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TTC - The Lake of Garahil

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Version: The Conquerors 1.0c
The Lake of Garahil, called after the ancient heros Garahil who killed the dragon that used to settle in the area, is a huge lake covered by a rich region. From the highest tower of the golden castle of the Imperial City, Emperor Vincesus has a magnificient view over his town, its harbour and the lake. Many minor and rival lords have settled and built their strongholds in the area, and often fight for the control of natural resources, such as the southern gold and silver mines. Taking advantage of this big and rich lake, scouts also report that dangerous pirates have established their camp next to the Lake.
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Official Reviewer
Rating: 4.5

"The lake of Garahil" by Tarsiz was a submission for Tanks's Totally Terrain Contest in 2010, where it won an honorable and well deserved second place. Losing to Julius999 in a map design contest is basically just as good as winning it.

The map will be a joy to behold for map design enthusiasts, and it has a lot to offer visually. The landscape is for the most part very well executed, though it is not excessively creative, and it successfully describes a temperate region, with some good looking forests, hills, mines and beaches. There are smaller and larger human settlements or fortresses scattered all over the land around Garahil Lake, and you will enjoy discovering each of them. They mostly make use of the asian building set, except for the biggest one (Imperial City), and the pirate fortress, which both makes use of the middle-eastern one. I found Imperial City to be the best designed overall, with a lot of attention given to details such as terrain and some map copying that I found inspiring (the university in particular).

There are also tasked units everywhere which make everything look more realistic. What I found a little bit annoying though was the very large number of eagles that the author has chosen to put on the map, I was going to turn off my speakers because of the constant sound that they were making. As far as map design goes, I found the shallow part covered with flowers to be a little bit under the average of the map, and maybe a tad more terrain mixing wouldn't hurt, even if I did enjoy the overall simple look of it.The snowy northern part seems a little bit out of place judging by the contents of the rest of the map, but it is understandable that the designer wanted to showcase his skills for the contest.

Additional Comments:

This is a good download for anybody who wants to improve his map design skills and find templates for their scenarios (crediting the original author of course), but also for anyone who enjoys a good looking map.

Highly recommended.
File Author
*One year later*

Thanks for the review :)

I'm glad you enjoyed the map ; making it was both instructive and fun for me. I think I could do better now, but making it definitely helped me. I'm sorry for the number of eagles, but I put them at the end and, as I often play without sound, I didn't realize how boring it could be. I tried to make the map beautiful, but maybe it was sometimes too repetitive or too simple. It might be playable after a few adjustments. And by the way, I added a castle in the snow because I really wanted to see whether an asian castle in the snow looked good. I think so.

Anyway, thanks again for the review and the comments !

[Edited on 12/09/12 @ 02:16 PM]

Official Reviewer
The Lake of Garahil is Tarsiz’s well deserved second place entry to the Totally Terrain Contest, coming just behind Julius999’s entry The Bay of Beran.

Rating: 4
The Lake of Garahil is a busy and diverse map centred around the titular lake. With a number of settlements placed around the water this map looks not much different than a nicely design multiplayer RP scenario, just without the gameplay. This is not a criticism just an observation as the different settlements look like different player bases. This gives it a realistic feel as the water will be a good source of resource and a lifeline for the surrounding settlements. The design of the map, while unpolished in places, is superb and beautiful done. It is clear that the author is well learnt in the editor and design techniques. Terrain mixing is used effectively throughout, despite one or two places looking vaguely bland, and there are a number of design tricks to look out for such as walls on water, water through farms and Patrolling squadrons of guards. All of the objects, trees and buildings are laid out and placed well with a lot of thought going into the placement. Elevation and cliffs are also used effectively to realistically create the landscape around the lake. Overall the map is very well done. Highlights for me include the central and largest city and the beaches around the lake. There are areas which are Alitalia unpolished and some blander areas which could have done with a little more detail and effort. Examples of these are some of the pathways and some of the larger grassy plains. There are also a few off areas that are a bit out of place such as the snowy city in the north which is right next to the temperate lake. There are also a few snow patches randomly placed which don’t look good.

Additional Comments:
Overall the Lake of Garahil is a beautifully crafted showcase scenario and well worth its second place prize in the Totally Terrain Contest.


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