problem, I thought it was rather fun to play, and I think it can become more fun to play.
The idea isnt bad, you write pretty good imo and with some map design and more trigger work this could become something.

Good luck on your next projects, if you need a playtester/mapdesigner/triggerguy give me a pm, im no expert in those area's but no newbie either :)
Lord Basse
Official Reviewer
Map Design2.0
For some reason I really quite liked this scenario, despite its simplicity. I suppose it was the background story which made me a bit nostalgic about all the weird scenarios and stories I came up with when I was younger. The scenario itself is mildly entertaining; the objectives are very standard B&D (gather 350 of all resources) and the map is a random map spruced up with a town. The story is the best part of the scenario; it's quite well written, for AoK standards anyway, and there are very few spelling mistakes, the most prominent being spelling "Britain" as "Briton". There was also some unexpected lag when I played this; what caused it is beyond me, but the 1,000,000 years to the upper-right might be a factor. Might be, I'm really not sure. In total, the game itself is very simple and not challenging at all, but with the nostalgic feel it presents it brings the score up to a weak 3.

The scenario wasn't challenging at all. Up until the British landing there was no fighting or any other challenge, and when the British did attack, the only true foe was the onager, which killed a couple of my villagers. Peculiarly, the men-at-arms the British sent forward were enemies to me, but they still had me set as ally, so I could kill them without any resistance. Simply fixing that issue would up the score, seeing as it would be a bit challenging to defend a village with only a knight and two pikemen (I hadn't had time to train any troops yet, or even build a baracks), but as it stands it was a walk in the park.

The story was interesting and rather well written, all your starting units were renamed and had a little bit of personality to them, and the concept was, if not new or innovative, interesting in a good way. The gameplay wasn't very creative though; scouting, gather resources and fending off an attack. Nothing in the gameplay stood out much at all, which prevents the score from getting any higher.

The map was a random map (Coastal perhaps?) with a Gaia village added to it. The village didn't stand out as a designing wonder but it played it's part well enough. By using a random map the map looks boring, but not dreadful; it's pleasing enough to the eye to keep you focused on the story, the most important part of the scenario.

The story is undoubtedly the best part of the scenario. While not an epic masterpiece and with many flaws, it's quite well written and pretty much void of spelling mistakes. The characters get a bit of personality to them and everything that happens is clearly explained; sometimes too clearly, as both the starting instructions and history section tell of everything that happens in the scenario. Quite a give-away actually. I chose to give this a three because while the story itself is interesting, there are many flaws. The main characters' backgrounds aren't clearly explained, like who they are and why they'd sail off into the Northern Sea. The story also flows in an odd way, which makes it a bit hard to follow at times: the text comes in bunches of three lines at a time, and often a line of text saying "A few months later" or similar pops up out of nowhere, expecting the player to imagine a lot of time has passed. As for instructions, those presented were generally adequate. However, it seems odd that the main characters tell all your men to go exploring and the hints tone it down saying "Don't listen to that Caleb guy, ust explore with your main characters, leave the rest where they are." Finally, a detail I found amusing was that the town was called Koncain. While not a bad name, it might spur some unwanted associations. ;)

IN CONCLUSION: A good base to build a good scenario and story on, but no marvel on its own. The story has potential but does require a little more work to be put into it.

- Have the units you watch owned by another player during the cut-scenes, so that the player can't move them around while the dialogue flows,
- Make the background story more detailed; who exactly are Christopher and Caleb?
- Give more explanations in the story; why exactly does Caleb stay behind? Love, I gather, but who did he fall in love with and why wasn't I told when it happened?
- Change the men-at-arms into enemies when the fight comes, and perhaps add more of them,
- When Caleb goes for a stroll, change the view to him, and perhaps change ownership of him to a computer player while the cut-scene plays,
- Spruce the map up or design it from scratch,
- Make the town a little more interesting and give it character,
- Spell it "Britain",
- Remove the million year counter and change the Victory Condition into "Conquest" instead,
- For further inspiration, play the top rated scenarios of the Blacksmith.
File Author
Well, thanks for the compliments there were. I'm currently working on a completely new version of the scenario. It addresses most of these issues, although I still haven't gotten around to changing unit ownership during cut-scenes.
My background information, although I could supply some in the scenario, I would like to save for my prequel I plan to make later on. I will add some information, but not enough to spoil anything.
Actually, I must not have been clear in the departing scene. When Caleb told Christopher to talk to Gwenne, it was because Caleb was staying and Christopher was leaving. Caleb was expecting Christopher to see Gwenne when he returned to Britain.
I used the spelling "Briton" because I was under the impression that was an old spelling of the word. However, upon reading your comments, I looked it up, and did not see that anywhere. That will be corrected.
You should love the town in the new scenario. It has been completely rearranged, and designed so as not to appear as a computer-player made or Fortress-map-generated city. There is even a garden and a pond. A scout gives you a tour when you first arrive. The map has been improved as well. Instead of representing the entire island, I limited it to the north-east coast. It is still based as a random map, but I've gone far out of my way to improve the areas that will be seen, even down to discovering the joys of terrain-mixing, which I'd never had the patience to try before.
The million-year counter was an accident. It came from a failed experiment I made with the victory conditions, but I forgot to remove it.
Other improvements include an intermission with three possible side quests, a more in-depth explanation of the mutiny, more naturally-timed dialog (I said to heck with laziness and stopped putting it in batches of three), further refinement to the story, and a few other things. These, by the way, are what I've done so far. I'm halfway finished.

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Map Design2.0
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